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Upwork ASP.Net 3.5 using VB Test Answers

1. Which of the following mechanisms are not suitable for returning a single row from a DataTable containing a large number of records?

 Answers: • DataTable.Select  --- or ----  • Enumerating across DataTable.Rows

 2. Given the following code, which of the following are syntactically correct?

     <Extension()> _
     Public Function AppendTest(ByVal s As String, ByVal suffix As String)
         Return s & suffix
     End Function
 Answers: • Dim s As String = "test" s = s.AppendTest("suffix")
 • Dim s As String = "test" s = AppendTest(s, "suffix")

 3. Which of the following types guarantee atomic reads and writes?
 Answers: • int
 • float

 4. Which of the following are true regarding validation in an ASP.NET application?
 Answers: • Client Side validation typically provides a faster response (feedback) time than server validation
 • A page can not be posted back unless all client validation has passed.

 5. Which of the following are true of using ADO.NET DataSets and DataTables?
 Answers: • The connection to the database must remain valid for the life of the data objects

 6. What is the result of the following code?

 Console.WriteLine(CBool(If(1>2, "True", "False")))
 Answers: • FALSE

 7. Given the following code, which calls are valid ways to add the elements of a string array to a List(Of String)?

         Dim values() As String = {"1", "2", "3", "4"}
         Dim valueList As New List(Of String)
 Answers: • valueList.Add(values)

 8. Determining the availability of sufficient memory for an operation can be accomplished by:
 Answers: • creating an instance of System.Runtime.MemoryFailPoint and monitoring for an InsufficientMemoryException

 9. With which of the following are Declarative Databinding expressions delimited?
 Answers: • <%-- --%>

 10. Which of the following are valid mechanisms for adding an event handler for Public Event SomeEvent() on class Sample?
 Answers: • AddHandler Sample.SomeEvent, AddressOf Sample.SomeEvent

 11. What does the AndAlso operator do?
 Answers: • It performs a Boolean AND operation, evaluating the right-hand side only if the left-hand side is true

 12. With which class is the task of mapping a specific point in time into units such as weeks, months, and years accomplished?
 Answers: • System.Globalization.Calender

 13. By which of the following can the .NET class methods be included in .aspx files?
 Answers: • Including .Net code using the @code directive on the page

 14. Which of the following can you do when deleting a DataRow from the DataRowCollection of a DataTable?
 Answers: • Use the DataRow.Delete method to immediately delete the row.

 15. Which of the following events should be used for assigning a Theme dynamically to a page?
 Answers: • PreLoad

 16. Which of the following is applicable when using Secure Socket Level communications?
 Answers: • A certificate must be installed on the server.

 17. Which of the following is  true about VB generics?
 Answers: • VB enforces that all codes are valid for all types of parameters

 18. In which of the following ways do Structures differ from classes?
 Answers: • Structures cannot inherit from a base structure

 19. The earliest event in which all viewstate information has been restored is:
 Answers: • PreLoad

 20. Which method calls will compile the following?

 Private Sub Sample(ByVal number As Integer, Optional ByVal bool As Boolean = True)
 End Sub
 Answers: • Sample(bool:=False, number:=1)

 21. The rights of which Windows Account does anonymous Web Site access use by default?
 Answers: • IUSER_MachineName (where the MachineName is the actual computer name)

 22. In order to enable AJAX Functionality, which control is placed on the page?
 Answers: • asp:ScriptManager

 23. Via which of the following is ViewState maintained by default?
 Answers: • A hidden variable within the page that is included with each round tip.

 24. In order to use the AJAX AuthenticationSErvice class, which of the following must be true?
 Answers: • All of the above.

 25. In the following example,by which technique can the method Test in the derived class Cat access the implementation of MakeNoise in the base class?

 Public Class Animal
     Public Overridable Sub MakeNoise()
     End Sub
 End Class

 Public Class Cat
 Answers: • Once overridden, the base class members are inaccessible rom the derived class.

 26. Which of the following will be executed without error?

 Public Class Fruit
 End Class

 Public Class Apple
     Inherits Fruit
 End Class
 Answers: • Dim list As New List(Of Fruit) list.Add(New Apple) list.Add(New Fruit) Dim fruit As Fruit = list(0)

 27. Which of the following are true when using a POST command to access a WebService method?
 Answers: • By default, XML formatting is used for serialization

 28. The earliest event where one can be assured all child controls exist is:
 Answers: • PreRender

 29. Identify the syntactically correct LINQ query or queries, assuming dt is a DataTable
 Answers: • Dim result = Select r.Field(Of Int32)("Value")).Max From dt

 30. By which contract are the WS-Addressing action and reply action elements of the soap envelope controllable when the Windows Communication Foundation is used?
 Answers: • ServiceContract

 31. Which of the following differentiates a UserControl from a Custom Server control?
 Answers: • UserControl does not require the use of the @Register directive; a Custom Server control does require it.

 32. In which file are Predefined Client Side Validation Scripts defined?
 Answers: • USerValidation.js

 33. Identify the syntactically correct LINQ query or queries, assuming dt is a DataTable
 Answers: • Dim key As String = "test" Dim result = From r In dt.AsEnumerable Where r(0) = key Select r(1)

 34. What is the result of Console.WriteLine("{0}:{1}:{2}", CInt(2.5), CInt(1.5), Fix(1.5))?
 Answers: • 2:2:1