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Upwork Technical Writing Skills Certification test Answers - part 1

The __________ abstract should include all the important sections of the report.
a. garrulous
b. feasibility
c. descriptive
d. informative
A feasibility and evaluation report is an example of:
a. Report topic
b. Report type
c. Report audience
d. Report purpose
The ___________ appears before (and, possibly, immediately after) the table of contents in a document.
a. White matter
b. White paper
c. Front paper
d. Front matter

What would you call a report that gives a background on a particular topic, say greenhouse gases?
a. Evaluation report
b. Technical background report
c. Technical background specifications report
d. Secondary research background report
A document that consists of instructions on how to use or troubleshoot a product is known as a _________.
a. Help guide
b. Troubleshooting guide
c. Design pamphlet
d. User guide
Documents that help to get an organization hired or approved to undertake a project are known as:
a. Business Proposals
b. Business Plans
c. Investment Plans
d. Bidding Plans
The name for a set of fonts is termed:
a. Typeface
b. Typefront
c. Keyword face
d. Typefont face
Choose the correct prepositions to fill in the blanks.
______ lack of funds, the plan fell ______.
a. For, down
b. From, through
c. For, through
d. For, out
A diamond shaped box in a flowchart signifies:
a. A start/end symbol
b. A decision that must be made
c. The flow of control
d. Processing steps
e. Input/output
Which of the following characters must be added before a fraction value, e.g. 1/3, to avoid entering it as a date in Microsoft Excel 2007?
a. F
b. //
c. 0 (zero)
d. FR
e. Space
Which of the following sentences/options describes an "index?"
a. Product names and technical terminology that are included in a document
b. A method of accessing the information that is included in the document
c. An ordered list of words and phrases
Choose the correct sentence.
a. A gentleman was walking along a road dressed in blue with green trees on both sides
b. A dressed in blue gentleman was walking along a road with green trees on both sides
c. A gentleman was walking along a road with green trees on both sides dressed in blue
d. A gentleman dressed in blue was walking along a road with green trees on both sides
What does the term "Glossary" mean?
a. An ordered list of phrases
b. An alphabetic list of words and phrases in which each word or phrase is defined
c. An unordered list of words and phrases

If you want to write a technical report on how type-1 diabetes is treated, you will probably include:
a. What causes type-1 diabetes
b. Effects of the disease on the offspring of the affected
c. How the disease is treated
d. The kind of technologies available to treat the disease
Which of the following are the characteristic features of "Plain English?"
a. Keeping sentences short
b. Using active voice
c. Using words that are appropriate for the reader
d. Using passive voice
The details of design, make, installation, and usage of a particular product are known as:
a. Technical reporting
b. Technical specification
c. Technical documentation
d. Technical summary
A list of books, articles, or Web pages that a writer referenced in his document is known as:
a. Table of Contents
b. Index
c. Bibliography
d. Glossary
e. Foreword
A document written in the ________ tense sends the message immediately and is easier to comprehend.
a. past
b. present
c. past continuous
d. future
Choose the correct sentence(s):
a. Unless the world controls its population, mankind will continue to face one problem after another
b. Unless the world does not control its population, mankind will continue to face one problem after another
c. Unless the world controls its population, till then mankind will continue to face one problem after another
d. Unless the world fails to control its population, mankind will continue to face one problem after another
If you would like to enter a part number for a product in Excel, e.g., 6776736, and would like Excel to treat it as text and not a number, what should you do?
a. Place the character T before the number, e.g., T6776736
b. Place the characters TX before the number, e.g., TX6776736
c. Enclose the number in parentheses, e.g., (6776737)
d. Apply the Text Format to the cell

Choose the correct preposition to fill in the blank

All the people injured in the accident have been admitted ______ a hospital.
a. in
b. to
c. into
d. inside

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