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Twitter Marketing Test answer

New Test Answers for Upwork's Twitter Marketing Test - Updated on October - 2015:

1. What is RT used for?
 Answers: • A ReTweet: showing that you are reposting a tweet by another user

 2. What is the best way to respond to negative feedback on Twitter?
 Answers: • Publicly recognize the issue and then try to resolve it in private

 3. To engage with your audience you need to:
 Answers: • Converse with them

 4. Twitter owns which social media management tool?
 Answers: • TweetDeck

 5. What does CTR stand for?
 Answers: • Click Through Rate

 6. True or False: Your character count is used up with the characters in a username you RT?
 Answers: • True

 7. What does Twitter's "Follower Growth" metric track?
 Answers: • How many new followers you get every day, week or month

 8. Which of the following are considered spammy tactics?
 Answers: • (all of these)

 9. What are Tweetups?
 Answers: • in-person meetups that attract fellow Twitter users

 10. What is the character limit on Twitter?
 Answers: • 140

 11. True or False? Tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement of those without.
 Answers: • True

 12. What is the @ symbol mean?
 Answers: • It is used to reference users in tweets

 13. What is one of the best ways to connect with your audience?
 Answers: • Be genuine, ask questions and share answers

 14. The following are strong methods for growing your follower base:
 Answers: • all answers are correct

 15. True or False: You should follow competitors in your industry?
 Answers: • True

 16. True or False: You should always include a link to your homepage, blog, or company website under your bio
 Answers: • True

 17. What does RT mean?
 Answers: • Retweet

 18. True or False? Tweets help SEO.
 Answers: • True

 19. What is the # symbol used for?
 Answers: • It is a hashtag, used for keywords or topics

 20. DM stands for Direct Message.
 Answers: • True

 21. True or False: Being consistent with what time of day and how often you tweet can benefit your account?
 Answers: • True

 22. What is the maximum number of characters allowed in one tweet?
 Answers: • 140

 23. What is a DM?
 Answers: • A Direct Message, one that is private and sent from you to another user

 24. You should include _______ in your tweets to increase the amount of views it will receive
 Answers: • Relevant Keywords

 25. What integrated mobile video app (with major marketing potential) was recently released by Twitter?
 Answers: • Vine

 26. True or False: A smiling face is better for your profile picture?
 Answers: • True

 27. What are the requirements to send a DM?
 Answers: • You and the other user have to both be following each other

 28. Which of the following is an important element of a successful Twitter ad?
 Answers: • all answers are correct

 29. Twitter offers the following promoted tweet targeting options:
 Answers: • keywords in timeline, keywords in search and interests in timeline

 30. Who can you send a direct message to?
 Answers: • One of your followers

 31. True or False: The characters in a username you @ message is included in your total character count.
 Answers: • True

 32. How can your prospects events trigger a marketing opportunity for you?
 Answers: • You can RT their event, which will make them thankful for you

 33. A Twitter chat has a specific hashtag.
 Answers: • True

 34. What can you use TweetDeck for?
 Answers: • Following live trends and managing feeds with multiple accounts

 35. What does Twitter's CPE metric include?
 Answers: • clicks, replies, and follows that occur after someone retweets the Promoted Tweet

 36. What Twitter service offers promotion on a cost-per-follower basis?
 Answers: • Promoted Accounts

 37. What helps early stage prospecting on Twitter?
 Answers: • Using relevant hashtags

 38. How did many people gain large followings?
 Answers: • By taking a stance on a subject, and sending out quality information

 39. Where will promoted tweets show up for viewers you have targeted?
 Answers: • at the top of the home feed

 40. What is a Twitter List?
 Answers: • A group or community of like minded users

 41. What is the name of Twitter's own video sharing plaftorm?
 Answers: • vine

 42. Are hashtags and key-words useful in Twitter bios?
 Answers: • Yes, if used in moderation.

 43. What are Twitter chats?
 Answers: • open twitter conversations centered around a single hashtag

 44. How should you deal with Trolls?
 Answers: • Ignore them

 45. What does MT stand for?
 Answers: • modified tweet

 46. Which tend to have higher CTRs?
 Answers: • Afternoon tweets

 47. An event organized for Twitter users to meet, socialize, and network is called a:
 Answers: • Tweet-up

 48. What was the original reason for Twitter constraining the number of characters per tweet?
 Answers: • The social network was meant to primarily be used via SMS

 49. How can you appear in a user's "Who to follow" section?
 Answers: • Promote your account

 50. What is a 'real life' gathering of a Twitter community called?
 Answers: • Tweetup

 51. What does Twitter's blue advertising follower meter display?
 Answers: • the estimated number of viewers your campaign might reach

 52. Which of the following does not appear when someone views your profile on mobile?
 Answers: • background image

 53. What does the term #FF refer to?
 Answers: • Follow Friday

 54. Which tend to have higher CTRs?
 Answers: • Weekend tweets

 55. True or False? "Hard Selling" works effectively on Twitter.
 Answers: • False

 56. What can you use Seesmic for?
 Answers: • To manage multiple accounts over different devices

 57. What is the advantage of leaving additional space at the end of your Tweet?
 Answers: • It accommodates RTs

 58. Which of the following is important for SEO?
 Answers: • naming your profile photo

 59. Which of the following are Twitter's advertising options?
 Answers: • promoted tweets and promoted accounts

 60. The Twitter equivalent to a Backlink/Inbound link is a:
 Answers: • Retweet

 61. What days see the most Twitter traffic?
 Answers: • Saturday & Sunday

 62. Where will promoted accounts appear?
 Answers: • who to follow widget and page, connect tab, people search results, similar to you widget

 63. The following can be used for targeting for promoted accounts:
 Answers: • interest groups, people who are similar to specific usernames, geography and gender

 64. What is the 'bread and butter' of the Buffer tool?
 Answers: • Tweet scheduling

 65. Marketers can target based on all of the following EXCEPT:
 Answers: • Account age

 66. Statistically, when are your Tweets most likely to be Retweeted? (US - EST)
 Answers: • 5:00 in the evening

 67. What percent of buyers will use social media in their purchase decision?
 Answers: • 75%

 68. What does Twitter's "Reach" metric track?
 Answers: • How many users favorite or retweet your content

 69. What is the advantage of adding a period at the beginning of a reply?
 Answers: • It broadcasts your reply to your entire follower list

 70. A solid reach to target with a Twitter advertising campaign is:
 Answers: • 50,000 users

 71. What Twitter service offers promotion on a flat rate sponsorship basis?
 Answers: • Trends

 72. What does CPE stand for?
 Answers: • cost-per-engagement

 73. Statistically, what gender has a greater Twitter representation?
 Answers: • Male

 74. What brand tweeted a creative ad immediately following the 2013 Super Bowl power outage?
 Answers: • Oreo

 75. You should leave at least how many characters in your tweet, to leave space for a ReTweet?
 Answers: • 20

 76. What Twitter feature can be added to your website to help your visitors share content and connect with you on Twitter?
 Answers: • Buttons

 77. Where is the embed function located?
 Answers: • Within the 'more' Tweet action

 78. When tweeting directly to someone beginning with their Twitter handle, who can see it?
 Answers: • The person you are tweeting to plus anyone that follows them

 79. What are Twitter Cards?
 Answers: • Embedded Tweets that include rich media experiences and link to your content

 80. Ideally, how often should twitter chats be conducted?
 Answers: • Weekly

 81. What is the recommended marketing Tweet / content engagement Tweet ratio?
 Answers: • 20% : 80%

 82. During a Twitter Campaign, what type of tweets can be "promoted"
 Answers: • Already published, organic tweets only

 83. What feature allows you to feature a tweet at the top of your feed?
 Answers: • Brand Pages

 84. Twitter charges for promoted tweets based on:
 Answers: • click on, retweet, @reply to, or favorite

 85. What are Twitter Alerts?
 Answers: • Emergency alerts that certain accounts can send by text message

 86. How long can your bio be?
 Answers: • 160 Characters

 87. Which new advertising dashboard metric did Twitter roll out in March 2013?
 Answers: • earned media

 88. All of these certified Twitter partners measure engagement EXCEPT:
 Answers: • Gnip

 89. Most marketers recommend you follow what ratio of marketing messages to regular tweets you send out?
 Answers: • 1 marketing message for every 15 tweets

 90. What Twitter service offers promotion on a cost-per-click basis?
 Answers: • Tweets

 91. What type of handle is often overlooked by Google's SEO algorithm?
 Answers: • Handles with lots of numbers

 92. Twitter charges for promoted accounts based on:
 Answers: • targeted users following a promoted account

 93. What does Twitter's "Traffic" metric track?
 Answers: • How many users go to your site

 94. What does your Twitter conversion metric measure?
 Answers: • How many users sign up for your service or buy your product

 95. Use _______ techniques to get your Tweets read
 Answers: • Copywriting

 96. What two US time zones make up 80% of the nation's Twitter traffic?
 Answers: • Eastern & Central

 97. Links typically perform the best when placed how far into a tweet?
 Answers: • 25%

 98. Tweets with images receive how much more engagement than tweets without images?
 Answers: • 2X

 99. What is the practice of mentioning a popular figure's Twitter handle in hopes of a RT known as?
 Answers: • ego-trapping

 100. What does Twitter's "Follower Quality and Engagement" metric track?
 Answers: • How many users interact with your account

 101. True or False: Your brand is defined by your users
 Answers: • False

 102. True or False: Your character count is used up with the characters in a username you DM?
 Answers: • False

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