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Withdraw money from Upwork(formerly oDesk)

oDesk offers different ways to withdrawal money. The best one is Payoneer.

How it works

The American company creates a dollar card in an American bank for you. It is free!!! You do not own an account, because you are only a card holder attached to a joint Payoneer account. This is perfect for countries where citizens cannot have accounts in foreign banks!!!

Complete a form

All you need is to enter your information in the form (name and address) and in a month you will get an envelope with a card inside.

You must provide only valid actual information, because it will be verified with your passport.

Write all data in English (use transcription for your address, First and Last names take from passport). Your country may have a special document transcription of names in the Latin alphabet.

Service fees

Yearly service fees are $30. This amount is automatically withdrawal once a year and ONLY if there is money on your account.

Withdrawal points

It is very easy and convenient to get money from any ATM.

Activate your card

Before using the card you must activate it on the site and set a PIN code. Prior to the activation of the card it can not be used.

Link the card with oDesk

Now you have to link the card to your oDesk account. You can do it for 1 minute via oDesk settings.

Payoneer has a very good support, any question can be asked on the forum.

Get additional $25 on your Payoneer account

By registering using the link below you will automatically get $25 on your card as soon as earn $100, which is nice, agree:

Get your Card on Payoneer

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