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Upwork Technical Writing Skills Certification test answers - part 4

Here You will find Technical Writing Skills Certification Test Answers for Upwork -

What are screen shots?
Answers: • Graphics of computer screens that are captured to be inserted in a technical document

State whether true or false:

A person's work is only recognized as original if it has a copyright notice attached.
Answers: • False

The name for a set of fonts is termed:
Answers: • Typeface

Choose the correct option among the following:

You have opened a page through Internet Explorer and want to see that page on your desktop. You should click the __________ menu, click on _________ and then click _________.
Answers: • File, Send, Shortcut to Desktop

What are sections used for in a Word document?
Answers: • To vary the layout of a document within a page or between pages and then allow formatting of each part the way you want

Abstracts can be of two types — ___________ and ___________.
Answers: • informative, descriptive

Which of the following statements is the most correct and most effective way of writing?
Answers: • Companies measure their business performance by the Sigma level of their processes.

How do you insert a sound file in a Microsoft Word 2007 document?
Answers: • Go to the Insert tab -> Select the Object menu option

Using the thoughts and writings of other people and passing them as your own is known as_______.
Answers: • Plagiarism

What nature of information does a specification document contain?
Answers: • Information used by a person who wants to build a product or process

The __________ abstract should include all the important sections of the report.
Answers: • informative

Choose the correct pronouns to fill in the blanks.
______ and ______ have always understood each other although ______ have always been in different camps.
Answers: • You, I, we

A legal violation of a copyright could be a(n) ___________.
Answers: • Criminal matter

If you would like to enter a part number for a product in Excel, e.g., 6776736, and would like Excel to treat it as text and not a number, what should you do?
Answers: • Apply the Text Format to the cell.

Choose the right option(s) to fill in the blank(s).

I find it very hard to remember ______ letters entrusted to me. I remember ______ to do so scores of times.
Answers: • posting, forgetting

A PDF file can be viewed if ____________ is installed.
Answers: • Adobe Acrobat Reader

Can you insert a new table inside a cell of an existing table in a Microsoft Word document?
Answers: • Yes

STC stands for:
Answers: • Society for Technical Communication

How can you select all the blank cells in your Excel worksheet?
Answers: • Choose Edit -> Go To -> Go To Special dialog box -> Blanks

In Microsoft Excel, you select the row headings 10, 11, and 12 and then choose the menu option Insert -> Rows. What will happen?
Answers: • Three new rows will be inserted after row 9.

Choose the correct pronouns to fill in the blanks.

Let ______ all go for a walk except ______, because ______ is so tired.
Answers: • us, her, she

A feasibility and evaluation report is an example of:
Answers: • Report type

Choose the correct prepositions to fill in the blanks.
______ lack of funds, the plan fell ______.
Answers: • For, down

Which of the following examples of headings is most effective?
Answers: • How to Assemble Auto Parts

Does a user guide usually contain warranties and disclaimers?
Answers: • Yes

Which of the following best defines RoboHELP?
Answers: • It is an application software that helps create "computer help files" in various formats.

State whether true or false:

Different states have different copyright laws in America.
Answers: • False

Choose the correct preposition to fill in the blank.
All the people injured in the accident have been admitted ______ a hospital.
Answers: • in

What are "abstracts?"
Answers: • Summaries of the contents of a report or a document

Choose the correct sentence.
Answers: • A gentleman dressed in blue was walking along a road with green trees on both sides.

PDF is an acronym for:
Answers: • Portable Document Formatting

The details of design, make, installation, and usage of a particular product are known as:
Answers: • Technical documentation

A diamond shaped box in a flowchart signifies:
Answers: • A decision that must be made

Choose the correct sentence from the following:
Answers: • Select your country from the drop-down list in the country field.

How are spelling errors displayed in Microsoft Word?
Answers: • A red wavy line under the wrong spelling

A document that consists of instructions on how to use or troubleshoot a product is known as a _________.
Answers: • Design pamphlet

Which of the following statement(s) is/are true about Technical Evaluation Reports?
Answers: • The Evaluation report is also called the feasibility report.

What does a Primary Research Report describe?
Answers: • It describes newly researched, potential organizational policies.

A document written in the ________ tense sends the message immediately and is easier to comprehend.
Answers: • past

What is a "procedure?"
Answers: • A list of steps that tells the user how to perform a task

Which is the standard language used to create Web pages?
Answers: • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

What do Functional Specifications in a technical document include?
Answers: • A diagrammatic representation of how the finished product will look

A Business Plan Report usually contains:
Answers: • A plan seeking to start a new business

Which of the following is a diagram drawing software application used to draw diagrams like flowcharts?
Answers: • Visio

A list of books, articles, or Web pages that a writer referenced in his document is known as:
Answers: • Table of Contents

To be a good technical writer, you have to:
Answers: • Avoid jargon.

What does a circle indicate in a flowchart?
Answers: • It indicates that a particular step is connected with some other parts of a program

What is the quickest way to select all the columns of a worksheet in Microsoft Excel 2007?
Answers: • Click on the gray rectangle on the upper left corner of the worksheet where the column headings and row headings meet.

The first thing you should do when you are starting out to write a technical report is to:
Answers: • Write the technical specifications of the product or service you are writing about.

The average number of words in a sentence should be:
Answers: • Between 10-20

Documents that help to get an organization hired or approved to undertake a project are known as:
Answers: • Business Proposals

What would you call a report that gives a background on a particular topic, say greenhouse gases?
Answers: • Technical background report

What does the term "Glossary" mean?
Answers: • An alphabetic list of words and phrases in which each word or phrase is defined.

How can you resize the width or height of a picture in a Microsoft Word document?
Answers: • By right-clicking on the picture and selecting the Format Picture dialog box. Then select the Size tab and change the height and width values.

The _______________ appears before (and, possibly, immediately after) the table of contents in a document.
Answers: • White paper

You have to prepare an essay in Microsoft Word consisting of only 250 words. What is the most convenient way for you to count the total number of words in your document?
Answers: • Choose the "Word count" from the Review Tab main menu.

Which of the following characters must be added before a fraction value, e.g. 1/3, to avoid entering it as a date in Microsoft Excel 2007?
Answers: • Space

State whether true or false:

A copyright in the context of authorship immediately becomes the property of the person who wrote the work.
Answers: • True

Which of the following date formats is NOT available when entering a date into a cell in Microsoft Excel 2007?
Answers: • 5th-aug-2003

As a writer, what do you do when you create a macro?
Answers: • You download software from the Internet that helps organize tasks.

Choose the correct sentence:
Answers: • Unless the world controls its population, till then mankind will continue to face one problem after another.

What is a "white paper?"
Answers: • An authoritative and detailed report

How would you describe a "process?"
Answers: • A series of steps taken to perform an action in a task

Which of the following statements best describes what "minimalism" is?

Answers: • A method of documentation that avoids swamping users with irrelevant information

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