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Microsoft Word 2010 Test Answers - Part 3

1. Which among the following is not true regarding the use of a pie chart?
Answers: • A pie chart could be used when none of the values that need to be plotted on the chart is negative.

2. Josh is creating a collage for his college project. He has an image - Image A - which he wants to show in different color themes so as to represent different moods in the collage (Images B, C and D). How can Josh achieve this in Microsoft Word 2010?
Answers: • By using the Recolor option under Format Picture.

3. My table heading row is not repeating on subsequent pages though I have properly set the header row to repeat. What is one problem that might be causing this behavior?
Answers: • "Allow row to break across pages" is unchecked.

4. Using the Draw Table option, it is possible to split an existing table cell into two separate and distinct cells:
Answers: • vertically

5. If I do not want the contents of one of my fields to automatically update, I would have to do which of the following?
Answers: • Make the field hidden.

6. To select vertical blocks of text, you would hold down which key while dragging the mouse?
Answers: • Alt

7. Below are two statements regarding Breaks in Microsoft Word 2010.

Statement X: Text Wrapping Page Break separates text around objects on web pages, such as caption text from body text.
Statement Y: Continuous Section Break inserts a section break and starts the new section on the next page.

Which of the following options is correct?
Answers: • Statement X is correct. Statement Y is incorrect.

8. To convert an existing picture to the shape of a star, which of the options will be useful?
Answers: • Insert Shapes

9. Which of the following options allows you to arrange drawings in your document so they may be moved, kept together, aligned, or formatted more easily?
Answers: • Insert SmartArt

10. You need to insert an image of only part of a web page that is currently open in your browser. You would use:
Answers: • Insert, Image

11. Which of the following is NOT a type of Section Break?
Answers: • Next Page

12. Applying a theme to your document affects all content except tables.
Answers: • True

13. To insert a new citation to a specific book in a Microsoft Word 2010 document, you should select:
Answers: • References" >"Insert Citation" >"Add New Source.

14. What is the function of Widow/Orphan control in Microsoft Word 2010?
Answers: • It is a feature that prevents single lines of paragraphs from appearing on a separate page from the rest of the paragraph.

15. Microsoft Word 2010 enables you to wrap text easily around pictures, shapes and tables with any position or style that you want. When should a "Text wrapping break" be used?
Answers: • When you want to separate text around objects on web pages.

16. Microsoft Word 2010 has enabled ligatures for which of the following fonts?
Answers: • Open Type fonts

17. You want to select all instances of a specific style used in your document. However, the Select All command in the Styles pane is not available (grayed out). You must enable:
Answers: • Formatting marks

18. Consider the following scenario:

A table cell contains text. You place your cursor in that cell and split it into two columns. The resultant text will:
Answers: • remain intact in the first cell and the second cell will be empty.

19. Roger was editing a Word document, when his mobile phone rang. By mistake, some button got clicked on the Word 2010 Ribbon area, so that the document's appearance changed from Image A to Image B. Which of the following options could be the cause?
Answers: • Gridlines were enabled from the View Tab.

20. When you apply a theme to a Microsoft Word 2010 document, all the tables, charts, SmartArt graphics, shapes, and other objects are updated to complement one another.
Answers: • True

21. Which among the following chart types do not have axes?
Answers: • Doughnut charts

22. Martha is preparing a trigonometry worksheet for her students. She wants to include the following example in the sheet. Which is the quickest way to achieve this?
Answers: • Click Formula on the Insert tab.

23. You want to add an image as the first character in your paragraph. Which type of text wrapping treats your graphic as if it were a character?
Answers: • In Line with Text

24. If you were writing a book and wanted each chapter to start on the right page, which Section Break would you use to begin each chapter?
Answers: • Even Page

25. What view must be used when inserting a subdocument?
Answers: • Print Layout

26. Sarah receives a company turnover summary in the form of an embedded Excel chart (as shown in the above image) in a Microsoft Word 2010 document from her boss. Her boss wants the chart to be sent over to the Public Relations department with a line in the chart showing the variations in the company's turnover, as well as a prediction for the next 2 years. The turnover values for each year also need to be sent separately in an Excel file. What should Sarah do to achieve this in the shortest possible time?
Answers: • Import the chart into an Excel sheet and change the formatting of the chart to a line chart. She can then copy the corresponding fields into a separate Excel file and send it over.

27. With which chart type(s) is the "Depth Gridlines" option available?
Answers: • All of the above

28. Dave receives a file named Theme1.thmx from his boss. Opening the file opens a blank PowerPoint document. On clarifying from his boss, he learns that the .thmx file contains a particular theme which needs to be applied to the annual report on which Dave is working. How can Dave achieve this?
Answers: • By opening the .thmx file with Microsoft Word 2010 and pasting the complete report text into it.

29. Why would you use content controls in a document?
Answers: • All of the above

30. If a table cell is vertically split into two separate cells using the Draw Table option, any existing text in the cell will be split up and text will appear in both of the two newly created cells.
Answers: • True

31. Samantha is given an article to proofread. The article runs into hundreds of pages. She is asked to use hyphens to allow words in the article to break between two lines. There is an option in Microsoft Word 2010 which can be used to achieve this result with a single click. Please identify it.
Answers: • Hyphenation

32. Which among the following options represents Legend entries in the given picture?
Answers: • C

33. Which of the following protects a document from changes in Microsoft Word 2010?
Answers: • All of the above

34. Anna selects a paragraph in a Microsoft Word 2010 file. On the horizontal ruler, she drags the Hanging Indent marker to the left. What will happen?
Answers: • All but the first line will get indented to the left.

35. When using the booklet-printing feature, the term "gutter" refers to the space between page content and the fold in the middle of the paper where you would normally bind pages together.
Answers: • False

36. While working on a project report, Anna inserts various citations in the MLA style by using the Insert Citation option on the References tab. On completing the report, she realizes that she was required to use the Chicago style. To correct this, Anna should:
Answers: • Select Chicago from the Style dropdown list on the References tab.

37. In Microsoft Word 2010, "Keep lines together" paragraph formatting:
Answers: • automatically enables the text rows to break across pages.

38. On creating her two page resume, Emma finds the paragraph heading for her "Professional Achievements" paragraph is showing at the bottom of the first page, while the details are on the next page. To keep the paragraph heading as well as the paragraph text on the same page, and assuming there are no empty paragraph markers in the document and the widow/orphan option is turned on, Emma should click in the paragraph heading and select which option from the Paragraph group:
Answers: • Keep with next

39. If your table of contents is not hyperlinking when you click on the page number, what do you need to do?
Answers: • Press Ctrl H.

40. Choose the INCORRECT statement:
Answers: • Only high-risk documents from an uncertain location are opened in Read-Only view.

41. A particular chart layout can be applied to a chart only if:
Answers: • it is a 2D chart.

42. You are editing a shape using the Drawing Tools. Which among the following Shape Fill options in the Shape Styles group gives you control over the transparency for a shape?
Answers: • Fill color, More Fill Colors

43. If you want to create a citation and fill in the source information later, you should:
Answers: • insert a caption.

44. Josh is to create a technical write-up comprising short paragraphs with double line spacing. Each paragraph is to be separated from the other by a single line space. He writes a paragraph, selects the text, points to Line Spacing on the paragraph toolbar and sets it to 2.0. He gets the paragraph double spaced. The moment he clicks enter to start a new paragraph, it automatically gets double spaced. How can Josh achieve paragraphs separated by single line spaces from each other within the document?
Answers: • He selects the double-spaced paragraphs and clicks on Paragraph. Then under Indents and Spacing, he sets the Spacing "Before" and "After" options to Auto.

45. Which of the following is NOT an option when inserting a Cross-reference?
Answers: • SmartArt

46. How many items can be maintained on the clipboard at one time?
Answers: • Unlimited

47. You are editing a shape. Which among the following Shape Fill options in the Shape Styles group gives you control over the transparency for a shape?
Answers: • Fill color, More Fill Colors

48. While editing a Word document on his computer, Pete looked aside to pick up his ringing mobile phone. In the process, he mistakenly pressed a key on the Word 2010 Ribbon area and the document's appearance changed from as in Image A to as in Image B. Which of the following options could be the cause?
Answers: • Gridlines were enabled from the View Tab.

49. You need to email a picture to your co-workers, but the file is too large. Where on the Picture Tools ribbon would you find the option to minimize the file size for email sharing purposes:
Answers: • Compress Picture

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