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Upwork(oDesk) Cover Letter for Macro needed

Special Note: Your cover letter depends on the job description of the job you are applying for, this is just a sample, don't just copy and paste them. This is just an idea about cover letter.

If the job description something like this: 

"I need a simple macro writing.  I have had similar macros created for me before. I know exactly what I want as an output so I expect it won't take someone skilled with macros very long at all.

doing the whole thing manually currently takes me less than 5 mins but i feel this will grow so i want to get a macro made that can do the same thing in seconds."

Cover Letter Answer for Macro Writer:

Dear employer

I can help you with
macro for MS Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint and other office applications.

In addition, I can write macros to automate some operation system routines for Windows and Unix.

Short background, what macros I wrote:
- all possible operations with text and binary files
- processing any text information, formatting, parsing, transforming
- creating forms, reports, queries, adding controls

I can easy understand all clients and their needs. Based on my expertise I can suggest effectively and universal solution.

If you choose me to do this job you will feel confident that you request is done with high quality and exact as you expected.

I am very polite and benevolent, so you get please communicating with me.

I agree on your conditions.

Let me know if you choose me for this job.

Best wishes,  Jamilya

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