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Upwork PHP Test Answers - 2015

oDesk PHP Test Answers  2015

Ques: The setrawcookie() method of setting cookies is different from PHP standard method of cookie setting as:

    It does not allow expiry time to be set
    It can be used only once
    It does not URL-ENCODE the value on its own
    It does not allow domain setting

Ques: You need to keep an eye on the existing number of objects of a given class without introducing a non-class varibale. which of the following makes this happen?

    Add a member varibale that gets incremented in the default constructer and decremented the destructer.
    Add a local variable that gets incremented in each constructer and decremented in the desructer
    Add a static member variable that gets incremented in each constructer and decreented in the destructor
    This cannot be accomplished since the creation of objects is being done dynamically via “new”

Ques: which of the following variable declaration within a class is invalid in PHP5?

    private $type = “moderate”;
    var $term = 3;
    public $amn = “500″;
    protected $name = ‘Quantes Private Limited’;

Ans: d

Ques: which of the following is not valid PHP parser tag?


Ans: c

Ques: How can you hide the fact that web pages are written in PHP?

    By using AddType application/X-httpd-php asp
    Specify all file names without any dot and extension
    By using .htaccess diretive in Apeche
    All of the above

Ans: C

Ques: What is the output of the following code?

$a = 3;

$b = 2;

echo (int)$a/(int)$b



Ans: b

Ques: Which one is correct?

    $s = fwrite (“a string here”);
    $s = fwrite ($fp,”a string here”);
    $s = fwrite (“a string here”,$fp);
    non of the above

Ans: b

Ques: Which of the following set of operations is not valid in PHP 5?

    >, >=
    +=, *=

Ans: C

Ques: Late PHP version support remote file accessing for the functions:

    All of the above

Ans: D

Ques: What will be the output of the following script?


function Argument()



echo $count;




    It will print 50
    It will print 51
    It will print 52
    It will print 1

Ans: D

Ques: which of the following are used for code reuse?

    include files

Ans: B,D

Ques: which of the following is the corect way of specifying default value?

    Function GetDiscount($Type = “Special”) {………}
    Function GetDiscount(Type := “Special”) {………}
    Function GetDiscount($Type: = “Special”) {………}
    Function GetDiscount($Type : “Special”) {………}

Ans: b

Ques: Which of the following are “magic constant”?



d __CLASS__


Ans: c

Ques: you have defined three variables $to, $subject, and $body to send an email. Which of the following methods would you use for sending an email?

    mail($to, $subject,$body)
    sendmail($to, $subject,$body)
    mail(to, subject,body)
    sendmail(to, subject,body)

Ans: a

Ques: Which one of the following is turnary operator?


Ans: D

Ques: What is the result of the following Exprssion?



Ans: B

Ques: The default value of register global in PHP is:


Ans: A

Ques: What would b the outpur of the following code?

$string = ‘good day’;

$string = ucword($string);

echo $string;


    good day
    Good Day
    non of the above

Ans: C

Ques: If you want to pass a value to a function by reference, the correct way is:

    function ModifyReport(&$Rptfile){}
    function ModifyReport($Rptfile){}
    function ModifyReport(ByRef $Rptfile){}
    function ModifyReport(&Rptfile){}

Ans: D

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