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MS Word 2003 Test Answer (part 2)

 1. In Word 2003, the two primary graphic categories are:
Answers:• AutoShapes
• pictures

2. The figure shows the Save As dialog box under the File menu. The Save As Type has been specified as XML Document and the Apply transform option has been checked (selected). What does this mean?
Answers: • It allows you to save XML files automatically while working.

3. When you press the TAB key, the cursor moves 1/2 inch across the page and an arrow appears on the screen. This is a default setting. How can you change this setting?
Answers: • Choose Format > Tabs from the menu. In the "Default tab stops" box, enter the amount of spacing you want between tab stops.

4. How can you resize the width or height of a picture in a Word 2003 document? Select all of the answers below that apply.
Answers: • By dragging the sizing handles that appear at the edges of the picture.

5. What is the function of hanging indents in Microsoft Word 2003?
Answers: • The Hanging Indent feature indents all the highlighted lines by the amount specified in the By field.

6. Can you insert a new table inside a cell of an existing table in your Word 2003 document?
Answers: • Yes

7. What is the method to disable the Reading Layout feature and open documents in the default (Print Layout)?
Answers: • Click the Tools menu; select Options and then choose Customize. Undo the Reading Layout feature.

8. State whether the following statement is True or False.
It is possible to add custom words to the dictionary that Word 2003 uses to check spelling errors in document.
Answers: • True

9. When you choose the Split option in the Window menu, the window gets split into two. How can you return to the original state (i.e., back to a single window)?
Answers: • Left click on the Window menu and choose Remove Split.

10. How can you right-align a paragraph by using shortcut keys?
Answers: • Select the paragraph. Press CTRL+R.

11. Which font effect has been applied on the text shown in the figure?
Answers: • Strikethrough

12. State whether the following statement is True or False.
Once a macro is running, it is not possible to stop it.
Answers: • False

13. State whether True or False.
You can open the Find and Replace dialog box by pressing the CTRL + F key combination.
Answers: • True

14. How can you create a box around the text that is placed on a web page, as shown in the figure?
Answers: • Place the text in a table and give the table a boundary.

15. What is thesaurus used for?
Answers: • Spelling options

16. What does CTRL+Left Arrow key accomplish in Word 2003?
Answers: • It exits the currently open window.

17. What will you do to print an A5-size (148mm x 210mm) document on A4-size (210 x 297mm) paper?
Answers: • On the Format menu, click Print. Under Paper, click the A4 option in the "Scale to paper Size" box.

18. The title bar is present at the top of the Microsoft Word 2003 window. What does it contain at the left corner?
Answers: • Maximize Button

19. The figure shows the Character Spacing tab options under the menu Format > Fonts. The Scale has been set at 200%. What effect does this have on the text?
Answers: • The characters in the text are stretched vertically by 200%.

20. What does the CTRL+I shortcut accomplish in Word 2003?
Answers: • It applies italic formatting to the selected text.

21. How can you change the font of a text?
Answers: • Select the text and choose Tools > Font from the menu.

22. In which view are thumbnails not available in Word 2003?
Answers: • Normal view

23. The figure shows the Edit tab under the Tools > Options menu. The "Enable click and type" option has been checked. What function does this option perform?
Answers: • It allows you to quickly insert text, graphics, tables, or other items in a blank area of a document.

24. If the word "trick" is displayed on the screen, with the cursor between the letters 'i' and 'c' and the Delete key is pressed once, how will said word appear on the screen?
Answers: • trik

25. A paragraph can be made to stand out from the rest of the document by giving it a border or shading. How can you give a (selected) paragraph a special shade?
Answers: • Select Format > Borders and Shading. Select the Shading tab. Select the Color and click OK.

26. Can you change the background picture of a Word 2003 Theme that has been applied to a page?
Answers: • Yes

27. How can you convert the whole document into uppercase if you have it typed in lowercase?
Answers: • Select the document text and choose the "All caps" option under the menu Format > Style.

28. State whether True or False.
In a Word 2003 document, if the formatting is restricted, the commands and keyboard shortcuts that apply formatting directly are not available.
Answers: • False

29. What is the function of AutoSummarize feature in Word 2003?
Answers: • It creates a 250-word, 500-word, or 1000-word summary of the document.

30. How can you hide the Clipboard icon from popping up on the Windows taskbar?
Answers: • Choose Table > Formula; click on the Options button. Uncheck "Show Office Clipboard Icon on Taskbar."

31. What is a watermark?
Answers: • A watermark is any text or graphic image that is printed to overlap existing text in a document, either in the background or foreground.

32. The figure shows the Margins tab under the File > Page Setup menu. The gutter margin has been set at 0.1". What is a gutter margin?
Answers: • A bottom margin set for all pages that are required for footnotes.

33. What does the Format Painter icon look like in the Formatting Toolbar?
Answers: • Like a brush

34. How can you create a non-breaking hyphen?
Answers: • Press CTRL+SHIFT+HYPHEN.

35. Normally, when you click on the File menu, Microsoft Word 2003 shows you the names of the last four files used. How can this list be increased?
Answers: • Under Tools > Options; click the General tab. Increase the number on the "Recently Used File List" option.

36. The figure shows the Drop Cap menu option. What function does this option perform?
Answers: • It lets you begin a paragraph with a large dropped initial capital letter.

37. If you want to copy and paste some formatted text so that the text becomes unformatted where it is pasted, you could perform a ________ operation.
Answers: • Setting the Page

38. What does the CTRL+U shortcut accomplish in Word 2003?
Answers: • It underlines the selected word.

39. The figure shows the print options under the menu File > Print. The "Print data only for forms" option is unchecked (not been selected). What does this mean?
Answers: • It allows for printing of the complete online form along with the data in the form.

40. How can you insert a sound file in a Word 2003 Document?
Answers: • From the Insert > Object menu option.

41. The given figure shows the Reviewing toolbar. What function is performed by the button marked by the letter X?
Answers: • It allows you to insert comments in a document.

42. What does the CTRL+B shortcut accomplish in Word 2003?
Answers: • It makes the selected text bold.

43. Can you give a 3-D (3-Dimensional) effect to your text and graphics using Word 2003?
Answers: • Yes

44. In Microsoft Word 2003, you can easily create bulleted or numbered lists of items. What is the method for removing the numbering?
Answers: • Select Bullets and Numbering in the Tools menu; choose the Undo option. Click Exit.

45. In the figure, the words "fox jumped" appear lower than the rest of the words in the sentence. Which effect has been applied to these words?
Answers: • Subscript

46. State whether True or False
You create a table in Word 2003 and enter some values in various cells and save the document. Later, you decide to delete the table. If you directly try to delete the table, Word 2003 will first prompt you to delete the various values in the cells.
Answers: • False

47. What is a Tab Stop in Word 2003?
Answers: • A position you set for placing and aligning text on a page.

48. What are bookmarks used for?
Answers: • To add hyperlinks in a web page.

49. A graphic contained within a table cell would be properly formatted with the _____________ wrapping layout option if you see the ______________ when the graphic is selected. This layout option is usually the default. However, when you paste a graphic from another application than Word, you may have to properly set this option.
Answers: • "In line with text", square black handles with a single-line black border

50. Frames and text boxes are containers for text that can be positioned and sized on a page. Which of those two containers should you use in Word 2003 when your text or graphics contain comments, footnotes, or endnotes?
Answers: • Frames

51. What is a page break in Word 2003?
Answers: • It refers to dividing a page into two parts horizontally.

52. The figure shows the Size tab options available from the Format > Picture menu. The "Lock aspect ratio" box is checked. Which of the following statements is true about the "Lock aspect ratio" setting?
Answers: • You can stretch the image to any extent if you do not select this option.

53. There are over a hundred predefined formatting styles in Word 2003 to choose from. However, only a small number of them are displayed in the default list of styles. If you want to see all formatting styles (both predefined and customized), you could:

Answers: • Select Formatting and Styles from the Styles menu. Then select "All Styles" from the Show options in the Formatting and Styles task pane.

54. How can you make letters bold?
Answers: • By Pressing CTRL+B.

55. In the Print dialog box, the default option for the "Print what" field is Document. Which one of the following is not one of the six other "Print what" options?
Answers: • Document properties

56. The figure shows the horizontal ruler. What has been marked by the red arrow?
Answers: • The paragraph indent marker

57. How can you spell check your entire Microsoft Word 2003 document?
Answers: • Press F7 or click the Spelling icon on the Standard toolbar.

58. How can you redo the last performed action in Word 2003?
Answers: • Press the CTRL+Y key.

59. What are sections used for in a Word 2003 document?
Answers: • They are used to divide the document into parts so that each part may be independently printed when the print command is given.

60. The figure shows the Word 2003 formatting tools marked from (a) to (i) that are available in the formatting toolbar. Which tool has been used on the text shown on the picture?

Answers: • Tool (e)

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