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Important suggestions of Upwork (oDesk) Cover Letter

Goal of a cover letter is to convince a client that:
  • You fully comprehend the task;
  • You can cope with the task;
  • It is easy to operate with you;
  • There is no contingency.
How to start a cover letter:
  • "Dear Mr. Steve,"
  • "Dear Brown Steve,"
  • "Mr. Steve,";
  • "Dear Hiring Manager,".
  • "Hello Sir,"
  • "Hi"
  • "Dear employer"
Cover letter should include:

Skills you have that make you the right person for this position based on your working experience;

  • "I have good experience in data entry, web research, Google documents and MS Office. My typing speed is more than 50 words per minute.";
  • "I successfully perform administrative duties including copying and faxing documents, answering telephones, transferring data, web research and reports to immediate supervisor".
  • "I have recently worked for a Canadian ABC Company as a senior team leader, my duties were to develop frontend and backend using PHP and MySQL."
Read all attachments is they are in the job description and ask your questions or show that you understand them; "I read and have some questions about doc your attached, I would glad to ask them and share my ideas."

Demonstrate your curiosity;
  • "I'm interested in the position of Blogger Writer. I have been a writer for two years, and know well Blogger and WordPress."
  • "Over the writing aspect. I am scrupulous and passionate. All results are shipped before due date with a high quality."
  • "I'm a iOS developer, and very interested in this job."
Indicate that you already done similar projects/tasks;
  • "You may find out more about 2 similar previously successfully completed projects by this link <link>";
  • "I used UML to develop two similar projects which exchange XML packages to speed up video broadcasting";
  • "I have attached SEO portfolio of websites on which I had worked in past. Please find the attachment."
Show that you've an excellent comprehending the problems from the client;
  • "Your solution with EXE files is very interesting, but I have idea how it can be dramatically improved by using SOAP"
  • "I am guessing this content is for any website that's selling an item, is finding a method to attract them."
  • "If you use me I'll not just talk about the products. however I may also explain why they're worth purchasing. It'll set you aside from the rest of the websites that simply regurgitate product specifications."
If job description includes specific questions - answer them;
  • "Per your request, here are two links on UX diagrams, I've designed for both web and desktop applications."
Add your availability for the position;
  • "I can work 20 hours/week on your project, my working schedule can be discussed."
  • "I am available at any time during the week but my preferable hours would be Mon, Wed, and Fri from 8:30 am - 11:30 am."
  • "I can dedicate 28hr per week for this job, we can negotiate working schedule."
Show a readiness to complete a test job;
  • "I am ready to do test job if you wish.";
Specify on what payment condition you are ready to work.
  • "My rating is 30$, but I am ready to loosen the rate, because I have few feedbacks. Getting feedback is more important for me rather than money. Let start with 22$/hr."
Good phrases before closing the cover letter:
  • "Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.";
  • "I look forward to hearing from you."
  • "Looking forward to work with you."
  • "Please feel free to contact me for any questions."
  • "Waiting for you kind response"
  • "If you have any questions please let me know"
  • "Looking forward to get started"
How finish a cover letter:
  • "Thank you, <your name>";
  • "Best regards, <your name>";
  • "Regards, <your name>";
  • "Best wishes, <your name>";
  • "Have a nice day!";
  • "Thank you for opportunity".
Do not:
  • Do not provide Skype, email or any other contact details (this is against Upwork policy);
  • Do not copy/paste previous cover letters or templates.
Before submitting cover letter:
  • Check grammar and spelling;
  • Check all links included into the cover letter.

Good luck!!!

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