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5 Ways to Boost Your Home Office Productivity

As a freelancer and entrepreneur, it’s important that I make the most of the time I have available to devote to my work.

For this reason, I am an avid collector of home office productivity hacks: They help keep me on track, use my time efficiently, and assist in removing distractions from my surroundings. Here are five of my favorites.

1. Never forget important details

Perfect for for recording client calls and meetings—with permission, of course!—this bluetooth recorder will grab both sides of the conversation on mobile and can even integrate with apps like Skype. Give customers and clients your full attention and never forget another important detail that was discussed during a meeting.

2. Organize your space

Disorganized surroundings can be a huge distraction and can lead to procrastination. Take time at the beginning of the week to organize your space and set yourself up for a successful week. Need some help? This Lifehack.org list has 20 DIY solutions that anyone can do.

3. Let others know you’re unavailable

If you share space and need some alone time, but don’t have a door to close, use an indicator that will let people around you know when not to disturb you. This can be anything from a classic Do Not Disturb sign to a light that you turn on, or a fun accessory like a novelty sun visor or oversized necklace.

4. Set the mood for success

When I really need to buckle down and get something completed quickly, I listen to the theme to Mission Impossible—no joke! Check this Lifehack.org article for 5 kinds of songs that can help you be more productive. Test them all to find out which ones work for you.

5. Don’t fight the fidget

It’s OK to squeeze, tap, or doodle your way to better productivity. Research by New York University into how “fidget widgets”—like the objects on your desk that you fiddle with during the day—might affect productivity suggests that fidgeting can actually improve performance on primary tasks. If you have a favorite fidget you can contribute to the research here.

by oDesk Blog

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