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Report Writing Test Answer

1. Which of the following parts of speech may be used in reports?
Answers: • (All of these)

2. True or False? A report should be written without using traditional paragraphs.
Answers: • False

3. True or False? A report should have a clear, distinct title.
Answers: • True

4. Select the evidence that would least contribute to a team performance report written for a business.
Answers: • Interpretations of employees' personal activities

5. What contributes to making a report easy to read?
Answers: • The use of graphics

6. Which of the following appear in the first and final sections of a report, respectively?
Answers: • The Introduction and the Conclusion

7. What is the primary purpose of the Recommendations section of a report?
Answers: • To enable the reader to make an informed decision

8. Which of the following is the least effective title for a history report?
Answers: • Changes in England: An Analysis

9. Which sentence type is used most frequently in reports?
Answers: • Declarative

10. What kind of word or phrase helps link ideas?
Answers: • Transitional words and phrases

11. Which of the following is the least effective way to finish a report?
Answers: • Recalling a personal anecdote

12. Which of the following best describes how reports should be formatted?
Answers: • Reports should be formatted according to context-specific guidelines.

13. Which of the following should be avoided as supporting information in an academic report, even if it is relevant to the report's topic and scope?
Answers: • Personal experience

14. Which of the following can be included as supporting information in a business report, presuming it is relevant to the report's topic and scope?
Answers: • (All of these)

15. Which of the following is NOT part of the outlining process?
Answers: • Determining line breaks, margin size, and font

16. What three things should be evident when graphics are presented?
Answers: • Labels, consistency, reference to the graphic in the body of the report.

17. True or False? The conclusion paragraph should be written during the outlining process.
Answers: • False

18. Considering language and grammar, which of the following sentences is most appropriate for inclusion in a report?
Answers: • The 28 team members averaged a 30% return on client business in the last two months.

19. True or False? A report should emphasize the writer's opinion.
Answers: • False

20. Which of the following best describes the information in the Bibliography?
Answers: • References used in researching and writing the report

21. The Table of Contents is derived from which source?
Answers: • The outline

22. Which of the following elements enhance professionalism in a report?
Answers: • Proper editing, the use of business language

23. What purpose do references serve?
Answers: • (All of these)

24. What question will help the writer break the topic into subtopics?
Answers: • What are the main points I want the reader to know?

25. True or False? While reports may include analysis, their primary purpose is to present quantifiable information.
Answers: • True

26. What is most important to remember when including graphics?
Answers: • They should be relevant.

27. Because people absorb information differently, how can a writer supplement the writing in their report?
Answers: • With graphics

28. Select the sentence that is most suitable for a report in terms of language and grammar.
Answers: • In conclusion, while it is clear sales were low in the first quarter, by taking the measures outlined above, the company may expect increased profit in the third quarter.

29. What enhances readability in a report?
Answers: • (All of these)

30. At what stage in the report-writing process should you consider the report's audience?
Answers: • (All of these)

31. The use of fonts, page layout, page numbers, and labels for graphics constitute what aspect of a report?
Answers: • The format

32. Which of the following could influence a report's style?
Answers: • (All of these)

33. True or False? Analysis is permissible in a report.
Answers: • True

34. Which of the following should NOT be used when writing a report?
Answers: • Informal jargon

35. Which of the following may be included in a properly formatted report?
Answers: • (All of these)

36. In which setting are you likely to be asked to write a report?
Answers: • (All of these)

37. True or False? Poor formatting will likely affect a report's reception.
Answers: • True

38. True or False? Reports should be written using slang.
Answers: • False

39. Which of the following may be a subject for a report?
Answers: • (All of these)

40. When should field-specific terminology be used in a report?
Answers: • As necessary

41. Which type of punctuation should be used least in reports?
Answers: • Exclamation points

42. Select the evidence that would best contribute to a sales report written for a  manufacturer.
Answers: • Amount of product sold last month

43. "Brainstorming" and "mindmapping" are strategies for which aspect of the report-writing process?
Answers: • Outlining

44. True or False? Guidelines for a report, if provided, should only be checked before beginning to write.
Answers: • False

45. True or false? Reports are best written in active voice.
Answers: • True

46. How is report writing distinguished from other kinds of writing?
Answers: • By a formal tone

47. What is another term for "Executive Summary"?
Answers: • Abstract

48. To what extent should personal pronouns be used in reports?
Answers: • They should be completely avoided.

49. Of the listed steps, which should be taken last when writing a report?
Answers: • Writing a draft

50. Which combination reflects optional elements of a report?
Answers: • Glossary, Recommendations, Bibliography

51. True or False? A completed outline MUST be strictly adhered to during the writing process.
Answers: • False

52. What does the phrase "specific-to-general" mean?
Answers: • A method of organizing the information in a report

53. How should you begin an organized report-writing process?
Answers: • Identify the topic

54. When should contractions be used in a report?
Answers: • In direct quotations

55. Which pair are opposite means of organizing information in a report?
Answers: • Inductive/Deductive

56. Where is the best place to explain a graphic?
Answers: • In the near text preceding the graphic

57. What is the essential reason for writing a report?
Answers: • To provide information so the reader can make a decision

58. True or False? A report should be typed in Times New Roman, 12-point font in all contexts.
Answers: • False

59. Should a report contain the writer's opinion?
Answers: • Yes, but only if it is clearly differentiated from the facts presented.

60. Which of these is true of the Abstract?
Answers: • It has about 100-500 words as a rule.

61. What term refers to a pronoun that does not show a clear relationship?
Answers: • Indefinite antecedent

62. How important is the Executive Summary in a report?
Answers: • It's an optional element

63. Which verb tense should be used most frequently when writing a report?
Answers: • Past tense

64. Which of the following should typically be used to cite outside sources included in a report?
Answers: • (None of these)

65. Which optional element in a report reflects goals and objectives?
Answers: • The abstract

66. When providing an either/or choice, what determines the correct verb usage?
Answers: • The noun that is closer to the verb

67. Which of the following points of view is LEAST commonly used to write a report?
Answers: • Second person

68. Which of the following is the best way to designate the most important sections of a report?
Answers: • With Roman numerals

69. Which of the following is not a suitable topic for a report?
Answers: • A literary review

70. If a pronoun is preceded by a preposition, what case will the pronoun take?
Answers: • Objective

71. Which of the following is always included in a correctly formatted report?
Answers: • Numbered pages

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