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Upwork Interview Questions and Answers 2015 while applying job - 3

Tell me about a specific situation where you failed

Interview answer should include:
  • You are you good at learning from mistakes;
  • Situation and what you learned from it;
  • If there is no work example, use an example from your personal life.
Do not:
  • Do not say 'I've never failed'.

Do you consider yourself successful?

Right answer:
  • YES, because I have set goals and have met some of these goals and is on track to meet more in the near future.

How long do you want to work for us if we hire you?

Good answers:
  • I hope a very long term;
  • As long as we're both happy with my results.

Did you consider yourself a team player?

Right answer:
  • YES, I've worked as part of a cohesive team to get things accomplished and I've focus on team performance rather than individual performance.

What is your philosophy towards work? / Describe your work ethic

Good answer:
  • High job responsibilities, optimism, and a desire to be as efficient as possible while at work.

Do You Work Well With Other People?

Good Answers:
  • Working on numerous team projects has allowed me to develop my capacity to speak clearly with others, and mediate conflicts between team people. For example, around the recent project, my teammates were getting trouble going to an agreement regarding how to approach functionality in the project. I required directly into all their concerns, but got everyone to sit down lower lower and develop a solution that can make everyone happy. Because of my hearing others and mediate conflict, we're able to finish our project before schedule, in addition to received commendation out of your employer for your high quality within our project.
  • I am someone listener and apparent communicator, that's essential to like a salesperson. Clients frequently call me with complaints and concerns, and my capacity to with persistence listen and sympathise ensures they are feel appreciated. I quickly begin using these to build up creative techniques for their problems.
  • My capacity to speak effectively with others remains vital that you my success just like a manager. For example, my hearing my employees has aided me motivate my staff and improve performance. When the caliber of 1 employee's work began to falter, I met while using worker to talk about the issue. I required directly into her concerns about her work, therefore we spoken about techniques to solve her concerns while improving her performance. I firmly believe that getting the opportunity to clearly speak with and positively give consideration to employees is essential to improving their performance.

What motivates you at the work place?

Good answer:
  • My ability to achieve, recognition and challenging assignments.

Are you willing to work overtime or odd hours?

Good answers:
  • YES (if you really can work overtime);
  • NO (if you do not have such possibility).

How do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience?

Good answer:
  • I am able to learn new tasks and information in a reasonable period and possess a strong work ethic.

What position do you prefer on a project?

Good answer:

  • I can be employed in different roles and situations, but when there's an opportunity to choose I would rather be considered a project manager.

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