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Cover Letter Sample for Facebook Page Management

Hey You ! Yes You !!!  

Don't Just Copy and Paste: Read the Special Note before preparing a cover letter for the job you are applying

Special Note: Your cover letter depends on the job description of the job you are applying for, this is just a sample, don't just copy and paste them. This is just an example and idea about your cover letter, read this cover letter carefully and make your own one.

Sometime my sample cover letter gets long (just with the aim to provide a sample), but when writing your real cover letter, try to keep it short, as the client don’t like to read long cover letters.

oDesk Cover Letter Sample for Facebook Page Management

Dear hiring manager!

You job post caught my attention where you required the skills of virtual assistant to manage a Facebook page. Let me tell you that I have have managed few Facebook pages in the past and I have
satisfied the clients, with my skills. I have good experience in Facebook page management. Below are some of the important factors that I learnt about and hopefully, these factors might be answers to the questions that might arise in your mind to ask me in your reply to this message.

From my experience I have learned that 3 to 5 updates per week are enough amount to maintain the presence of post on the user’s wall.If the company who own’s the page has some new product(s) to launch or some promotion is running then update the Facebook page more often, just so long as the content is of interest to the  page’s followers.

A good advice is never to update the Facebook page more than 5 times a day, otherwise you are wandering into a spam territory. Timing is also an important factor to consider before posting anything. I have noticed that images are the most visited part of a Facebook page. Don’t promote your brand and company, Facebook is a social platform and you need to be sociable and interact with your page’s followers, not just push content at them. Talk to the Facebook page’s followers and show interest in their comments. Respond to followers’ comments regularly and quickly, this will make them engage with your page. Avoid posting press releases.

These are the skills I have about managing Facebook page, and you can also review my portfolio and profile. Review the feedbacks of my past clients and you will come to know about my skills. I am mostly available through Skype, where we can discuss in an efficient way.

Regards: (Your Name Here...)

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