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Upwork AutoCad 2007 Test Answers - Part 1

01.Question:  You can attach a digital signature to which of the following file types?
ANS: All of the above

02.Question: Which option is not available in AutoCAD2007 to repair a damaged drawing file?
ANS: Check

03.Question:  Which of the following settings are saved when you name and save a view?
ANS: All of the above

04.Question:  Which option is disabled when a nested reference is selected as shown in the given picture?

05.Question:  Which of the following is not a type of action override?
ANS:  C. Angle offset

06.Question:  Which command is used on picture A to create a mesh or to acheive the result of picture B?

07.Question:  Which option you will choose to create solid filled areas?
ANS:  C. Wide polylines or donuts

08.Question:  Dimensional input is available for ARC, CIRCLE, ELLIPSE, LINE, and PLINE.
ANS:  A. True

09.Question:  In what type of text can fields not be inserted?
ANS: C. Tolerances

10.Question:  Which of the following option can not be offset?
ANS: C. Construction lines (xlines) and rays

11.Question:  What dose b stand for in the given example when you tum the automatic save option on as shown in the given picture?
ANS: C. b is a random number

12.Question:  Which type of hatching style is shown in the given picture?
ANS: C. Ignore

13.Question:  What is not true about live sectioning behavior?

14.Question:  Plot styles are not available for objectswith the Jitter edge modifier applied.
ANS: B. False

15.Question:  All settings for the sun encept geographic location are saved per drawing, not per viewport.
ANS: A. True

16.Question:  Break, chamfer, fillet, lengthen and offset editing comands can be used on Multilines.
ANS: B. False

17.Question:  Which keyboard shortcut will you select to toggle polar tracking?
ANS: C. F9

18.Question:  Tool palaette files have an.xtp file extension.
ANS: B. False

19.Question:  When you use grips to edit an object, what type of information dose the dimensional input tooltip display?
ANS: D. All of the above

20.Question:  When dose a temporary history entry state occur?
ANS: C. Both a and b

21.Question:  Which among the following types of coordinates displays update as you move the cursor?
ANS: D. All of the above

22.Question:  What can you do with the DesignCenter?
ANS: C. You can update a block definition

23.Question:  In which conditions, can you make a layer, the current layer?
ANS: C. When it is the default layer

24.Question:  As shown in the picture, the symbol for projected tolerance is preceded by a height value, which specifies the minimum projected tolerance zone.
ANS: B. False

25.Question:  Which option you will choose to show or hide light glyphs?
ANS: C. Click Tools menu > Palettes > Properties

26.Question:  Which of the following properties is not included within the Reference Manager?
ANS: D. Found path

27.Question:  Which of the following is not part of the Information title block?
ANS: C. Size of the drawing

28.Question:  Which type of grip tool is shown in the given picture?
ANS: D. None of the above

29.Question:  Which of the following layer properties is not checked by the layer plug-in?
ANS: A. Plot style mode

30.Question:  When can an Xref icon displayed in the lower right comer of the application window as shown in the picture?
ANS: A. When Xrefs are attached to the drawing

31.Question:  Which of the following is not a type of dimensioning?
ANS: C. Ordinate

32.Question:  Which of the following is the default mode state for shadows?
ANS: D. None of the above

33.Question:  Which of the given options displays the layer properties manager in the given picture?
ANS: D. None of the above

34.Question:  Which of the following wild card characters you will use to match any single character?

35.Question:  Autocad dose not provide Plotter drivers to which type of files?
ANS: B. Raster file formats

36.Question:  Menu swapping is not supported for which of the following interface elements?
ANS: D. None of the above

37.Question:  Which option meanes that the sheet is in a special state as shown in the given picture?

38.Question:  Which type of the section object grip dose option A display, as shown in the picture?
ANS: A. Base grip

39.Question:  The attribute extraction wizard creates a file with a.blk file extension.
ANS: A. True

40.Question:  Which of the following types of files can be used as maps?

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