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Upwork Medical Transcription Test Answer

1. What is the correct form of typing the dictated medicament - 'paracetamol'?
 Answers: • paracetamol

 2. Where does the arteria pulmonalis begin?
 Answers: • right ventricle

 3. What does BLS means?
 Answers: • basic life support

 4. What does CNS stand for?
 Answers: • Central Nervous System

 5. What is the act of swallowing called?
 Answers: • deglutition

 6. What is hidradenitis suppurativa?
 Answers: • skin disease

 7. What does the prefix "dextro" signify?
 Answers: • Opposite

 8. "An examination of the patient's throat revealed inflamed ________ membranes."
 Answers: • Mucous

 9. The prefix "Coxa-" would concern which body part?
 Answers: • Hip

 10. "Oriented x3" means a patient is aware of:
 Answers: • Person; Place; Time

 11. What is an instrument used to hold edges of a wound apart?
 Answers: • Retractor

 12. True or false? If a dictator asks to have a date on a report modified to make it appear that it was completed in a more timely manner, the transcriptionist is expected to comply.
 Answers: • False

 13. Which of the following stops blood from coagulating in the body?
 Answers: • heparin

 14. Which of the following is NOT a common medical transcription tool?
 Answers: • A pencil

 15. What does synovitis relate to?
 Answers: • Inflammation

 16. The definition of mucopurulent is:
 Answers: • Containing both mucus and pus

 17. Choose the best answer to complete the sentence: "He was given a ______ appointment"
 Answers: • Follow-up

 18. Another name for varicella is
 Answers: • chickenpox

 19. Which of these medical word roots is associated with the spinal cord?
 Answers: • Myel

 20. What is the full form of p.r.n.?
 Answers: • Whenever required

 21. The term "cholecystectomy" would concern which organ?
 Answers: • Gallbladder

 22. Which of the following is a test to measure blood sugar?
 Answers: • hemoglobin A1c

 23. A patient's current medications should be listed ________ .
 Answers: • vertically

 24. Which of these medical word roots is associated with the uterus?
 Answers: • Metr

 25. What does PERRLA stand for?
 Answers: • Pupils equal, round, and reactive to light and accommodation

 26. What does the medical practitioner mean when he writes or dictates the term p.o. after a medication?
 Answers: • To be taken orally, by mouth.

 27. Which of the following is the generic equivalent of Coumadin?
 Answers: • Warfarin

 28. The term CVA used in the field of rehabilitation stands for:
 Answers: • cerebrovascular accident

 29. Tetanus is also known as
 Answers: • Lockjaw

 30. "The medication seemed to have little ______ on the symptoms."
 Answers: • Effect

 31. A "nephron" is a structural and functional part of which organ?
 Answers: • kidney

 32. The prefix "ante," as in "antepartum," means:
 Answers: • Before, in front

 33. True or False? An MT should flag a report if a dictation states that a prostate exam was performed on a female patient.
 Answers: • True

 34. What is a hematoma?
 Answers: • a collection of blood

 35. Which of the following pieces of information would be considered patient demographics?
 Answers: • Patient age

 36. What does synovitis relate to?:
 Answers: • inflammation

 37. The prefix _____ refers to a vein.
 Answers: • Phlebo-

 38. What is the correct term that refers to fever?
 Answers: • Hyperthermia

 39. Otitis media is an infection of the _________ ear.
 Answers: • Middle

 40. What does b.i.d. mean?
 Answers: • Twice a day

 41. In the term "endocarditis," which section means "inflammation?"
 Answers: • itis

 42. True or false? If an MT is not confident in what they heard, it is recommended to make a guess instead of leaving a blank.
 Answers: • False

 43. Which of the following is a lobe in the brain?
 Answers: • parietal

 44. Which term refers to the front of the body?
 Answers: • Anterior

 45. True or False? Always use 0 in front of the decimal point if the number is not a whole number.
 Answers: • True

 46. What does HEENT stand for?
 Answers: • Head, eyes, ears, nose, throat

 47. What does "social history" describe?
 Answers: • All of these

 48. Arthralgia is defined as _________.
 Answers: • Pain in a joint

 49. The term "enteroscopy" would concern which organ?
 Answers: • Intestine

 50. Which of the following is a disease of the liver?
 Answers: • cirrhosis

 51. True or False? It is recommended that you capitalize the first letter of a chemical symbol.
 Answers: • True

 52. What does splenomegaly mean?
 Answers: • Enlargement of the spleen

 53. In drug dosage, what does b.i.d mean?
 Answers: • drug to be taken twice daily

 54. The term "nephritis" would concern which organ?
 Answers: • Kidney

 55. The term "hepatomegaly" would concern which organ?
 Answers: • Liver

 56. Which of the following correctly formats a blood pressure measurement?
 Answers: • 160/90

 57. Which of the following is NOT included under "vitals"?
 Answers: • Ailment

 58. The prefix "Oculo-" would concern which organ?
 Answers: • Eye

 59. What does GTT stand for?
 Answers: • Glucose Tolerance Test

 60. What does B.I.D. dosage mean?
 Answers: • 2 times a day

 61. Echocardiogram is a study for?
 Answers: • Heart

 62. Medical transcription often happens in the OR.
 Answers: • False

 63. The medical term "basophilia" refers to:
 Answers: • An overbundance of a particular white blood cell in the peripheral blood.

 64. A legal order that requires a witness to appear and to bring certain records to a deposition, trial, or other legal proceeding.
 Answers: • Subpoena Duces Tecum

 65. Which of the following means "type 2 sensitivity?"
 Answers: • Antibody mediated

 66. The prefix "Dia-" as in "diaphoresis" means:
 Answers: • Through, during, across

 67. A power of attorney that permits someone to make decisions for a patient who is incompetent to do so is a(n):
 Answers: • Advanced Directive

 68. Nutritional deficiency anemia refers to a reduced red blood cell count due to a poor diet
 Answers: • which is deficient in iron, folate and/or Vitamin B12.

 69. Which of the following is an acute allergic skin reaction?
 Answers: • Stevens-Johnson syndrome

 70. What does TASP stand for?
 Answers: • Transcription application service provider

 71. What are the initials for the health privacy act?
 Answers: • HIPAA

 72. In a surgical dictation, what would LAVH refer to?
 Answers: • Laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy

 73. Which of these are NOT one of the 3 essential dates in a report?
 Answers: • The date the transcription was delivered

 74. The prefix "Infra-" as in "infrapatellar" means:
 Answers: • Beneath

 75. Which term refers to a portion of the intestine?
 Answers: • ileum

 76. Which is the correct spelling of the correct term?
 Answers: • Schatzki's ring

 77. What is the correct way of typing the dictated medicament 'Zantac'?
 Answers: • Zantac

 78. Which of the following is NOT considered one of the four major reports?
 Answers: • Follow-up report

 79. The prefix "para," as in "paratracheal," means:
 Answers: • Beside

 80. How many drug schedules are there under the Controlled Substances Act
 Answers: • 5

 81. Which of the following operations does the abbreviation T and A stand for ?
 Answers: • tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

 82. What is the definition of hemostasis?
 Answers: • The stoppage of bleeding

 83. Which of the following is not a section included in a medical transcription report?
 Answers: • Ailments

 84. The term "stomatitis" would concern:
 Answers: • The mouth

 85. Which of the following is a digital ventilator setting?
 Answers: • PEEP

 86. True or False? It is required that all medical transcriptionists pass a certification.
 Answers: • False

 87. What is omeprazole the generic equivalent of?
 Answers: • Prilosec

 88. Which of the following is the most commonly used abbreviation for "continued"?
 Answers: • cont.

 89. Which of these would be considered a critical error?
 Answers: • Dictated: Amaryl 4 mg b.i.d.; transcribed: Amaryl 4 mg t.i.d.

 90. Tylenol tablet consists of which active ingredient?
 Answers: • Paracetamol

 91. What does TAT stand for?
 Answers: • Turnaround Time

 92. A shortcut for inserting standard text is a:
 Answers: • Macro

 93. Which heading is NOT commonly included in a transcription report?
 Answers: • Advice

 94. True or false? Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) are identical and interchangeable terms for the same object.
 Answers: • False

 95. What does HIPAA stand for?
 Answers: • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

 96. "He drank ______ of a gallon of water."
 Answers: • one-half

 97. Which of the following refers to a bone in hand?
 Answers: • lunate

 98. A(n) _______ occurs when an MT makes a professional judgment that some set of factors prohibits the clear understanding of what was dictated.
 Answers: • valid blank

 99. Which of these documents would take priority when all are pending?
 Answers: • Physical Examination

 100. Which of these would be considered a critical error?
 Answers: • Incorrect patient demographic

 101. Which of the following is an artery?
 Answers: • peroneal

 102. An electronically generated list of patients and their corresponding demographic information, typically used by the MT to properly identify transcribed reports is the:
 Answers: • ADT feed

 103. The records of discharged patients shall be completed within a period of time that will not exceed _______ following discharge.
 Answers: • 30 days

 104. A _______ is a digital receiver transcriber that accesses digital dictation from another location over the phone.
 Answers: • C-phone

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