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How to start with Upwork

Hello Friends, Welcome to this post. I am sharing freelancing tips for beginners “How to apply job in Upwork(formerly oDesk).

Job in Upwork, is a dream of many freelancers. I had too. I did and I am learning everything by practicing. First job is not tough to get. But you need to work hard for yourself. Make sure you want it. You want to work on Upwork honestly. This post is not authorized by upwork. Here is upwork Blog.

How to apply job in Upwork

Profile for a job in Upwork: Title to profile should be according to your strengths. Skills, experiences and your passion you can include in your profile. The best way to apply for job is that you should include your best skills in your profile. No matter whatever it is. Test your skills. Take two or three test of skills. Add some items of sample works in your portfolio. You are free to include your offline job experience certificate and details in your profile. So, take time to complete the first step. Here are the guidelines 

Search for jobs: Select categories related to your skills. Use search box to find works. Type the query according to the skills. For example if the profile title is logo designer then you can type “logo design”. Then see the all result below and read every post with open mind.

Project Selection: You can customize your search result by selecting job type, experience level, client history and project length etc.

Suggested custom job search results are

1) Select fixed price job

2) Set experience entry level

3) Client history 1 to 9 hires

Apply for the job in which

1) Client payment method is verified.

2) Job description is in one or two paragraph.

3) Previous work history

4) Budget is genuine for the job

Timing & region

People are working around the world on upWork. Working time of clients and freelancers are different. Make sure you are available for work after submitting application. The best time to apply for job on Upwork is morning. Start early in the morning between 3 am to 9 am and you will get good results. And it is also important especially for Indian freelancers. Early Morning time is better for work according to spiritually and scientifically. You get other benefits too.

If the job is looking genuine then apply with confidence. These things are helpful for beginner or even for experienced too. If you’re confident then do it.

 Job cover letter: Cover letter should be professional. In professional cover letter write your skills, steps to complete the job and duration. Also attach sample of your work, links to your social profiles, website etc. You can also learn more about cover by letter by upwork: How to Write a Cover Letter

One paragraph with two three sentences are good. Use numbers to show the process of your works. Explain the duration and reasons why you applied for this job. Be honest with clients. They are god to us but not all are equal. Good and bad people are everywhere. Set genuine rates of your skills. You can apply for the two jobs daily. This is not the rule but it is good.

After applying for the job in Upwork

Upwork is full of professional people. They want similar from you.

1) Test your installed software’s like Adobe Photoshop.

2) See notification time to time on Upwork or mail notification.

3) Test your communication system like Skype.

4) Check battery backup like ups, lighting system.

5) Internet connection or data card recharge.

6) Start practicing the work you applied.

7) Stop worrying, be cool.

This is not impossible to get the job after the first application. Everyone do mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. So, this is another part of my experience. You can convert your dream into reality. Best of luck. Try the one “how to apply for job in Upwork” process for 7 days. Get in touch with me.

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