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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Test Answers

1. Suppose you have 5 slides in your presentation and you want to print specific slides 3 to 5. Which of the following ranges is correct?
Answers: • 3-5

2. What feature lets you have several shows within the same presentation, for example, a 30-minute show and a 60-minute show?
Answers: • Custom Shows

3. What does the Broadcast Slide Show feature do?
Answers: • It broadcasts your presentation for remote viewers to watch in a web browser

4. What type of animation does this yellow icon denote?
Answers: • Emphasis

5. Which of the following is true about the symbol denoted as 'A' in the picture?
Answers: • This symbol appears when you add either an animation or a transition to a slide.

6. What has been applied to transform the picture on the left to the one on the right?
Answers: • An Artistic Effect

7. Which of the following is not a category of transition?
Answers: • Emphasis

8. In Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, how would you crop a picture to an exact set of dimensions?
Answers: • Under Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Size group, click Dialog Box Launcher, then Crop. Enter the size numbers in the Width, Height, Left and Top boxes.

9. What is the "Browsed at a kiosk" option in the Set Up Show dialog box used for?
Answers: • It sets the exact length of time for a slide to appear.

10. Which of the following options would you choose to turn off the narration?
Answers: • On the Slide Show tab, in the Set Up group, click Set Up Slide Show. Select the 'Show without narration' check box.

11. How do you change the colors of a SmartArt Diagram?
Answers: • Use the Change Colors button on the SmartArt Design tab

12. When you paste slides into a presentation, how do you maintain their original formatting?
Answers: • Right-click in the Slides Pane and click the "Keep Source Formatting" icon in the Paste Options area

13. How do you insert a new slide master into a presentation?
Answers: • In Master View, click the Insert Slide Master button

14. Which file format includes macros that can be used in a presentation?
Answers: • .pptm

15. Which of the following properties allows you to set the orientation of the notes/handouts/outline of a Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation?
Answers: • Layout

16. How will you enable or disable Message Bar alerts in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?
Answers: • Click on the File Menu, then click Options. Click on Trust Center, then click Trust Center Settings, and then click Message bar.

17. How would you write on the slides during a slide show?
Answers: • In the Slide Show view, right-click on the slide that you want to write on, point to Pointer Options, and then click on a pen or a highlighter option. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to write.

18. How do you display the keyboard accelerators in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?
Answers: • Press and hold the ALT button

19. Which of the following tools does not appear on the Arrange dropdown on the Home tab?
Answers: • Size and position

20. Refer to the given image.

Which of the following fill options does not have a transparency option?
Answers: • D

21. State whether True or False:

You can add your own placeholders to the Slide Layouts.
Answers: • True

22. Which chart type is represented in the given picture?
Answers: • XY (scatter) charts

23. How will you read comments that reviewers have added to your presentation?
Answers: • On the Review tab, in the Comments group, click on Show Markup.

24. In addition to turning on the slide numbers in the Header and Footer dialog on the Insert menu, you also need a ___________ available on the slide masters and layouts.
Answers: • Placeholder

25. How would you create text in the shape of a half-circle?
Answers: • Drawing Tools Format, Text Effects, Transform

26. Which State whether True or False:

When adding commands to the Ribbon, you must first create a custom group for those commands.
Answers: • False

27. What does the Remove Background tool do?
Answers: • Removes graphics from a slide background

28. What type of hidden data and personal information cannot be detected by the Document Inspector in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?
Answers: • It cannot remove pictures that are added to the notes section of a presentation.

29. By default, when you paste a chart from Excel into PowerPoint 2010, is it linked or embedded?
Answers: • It is embedded

30. You've applied an Orbit transition to a slide. How do you make it enter from the bottom instead of the right?
Answers: • Use the Effect Options button on the Transitions tab

31. How do you adjust the hanging indent in a bulleted list?
Answers: • Drag the indent markers on the ruler

32. In which video file format does the Create a Video feature save the presentation in Microsoft Powerpoint 2010.
Answers: • WMV

33. Which picture format maintains transparency in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?
Answers: • .png

34. You've applied a motion path animation to an object and locked it. When you move the object on the slide in Normal editing View, the locked motion path does what?
Answers: • Moves with the object

35. Which of the following paste options is used to paste a slide and maintain its original formatting?
Answers: • A

36. When you double-click the file icon on your desktop, your presentation should open in Slide Show View as a full-screen presentation. Which file format will you use to save your presentation so it behaves in this manner?
Answers: • .ppsx

37. Which of the following defines the correct purpose of using a poster frame image?
Answers: • To add still image introduction to the video

38. How would you play a sound as background music throughout a presentation?
Answers: • Insert the sound on the slide master and on the Audio Tools Playback tab, choose Start: Play Across Slides

39. How do you turn on the Developer tab in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?
Answers: • Choose File, Options, Customize the Ribbon, and click the box to choose Developer Tab in the Main Tabs command well

40. What does a trigger animation do?
Answers: • Starts an animation when an object is clicked

41. How do you apply a template to just a few slides in a presentation?
Answers: • Select the slides, then right-click the template or theme in the Design Gallery and choose Apply to Selected Slides

42. How would you add a logo to all the slides in a presentation?
Answers: • In the Slide Master View, add the logo to the blank slide layout.

43. To add a second animation to an object you must
Answers: • Click Add Animation on the Animations tab of the Ribbon

44. Which of the following is not true regarding Action buttons in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?
Answers: • Action buttons contain mathematical values.

45. State whether True or False:

You can change the orientation of just a few slides in the presentation.
Answers: • False

46. What is the use of the SmartArt Graphic Control in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 as shown in the picture?
Answers: • It is used to display the Text Input Pane.

47. Which of the following is not a View type in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?
Answers: • Reading view

48. Which of the following views allows the user to add pictures to the printed notes?
Answers: • Handout Master View

49. How do you save a Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation as a video file?
Answers: • Choose File -> Save & Send -> Create a Video

50. Which of the following views displays the slides in thumbnail form, as shown in the picture?
Answers: • Slide Sorter view

51. Refer to the given image. Which table style option should be selected when the last row of the table has to be emphasized?
Answers: • B

52. Which of the following is an invalid file name for saving a Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?
Answers: • AB*CD

53. Which of the following presentation views would you select when you need to change a placeholder that appears on multiple slides?
Answers: • Slide Master View

54. How will you hide a slide in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?
Answers: • All of the above

55. When your cursor is in the last cell of a table, what does pressing Tab do?
Answers: • Adds a row at the bottom of the table

56. What does the Set Transparent Color Wand do?
Answers: • Makes one color in a picture or clip art transparent

57. Which type of sound files can be embedded in a presentation?
Answers: • All of the above

58. How do you turn off the video control bar so that it doesn't show when your presentation is in Slide Show View?
Answers: • On the Slide Show tab, uncheck Show Media Controls

59. What is meant by Slide Transitions?
Answers: • They are animation-like effects that occur in the Slide Show View when the user moves from one slide to the next.

60. Which option adds an icon on a slide master as shown in the picture?
Answers: • Master layout

61. What tool is being used?
Answers: • Remove Background

62. What does the Animation Painter do?
Answers: • Applies animations from one object to another

63. Suppose you've created a SmartArt Diagram on your slide, but then you decided you want to use a different diagram. How can you change the SmartArt Diagram without starting over completely?
Answers: • Choose another layout from the SmartArt Layouts gallery

64. Which of the following animation Effect Options will you choose when you want the SmartArt diagram to animate piece by piece?
Answers: • One by one

65. How do you add a shape to a SmartArt Diagram?
Answers: • Use the Add Shape button on the SmartArt Tools Design tab

66. How do you resize a picture and maintain its aspect ratio?
Answers: • Press SHIFT and drag the corner of the picture

67. What does the Reset button on the Home tab do?
Answers: • Returns placeholders to their original positions and formatting

68. What is the quickest method to import multiple photographs into a slide show, two on each slide?
Answers: • Apply a multiple-picture layout to several slides and use the Clip Art icon in the placeholders to import your pictures.

69. What does the Compare tool do?
Answers: • Compares changes in two presentations

70. Which of the following is a feature of the Selection and Visibility pane?
Answers: • All of the above

71. Which of the following handles is indicated by 'A' as shown in the picture?
Answers: • The Cropping handle.

72. What is one way to ensure that the sound icon doesn't show in the presentation?
Answers: • All of the above

73. In the Customize Ribbon dialog, choosing Reset All Customizations does what?
Answers: • It restores both the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar to the default settings.

74. What is one thing the Compress Pictures feature does?
Answers: • Decreases the contrast of all pictures in the presentation

75. The image given above is that of the Recording toolbar, which appears when you Rehearse Timings. What does the part of the toolbar marked 'A' in the image refer to?
Answers: • It displays the slide time.

76. How would you remove the first two minutes from a 5-minute video that's been inserted into a Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation?
Answers: • On the Video Tools Playback tab of the Ribbon, choose Trim Video

77. Which of the following areas can be used in a slide to add Text?
Answers: • All of the above

78. Refer to the given image.

What happens if you click the icon marked A?
Answers: • It takes you to Normal View.

79. Which of the following options is not included under the File tab in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?
Answers: • Page Layout

80. You have applied a circle motion path to an object. How do you make the object animate counterclockwise instead of clockwise?
Answers: • On the Animations tab of the Ribbon, click Effect Options and choose Reverse Path Direction

81. Which multimedia file formats can be embedded into Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?
Answers: • .wmv

82. Refer to the given picture. What does the icon marked 'A' on the status bar represent?
Answers: • None of the above

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