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Upwork Microsoft Word Test Answer (more then 500 Answers)

1. Templates can store:
 Answers: • All of these

 2. Can you apply bullets from the keyboard?
 Answers: • Yes

 3. Paragraph line spacing option can be accessed by:
 Answers: • Right clicking a line and choosing paragraph option.

 4. If you wish to change the size of a photo, do you need to edit your photo outside of Word and re-insert?
 Answers: • No - you can crop/resize the photo in Word.

 5. The dialog box tabs that appear for a single envelope is the same for a single label.
 Answers: • True

 6. How do you change the line spacing before or after a paragraph?
 Answers: • Use the Line Spacing button or the paragraph settings.

 7. What is the shortcut to undo the last action?
 Answers: • CTRL+Z

 8. You may customize the Quick Access Toolbar at the top of the window:
 Answers: • True

 9. How do you add the date and time to word?
 Answers: • Use the insert for the date and time.

 10. Which is not a font style?
 Answers: • Superscript

 11. Can you change lists in your document back into regular text?
 Answers: • Yes, both bulleted and numbered lists

 12. Of the following, which is the best way to change the color of text?
 Answers: • Select the text, right click on it, and use the text color icon

 13. What is the keyboard short cut to select the entire document?
 Answers: • CTRL A

 14. How many different documents can you have open at one time?
 Answers: • As many as your computer can handle

 15. Under which tab will you find Tables, Clip Art, Picture, Links?
 Answers: • Insert

 16. Choose the best definition for FONT?
 Answers: • A set of text characters of one particular face and size.

 17. How many margins are on a page?
 Answers: • Four (top, bottom, right and left)

 18. It is possible to embed one or more powerpoint slides or an entire presentation.
 Answers: • True

 19. What does Word do automatically for index creation after compiling the list?
 Answers: • All of these

 20. what is the file extension of microsoft 2010?
 Answers: • .docx

 21. Can you convert PDF to Word?
 Answers: • Yes

 22. What is the shortcut to copy the selected text or object?
 Answers: • CTRL+C

 23. How do you select all the text?
 Answers: • Control- A

 24. If a line of text is highlighted, the keystrokes CTRL-B, CTRL-I, CTRL-U result in:
 Answers: • Bold, Italic, Underlined

 25. What is the short cut used to copy?
 Answers: • CNTRL + C

 26. Can shapes be used in word?
 Answers: • Yes

 27. What shortcut enables you to select all?
 Answers: • CNTRL + A

 28. What is short cut to underline a text?
 Answers: • Ctr+U

 29. What is an example of an automatic field insert?
 Answers: • All of these

 30. Which of the following are purposes for macros in Word?
 Answers: • All of these

 31. "Portrait" and "Landscape" are two kinds of what?
 Answers: • Page layout

 32. What do the align text buttons do?
 Answers: • Align the text to the left, right or center of the page.


 34. The Picture option is located under which tab?
 Answers: • Insert

 35. You can create an index entry:
 Answers: • All of these

 36. You can customize status bar to perform the following task:
 Answers: • All of the tasks

 37. What does a hyperlink option do?
 Answers: • Produces a link that accesses a web site, another file, or a place within the same document

 38. Can you insert a text box in word?
 Answers: • Yes

 39. Times New Roman, Arial, and Calibri are examples of what?
 Answers: • Fonts used in Word

 40. Document information allows us to see:
 Answers: • All of these

 41. What does CTRL+U do?
 Answers: • Underlines selected

 42. Which of these items can be controlled within a section break?
 Answers: • All of these

 43. What are examples of building blocks in Word?
 Answers: • All of these

 44. A template may include:
 Answers: • All of these

 45. Both line spacing and paragraph spacing can be adjusted in Word.
 Answers: • True

 46. Which of the following is built-in to the grammar and writing style?
 Answers: • All of the above.

 47. What is the keyboard shortcut for save?
 Answers: • CTRL + S

 48. Can you shade a table different color from the rest of the text before and after it?
 Answers: • Yes

 49. What is the keyboard shortcut to save the document?
 Answers: • CTRL+S

 50. What can be inserted into a word document?
 Answers: • All of the above

 51. Can you export Word Documents into Powerpoint?
 Answers: • Yes

 52. Can you choose what pages you want to print instead of the whole document?
 Answers: • Yes

 53. Both Word and Excel are microsoft office programs
 Answers: • True

 54. What function is CTRL-C?
 Answers: • Copy

 55. A word processor is
 Answers: • All of the above

 56. What is the Bold shortcut?
 Answers: • Ctrl + B

 57. Borders can be applied to which of the following?
 Answers: • All of these

 58. What is the shortcut to create a new blank document?
 Answers: • CTRL+N

 59. Which tab do you use to insert a Photo into your Word document from an existing file?
 Answers: • Insert

 60. What is the Paste shortcut?
 Answers: • Ctrl + V

 61. Can you include items from other programs in a Word document?
 Answers: • Yes - charts from Excel are one common example

 62. How do you restore a paragraph you accidentally deleted?
 Answers: • Use the UNDO function

 63. You need to reprint page 7 of a multipage document. How do you best do this?
 Answers: • Click on page 7. Go to Print and select "Print current page".

 64. When you exit Microsoft Word, what message appears?
 Answers: • Would you like to save changes?

 65. What is short cut for left alignment?
 Answers: • CTRL+L

 66. How do you update a Table of Contents?
 Answers: • Right click > Update Table or References tab, update Table

 67. The picture options are located under which tab?
 Answers: • Insert

 68. What is the keyboard shortcut for right-aligning a paragraph?
 Answers: • CTRL(CMD) + R

 69. What can you insert into a Text Box?
 Answers: • All of these

 70. Where do you place the information that you want to display on the top of every page?
 Answers: • Header

 71. Can a PC user open an attachment that was sent from a person that created the Word document on a Mac?
 Answers: • Yes

 72. What is the difference between Clip Art and a drawing object?
 Answers: • A drawing object can be changed and enhanced; Clip Art can only be resized

 73. What is the function of the 'Undo' icon?
 Answers: • Reverts to document before the last change was made

 74. Which of the following font sizes are NOT supported by Word?
 Answers: • 533

 75. What can macros do in Word?
 Answers: • All of these answers

 76. How do you change the size of the text that appears on paper?
 Answers: • Adjust font size

 77. What will the keyboard shortcut "F1" do?
 Answers: • Open the Help menu

 78. To correct a misspelled word, which of the following is correct?
 Answers: • Right-click the word to display a menu of suggested spellings, then click on the correct spelling.

 79. Does Word have a resume template by default?
 Answers: • Yes

 80. How do you insert a chart?
 Answers: • Go to menu tab insert & click chart

 81. Is it possible to underline, bold, highlight, and italicize a text at the same time?
 Answers: • Yes

 82. True or False: Visual Basic is accessed through the Developer Tab.
 Answers: • True

 83. Where can 'Clip Art' be found?
 Answers: • Insert

 84. To open a new document we must close the working document.
 Answers: • False

 85. What is the purpose of a Word template?
 Answers: • To use a standard form and format for all documents of a similar type.

 86. How many preset columns can be added to a Word document?
 Answers: • As many as desired

 87. Which command removes text from the document and places it on the clipboard?
 Answers: • cut

 88. What does the Zoom slider do?
 Answers: • Increases or decreases zoom level on screen

 89. What is the easiest way of saving an existing document with a different name?
 Answers: • Use the Save as... command

 90. What is a straightforward way to insert page numbers in Word?
 Answers: • Use the automatic page number setting in the footer

 91. How do you select the entire document without a mouse on a Windows computer?
 Answers: • Ctrl+A

 92. Which of the following is not a popular font?
 Answers: • Shadow

 93. If you change the Theme of a document what aspects of the document does it change?
 Answers: The colors, fonts and effects.

 94. True or False: You CANNOT insert an Excel Spreadsheet into a Word Document.
 Answers: • False

 95. In the task pane a style will have an icon.
 Answers: • True

 96. From which of the following can you import a list of recipients for mail?
 Answers: • Microsoft Outlook

 97. Which command removes text from a document and places that text on the clipboard?
 Answers: • Cut

 98. What is the shortcut for "copy formatting from text"?
 Answers: • CTRL + SHIFT + C

 99. What is the shortcut to cut the selected text or object?
 Answers: • CTRL+X

 100. When you choose the "reduce file size" option, which is a possible option?
 Answers: • all of these are possible choices

 101. It is possible to ______ a data source before performing a merge.
 Answers: • all of these

 102. In page preview mode, you can see:
 Answers: • All pages of your document

 103. How do you change the text color?
 Answers: • Edit/font/color

 104. Which keyboard shortcut bolds selected text?
 Answers: • Ctrl+B

 105. How do you get words in italics?
 Answers: • All of these.

 106. A section break controls the section formatting of the text that precedes it.
 Answers: • True

 107. To add a pie chart to a word document which tool would you use?
 Answers: • Charts

 108. A red line under your word means what?
 Answers: • Misspelling

 109. Watermarks
 Answers: • Are texts that appear behind document text in a Word document

 110. How do you un-highlight text?
 Answers: • Use the text highlight color option and highlight the text again with the same color or white.

 111. How do you open a new document?
 Answers: • File > New

 112. When you divide your text into columns, can you adjust it to left or right?
 Answers: • Yes

 113. What does the print layout show?
 Answers: • Shows the document as it will look when it is printed.

 114. What is the shortcut key for paste?
 Answers: • Ctrl + V

 115. How can you modify / edit paragraphs
 Answers: • All are correct

 116. What are margins?
 Answers: • The areas left blank on the edges of the page when it is printed.

 117. What cannot be changed on a table?
 Answers: • None of these

 118. Template creation is most efficient for:
 Answers: • Document format that is required for numerous uses

 119. Under the View tab, in the Toolbox section, you can see Styles and
 Answers: • All of these are acceptable answers

 120. Which of the following is not a font style?
 Answers: • superscript

 121. Where is the Customize dialog box that enables customizing the quick access toolbar and creation of keyboard shortcuts?
 Answers: • Under the Microsoft office button, then Word Options/Customize

 122. In Home, what ribbons are seen?
 Answers: • Font, Paragraph, Style, Editing

 123. What is the correct font and size for MLA-Format?
 Answers: • Times New Roman and 12pt

 124. Removes text from a document and places it on the clipboard.
 Answers: • Cut

 125. What is superscript?
 Answers: • A letter or symbol positioned slightly above the rest of the text in line.

 126. A picture you have inserted is sitting in front of the words on the screen. How do you make the words visible over the picture?
 Answers: • Click on the picture and then use "Send to Back"

 127. What task can not be performed in the File menu?
 Answers: • Mail merge

 128. The best way to automatically include your headlines in a table of contents is to do what?
 Answers: • Use the built-in heading styles offered by Word.

 129. If Word is not exited properly:
 Answers: • An open document can be damaged or lost

 130. How do you add a table to your document?
 Answers: • From Insert menu

 131. What are the available choices for page orientation?
 Answers: • Portrait and Landscape

 132. In the latest (2010/2011) edition of Word, what is the default setting for extensions of files?
 Answers: • .docx

 133. How can you jump from one to another heading?
 Answers: • All of these

 134. Where do you go to restrict permission for a document?
 Answers: • File/Restrict Permission/Manage Credentials...

 135. Templates are generally stored in a different location than documents.
 Answers: • True

 136. What is the purpose of the Justify button?
 Answers: • Aligns text to both the left and right margins.

 137. The insertion point in a table can be moved by using
 Answers: • All of these

 138. When using Windows, what is the shortcut to select the entire document?
 Answers: • Ctrl + A

 139. What is the definition of OLE?
 Answers: • Object Linking and Embedding

 140. Aside from the standard options, like line, pie, and scatter, what are the more complex options for charts?
 Answers: • stock, surface, bubble, and radar

 141. Paragraphs can be aligned right, center, left and ?
 Answers: • Justified

 142. To insert a √ , which of the following options should be used?
 Answers: • Insert/Symbols

 143. What are the shortcut keys to underline a selected piece of text?
 Answers: • Ctrl + U

 144. What is the shortcut to decrease font size by 1 point?
 Answers: • CTRL+[

 145. How do you know you have opened a document that is in an old Word format?
 Answers: • The words [Compatibility Mode] are bracketed in document heading

 146. If you're working on a saved document, By clicking 'Save As', you are...
 Answers: • Creating a new/different version of the original document.

 147. Documents can contain custom XML data that is not visible in the document itself.
 Answers: • True

 148. Of the following, which would you most likely use Word?
 Answers: • Type a biography

 149. It is possible to _______ a data source before performing a merge.
 Answers: • Sort, modify, and create

 150. What Metadata is contained in a Word document?
 Answers: • Document properties such as author, subject, and title.

 151. Controls the amount of space between each letter.
 Answers: • character spacing

 152. You are trying to open a file named profile.doc using Word 2010. Which of the following modes will Word use to open this file?
 Answers: • Compatibility Mode

 153. When using spell check can you choose not to change the word in the Word document?
 Answers: • Yes

 154. You have to send a Word document to someone who doesn't have Word. Which option will work the BEST?
 Answers: • Save the file as a PDF and send it.

 155. Which of the following characters is permitted in a macro name?
 Answers: • _ (Underscore)

 156. Where do you place information that you want to display on the bottom of every page?
 Answers: • Footer

 157. Bulleted and numbered lists can be used in a document to
 Answers: • Format, Arrange and emphasis text

 158. How many margins are on a page?
 Answers: • Four (top, bottom, right, left)

 159. How do you save your document as a PDF file?
 Answers: • File -> Save As -> Format -> PDF

 160. How can the AutoCorrect Options be adjusted?
 Answers: • File/Word Options/Proofing

 161. What are the correct steps to insert a predefined table into a document?
 Answers: • Insert/Tables/Quick Tables

 162. When you change the appearance of a document, what are you doing?
 Answers: • formatting

 163. What is the shortcut for Undo?
 Answers: • Ctrl/Cmd + Z

 164. Selecting the Zoom command
 Answers: • changes the magnification of the displayed document

 165. What is the shortcut key for help?
 Answers: • F1

 166. What does the cursor turn into when in the "Draw table" mode?
 Answers: • A pencil

 167. Where does a selection go when it is copied?
 Answers: • Clipboard

 168. You want to do a mass mailing and all your addresses are listed in a table. How do you print them out?
 Answers: • Use Word's letters and mailings function to generate labels.

 169. When performing a mail merge, where do you find your mailing list?
 Answers: • Mailings - Select Recipients

 170. Can you set page one to print portrait and page two to print landscape?
 Answers: • Yes - this can be set page by page

 171. Can Macros be disabled?
 Answers: • Yes

 172. Screen scroll is used to
 Answers: • bring hidden parts of a document into view.

 173. How can you select text without using the mouse?
 Answers: • Use the arrow keys while holding down a Shift key

 174. What is the smallest and largest font size available in Font Size tool on formatting toolbar?
 Answers: • 8 and 72

 175. What does the floppy disk image above the Home tab do when clicking it?
 Answers: • Saves your current work

 176. What is the main risk of using an existing document as a template rather than creating an actual template?
 Answers: • Forgetting to Save As and overwriting the original document

 177. True or False: You CANNOT create default page numbering that starts on the second page.
 Answers: • False

 178. In a table, how do you move horizontally between the cells?
 Answers: • Use the tab or arrow keys.

 179. How can you change the margins of a page?
 Answers: • Layout > margins

 180. What is a standard sized Document?
 Answers: • 8.5 X 11

 181. To change a document's margins, you want to:
 Answers: • Click the Page Layout tab on the ribbon, click "Margins" button in the Page Setup group, and select a setting.

 182. What is Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)?
 Answers: • The programming language used for writing macros in Word

 183. Allows you to skip to a particular part of a document.
 Answers: • Go to

 184. What is the default paragraph alignment?
 Answers: • Align Left

 185. Which menu will contain the option to change font?
 Answers: • Format

 186. Which is not a tab on the toolbar?
 Answers: • Margins

 187. What is the ribbon used for?
 Answers: • To put the options you need in plain view

 188. How does a user add a 'misspelled' word to the Microsoft Word Dictionary?
 Answers: • right click word, left click add to dictionary

 189. What does a squiggly green line underneath a word mean?
 Answers: • Grammar is inconsistent.

 190. An easy way to display a list of appointments for each day of the week is to use a:
 Answers: • Table

 191. Which of the following will help you find synonyms for a word?
 Answers: • Right-Click -> Synonyms

 192. "Portrait" and "Landscape" are examples of what?
 Answers: • Page Orientation

 193. What term refers to the removal of text from the document and placing it on the clipboard?
 Answers: • cut

 194. You are editing a page in a document. You would like to keep track of the changes you have made. Which is the best option to use?
 Answers: • Use the Track Changes Option

 195. How do you insert "Confidential" as background text?
 Answers: • WaterMark

 196. What is accomplished by using bookmarks?
 Answers: • Quickly jumping to a specific location in a document

 197. What is the design or aesthetic style of a set of characters?
 Answers: • font

 198. AutoCorrect was originally designed to replace _____ words as the user types.
 Answers: • misspelled

 199. Under What tab would you find spelling and grammar?
 Answers: • Review

 200. In which tab is the WordArt option found in Windows versions?
 Answers: • Insert

 201. How do you create a new document in Word 2010?
 Answers: • Click the File tab and then click New. Under Available Templates, click Blank Document. Click Create.

 202. Which command allows you to reverse an Undo action?
 Answers: • Redo

 203. Which command do you choose to slant the words you type?
 Answers: • Italics

 204. What is the shortcut for Paste Special?
 Answers: • Ctrl + Alt + V

 205. What is a Table of Figures?
 Answers: • A list of all the figures, tables, or equations in the document.

 206. Ctrl+ A or Cmd + A does which of the following?
 Answers: • Highlights the entire document

 207. Which of the following is Word NOT well suited for?
 Answers: • Perform complex calculations

 208. An alphabetical list of words and phrases in a document, along with corresponding page numbers is called a(n):
 Answers: • Index

 209. What is the standard page margin?
 Answers: • 1"

 210. What are the three format changes easily changed by pushing one button?
 Answers: • bold, underlined, italics

 211. A character that is smaller and raised above the baseline is known as
 Answers: • Superscript

 212. How does AutoSummarize determine key points?
 Answers: • Frequency of words and scoring of sentences.

 213. Which elements of a Word document can be displayed in color?
 Answers: • All elements

 214. To allow comments by others but not track changes,
 Answers: • Click Review, Restrict Editing, Editing Restrictions, then Allow only comments

 215. Shortcut Keys
 Answers: • Can be customized

 216. How do you take an address and add it into a format so that it prints onto an envelope?
 Answers: • Highlight the address > Mailings > Envelopes

 217. Which of these is not a layout option in the status bar?
 Answers: • Practice

 218. What is subscript?
 Answers: • Text that is positioned slightly below the rest of the text in a line.

 219. When a mouse pointer is moved into a document, it changes to:
 Answers: • The I-Beam pointer.

 220. How can you create a new document using Microsoft Word?
 Answers: • All of these

 221. In which page orientation is the document longer (taller) than it is wide?
 Answers: • portrait

 222. Mail merge can...
 Answers: • All of these

 223. 'Track Changes' function is located under
 Answers: • Review Tab

 224. In the font toolbar, what does the capital A with the red underline signify?
 Answers: • Change the text color

 225. What tool is used to monitor edits to a document?
 Answers: • Track Changes

 226. Reviewing and Tracking in a Word Document, the Balloons:
 Answers: • show revisions and/or comments in a document

 227. What does changing line spacing affect?
 Answers: • The amount of vertical space between lines of text in a paragraph.

 228. How can you suggest changes on a document without actually making the changes?
 Answers: • Make changes in review mode and track your changes.

 229. What function can help find a different way to state something in Word?
 Answers: • Thesaurus

 230. Which tab allows to add comments?
 Answers: • Review

 231. A character that is raised and smaller above the baseline is known as _______.
 Answers: • Superscript

 232. What is the purpose of the small square that appears at the top left corner of a table when the cursor is in a cell?
 Answers: • Select the entire table to edit or move

 233. What aspects of the document are lost if you save it as a text file?
 Answers: • Formatting, pictures, and objects.

 234. While typing, existing text is being deleted. What's the problem and the solution?
 Answers: • Word is in Overtype mode. Press the INSERT key to turn it off.

 235. You want to three hole punch your document to place it in a binder. However, the printing is too far over. What do you adjust?
 Answers: • Left margin

 236. If you need to change the typeface of a document, which menu will you choose?
 Answers: • Format

 237. How do you keep the same font style after a copy and paste?
 Answers: • Keep Text Formatting

 238. The Clipboard stores items that have been:
 Answers: • Cut or copied from any program

 239. I want to select just 2 sentences, both of which are at the beginning of separate paragraphs. How do I do it?
 Answers: • Select 1 sentence, hold CTRL, select the 2nd

 240. Where do you find the option to add a hyperlink to your Word document?
 Answers: • In the Insert tab

 241. Clicking a hyperlinked text in Word will make you edit it. How will you follow the link?
 Answers: • Ctrl + click

 242. Why does the document created at home open with a different font at the office?
 Answers: • The font you used at home is not installed on your office computer

 243. Which command/button allows you to display hidden formatting characters?
 Answers: • Show/Hide

 244. How do you change a single word throughout a document to another word?
 Answers: • Use Replace command in Home tab

 245. Which part of the document will a theme affect?
 Answers: • Complete document

 246. What is the purpose of a Decimal Tab stop?
 Answers: • Align numbers around a decimal point

 247. Which one is NOT a text effect?
 Answers: • Glamour

 248. The minimum number of rows and columns in a table is
 Answers: • 1 row and 1 column

 249. To have a Template appear in the New Documents dialog, the file must be saved in the _______ folder.
 Answers: • Templates

 250. A word underlined in red _____ and a word underlined in green (or blue) ____.
 Answers: • is not in the dictionary . . . may be grammatically incorrect

 251. How can you obtain a font size that is not available in the drop-down menu?
 Answers: • Highlight the current font size, and type in the size you want

 252. "Final Showing Markup" is an example of what?
 Answers: • Review Settings

 253. What does the Quick Access Toolbar include?
 Answers: • Commands you frequently use

 254. What is the definition of a nested table?
 Answers: • Tables that are inside other tables

 255. Select All will select...
 Answers: • ...All text in the document, but not in Header and Footer

 256. Clicking "Ignore All" in Spell Check will...
 Answers: • Ignore the same problem throughout the document.

 257. What happens when you hit the tab button at the start of a first line in pragaraph?
 Answers: • Indents first line only

 258. How can you highlight text without using the mouse?
 Answers: • Use the arrow keys while holding down a Shift key

 259. If you want to erase all revisions to a reviewed document, what command would you use?
 Answers: • Reject All

 260. Which option is not available for character spacing?
 Answers: • Loose

 261. What is the result when you click Next Page in Breaks under the Page Layout tab?
 Answers: • Inserts a section break and starts a new section at the top of a new page.

 262. When recording a new macro, what option allows it to be available in all new documents?
 Answers: • Global (normal) template

 263. If you have a series of text items separated by a comma, what is the command to turn that text into a table?
 Answers: • Table/Convert Text to Table

 264. Width of page margins in Narrow setting is
 Answers: • 0.5"

 265. How can you insert a page break?
 Answers: • All of these

 266. To protect your document from being edited, you would select the which tab?
 Answers: • Review

 267. To get to the ‘Symbol’ box, click on the ______ menu and choose ‘Symbol’.
 Answers: • Insert

 268. If collaborating with another person and she sends you a Word document and asks for a "red-line" version back, which MS Word feature is she asking you to use, and for what purpose?
 Answers: • She is asking you to "Track Changes" so that she can see and approve the modifications you will have made to her draft of the document.

 269. What is the function of the Document Map?
 Answers: • Lets you have a structural view of the document.

 270. A document in portrait layout prints _____________.
 Answers: • With the longer side vertical

 271. How do you insert a hyperlink under selected text?
 Answers: • All of these methods

 272. Which statement about page columns is true?
 Answers: • Page can have a custom number of columns

 273. What is the simplest way to match the formatting of one section of text to another?
 Answers: • Select the source text, click on format painter, then highlight the text you want to change.

 274. Templates add extra content to your document rather than structure and layout.
 Answers: • False

 275. What bibliography references are offered on Word?
 Answers: • MLA, Chicago, and APA

 276. When recording a new macro, how do you make it available in all new documents?
 Answers: • Save within the Normal template

 277. Which of the following is true about the word wrap commands?
 Answers: • You can automatically move text to the next line when an object would intersect the text.

 278. What is the best definition of a gutter margin?
 Answers: • Extra margin space on side or top of each page to allow for binding

 279. To have an automatic table of contents, you will have to set and apply:
 Answers: • Heading styles

 280. How do you undo all revisions to a reviewed document?
 Answers: • Reject All

 281. What is the best way to set up a document for feedback from multiple users?
 Answers: • Review>Track Changes

 282. Under what menu is the word count function located?
 Answers: • Review

 283. Which keyboard shortcut will open the Help menu?
 Answers: • F1

 284. What is the keyboard shortcut to add a page break?
 Answers: • CTRL+Enter

 285. Which one is not found in the View tab?
 Answers: • Page Break

 286. Which function creates a line around selected text?
 Answers: • Border

 287. In your Mail Merge recipients list, you've used different column headers than the fields in Mail Merge. What's the most efficient way to fix this?
 Answers: • Use the Match Fields option

 288. How do you avoid showing formatting changes in Track Changes?
 Answers: • Review tab, Show Markup, uncheck Formatting

 289. What does Toggle Case do to a selected text?
 Answers: • Changes the capitalization of every letter (lowercase becomes uppercase and vice versa)

 290. Shrink To Fit is a feature that allows you to squeeze overflow text up into previous pages. This feature is available in which view?
 Answers: • Print Preview

 291. How do you count characters?
 Answers: • Review Tab, Word Count, characters are listed under words.

 292. Which of the following buttons allows you to add, delete, or change records in your Data Source?
 Answers: • ‘Edit Data Source’ button

 293. How can one insert a page break?
 Answers: • All the answers are correct

 294. Using a template that is preloaded makes for nice documents, but when sent to another company or another server can cause error codes and strange symbols in your document. To prevent this it is best to...
 Answers: • Skip the templates and use plain text with common fonts such as Times Roman and normal font size.

 295. To add a shortcut for a symbol (e.g. check mark)
 Answers: • Insert Tab, Symbol, find symbol, Shortcut Key

 296. How do you change all your current and future Heading 2 style headings from blue to black?
 Answers: • Select one of the headings, change font color, right click, Styles, Update Heading 2 to match selection

 297. Translation only uses bilingual pairs for English.
 Answers: • False

 298. Where do you choose which style of reference citation you need for your document?
 Answers: • References/Citations & Bibliography/Style

 299. What is the main difference between linked objects and embedded objects?
 Answers: • How the data is stored and updated

 300. What are the 3 option tabs that appear upon pressing F5 in Word?
 Answers: • Find/Replace/Go To

 301. In what section of the Home toolbar can you find the Bullet menu?
 Answers: • Paragraph

 302. Does spell check mark incorrect usages of "there," "they're," and "their?"
 Answers: • No, but the Grammar Check may flag the usage

 303. Which is the term for a predefined set of formatting options that have been named and saved?
 Answers: • Style

 304. How can you use Find and Replace to make all numerical digits bold, but not any of the other text in your document?
 Answers: • Replace "^#" with "^&", Format: Font: Bold

 305. What is the purpose of a Mail Merge?
 Answers: • Create documents that are mostly the same, but with swappable elements (e.g. addressing a form letter to different names)

 306. How do you view a list of all the sources cited in a document?
 Answers: • Manage Sources

 307. To paste data from Excel as a static picture:
 Answers: • Click Paste as Picture.

 308. How would you get to the Help Menu
 Answers: • All of these are correct ways to get to the Help Menu

 309. What does the Arrange All option do?
 Answers: • Tiles all open document windows side-by-side on the screen

 310. Which one is NOT an available option in Change Case?
 Answers: • Minor case

 311. Which is NOT an indentation option?
 Answers: • Last line

 312. In what tab can 'Web Layout' be found?
 Answers: • View Tab

 313. How do you prevent an Excel Chart pasted into a Word document from updating when the original Excel document changes?
 Answers: • Cut the chart, Paste Special, Paste as picture

 314. What is a Translation ScreenTip?
 Answers: • It translates words the cursor is paused over into another language.

 315. Where are many other templates available?
 Answers: • Office Template Gallery

 316. What tab will show you different page views of your document?
 Answers: • View

 317. What is Auto Text?
 Answers: • A way to store and quickly insert text and objects that you use frequently.

 318. How do you hide the Office Assistant?
 Answers: • Both "help / hide" and "right click / hide"

 319. Which of the following is NOT a 'Permissions' feature for protecting a Word document?
 Answers: • Inspect Document

 320. Which of the following will not be changed when changing the 'style' of the text box?
 Answers: • Size of the box

 321. What is a drop cap?
 Answers: • A large capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph

 322. Which tab on the ribbon lets you insert a citation?
 Answers: • References

 323. What does Word search for in order to create or update the Table of Contents?
 Answers: • Styles assigned to heading paragraphs

 324. What is the shortcut key for right alignment?
 Answers: • CTRL + R

 325. Which tab do you go to when trying to start a bullet list?
 Answers: • Home

 326. Which keyboard shortcut will insert a page break and start a new page?
 Answers: • Ctrl + Enter

 327. If you have only a single word selected, the entire paragraph will be affected if the paragraph commands are used.
 Answers: • True

 328. To control the positioning of pictures within the document, you must use:
 Answers: • The Format/Position menu that is visible once a picture is inserted/highlighted

 329. Which of the following statements about Autocorrect is true?
 Answers: • It can replace text with custom text as you type

 330. Which is NOT a line spacing option?
 Answers: • Justified

 331. Which is not a way to insert a hyperlink?
 Answers: • Click Format/Hyperlink

 332. Which feature copies an Excel spreadsheet to word and will update the spreadsheet in word with any subsequent changes to the original Excel spreadsheet?
 Answers: • Object Linking

 333. How do you increase the font size using Keyboard shortcuts?
 Answers: • Ctrl+]

 334. How do you make headings stick to the section that follows them?
 Answers: • Select heading, Paragraph, Line and Page Breaks, Keep with the Next

 335. What is the shortcut to decrease the Font size 1pt?
 Answers: • CTRL+[

 336. What is one approach to find text that is formatted as hidden text?
 Answers: • Document Inspector

 337. Which is NOT a data source component?
 Answers: • Mail Merge Toolbar

 338. How do you add a label to a picture, e.g. Figure 1, or Illustration 1?
 Answers: • Right click on picture, Insert Caption

 339. To create a table that is more complex than a standard grid:
 Answers: • Use the Insert/Insert Table/Draw table command

 340. Can a Word table add numbers from two or more different columns?
 Answers: • Yes

 341. How do you represent a paragraph mark ¶ (pilcrow) in Find and Replace dialog boxes?
 Answers: • ^p

 342. Which command allows you to access macros?
 Answers: • Developer command

 343. When you delete a section break, you also delete the section formatting for the text before the break.
 Answers: • True

 344. How do you insert the file name path?
 Answers: • Insert > Quick Parts > Field

 345. When inserting a rectangle how can you ensure it will be a perfect square?
 Answers: • Hold SHIFT

 346. In which tab is the "Find" option located?
 Answers: • Home Tab

 347. What command does the F12 key open?
 Answers: • Save As Dialog Box

 348. Which option is not part of the Mailing tab or menu for Word?
 Answers: • Attach to Email

 349. Using the American version of Microsoft Word, the default result when using the Increase Indent tool will be an increase of
 Answers: • 1/2 inch

 350. How do you go to a specific page indicated on the Table of Contents?
 Answers: • CTRL+click

 351. What is the function of Split View?
 Answers: • Displays different sections of the same document at the same time.

 352. Where is the command for shading a portion of a document?
 Answers: • Home/Paragraph/Shading

 353. Click and Type isn't available in the:
 Answers: • All of these

 354. How do you include all pages where "Zoomba" is mentioned in your Index?
 Answers: • References, Mark Entry, Zoomba, Mark All

 355. What task will the shortcut "Shift + F10" perform?
 Answers: • Display a shortcut menu (simulate right mouse button)

 356. What is the short cut key for "save as?"
 Answers: • 1. F12

 357. How would a user run an embedded PowerPoint slide show?
 Answers: • Double-click the presentation object

 358. If we want to disable extended selection mode, you can:
 Answers: • Press ESC

 359. In a paragraph, how do you move backwards (towards the left)?
 Answers: • Shift-Tab

 360. Which of the following is not available on the ruler?
 Answers: • Center Indent

 361. What is the command line switch to prevent execution of any AutoExec Macros?
 Answers: • /m

 362. Select a sentence in the text by:
 Answers: • Press and hold <Ctrl> and click anywhere in the sentence.

 363. What is the default reference citation for Word documents?
 Answers: • APA

 364. How do you replace all manual line breaks with paragraph marks?
 Answers: • Replace all, replace ^l with ^p

 365. Which shortcut will open the Font dialog window?
 Answers: • Ctrl + Shift + F

 366. What is the keyboard shortcut to display all the non-printing characters?
 Answers: • CTRL + SHIFT + 8

 367. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F4 is used to:
 Answers: • Close File

 368. Where are the tab stops on the ruler in a new blank document?
 Answers: • There are none

 369. Which one is a background shading style option?
 Answers: • Diagonal up

 370. Which tab allows to insert watermark?
 Answers: • Page Layout

 371. What is a requirement in order to add a bullet style to the bullet library?
 Answers: • The bullet style must exist in an open Word document

 372. Which of the following cannot be selected as a 'browse by' element using the 'browse by' button?
 Answers: • Equation

 373. The following sites are offered under the Research tool except
 Answers: • Wikipedia

 374. While in a bulleted list, what action will move the cursor back to the left and then move out of the bulleted list completetly?
 Answers: • Continuing to press Enter

 375. To ensure that data in a Word document is updated when you change the original data in the Excel workbook, you want to:
 Answers: • Link to Excel

 376. To paste the data as text, with each row in a separate line and with tab spaces separating the cell values:
 Answers: • Choose Keep Text Only.

 377. What is the shortcut to break the connections between a linked object and its source?
 Answers: • CTRL+SHIFT+F9.

 378. The Hide/Show button found in the Standard Toolbar:
 Answers: • Displays or hides non-printing characters like spaces and tabs.

 379. If a reviewer changes the word 'paper' to 'papers', what will the revision show?
 Answers: • The entire word paper crossed out, the new word papers displayed

 380. What is the View Macros shortcut?
 Answers: • Alt + F8

 381. You can use different page formatting within the same document by separating the differently formatted areas with a
 Answers: • Section break

 382. What is the first step in drawing a table manually?

 • Draw the outline of the table

 383. How do you Select All using the mouse?
 Answers: • Triple click in the left margin.

 384. Which shortcut key is used to move a paragraph from its current location?
 Answers: • Shift+alt+up arrow / down arrow

 385. What is the shortcut to unlock a link that has been locked?,
 Answers: • Click the linked object, and then CTRL+SHIFT+F11.

 386. Which command center-aligns text?
 Answers: • Ctrl + E

 387. To autofit the width of a column in a table, you would ...?
 Answers: • Double click the right border of the column

 388. What are the commands to find highlighted text?
 Answers: • Editing group / Find / Format/ Highlight.

 389. The permission dialog box does all except
 Answers: • allows Full Control permission to establish the user as the author.

 390. Page borders makes the following changes EXCEPT:
 Answers: • changes the page color.

 391. How do you create a "Legal Blackline"
 Answers: • Review Tab > Compare

 392. The Table of Contents group is found under which ribbon tab?
 Answers: • References

 393. What is the shortcut keystroke that allows toggling of text case from UPPERCASE to lowercase to TitleCase?
 Answers: • shift + F3

 394. By Default, the Quick Access Bar does not:
 Answers: • Open an existing file

 395. How can you remove a tab stop marker from the ruler?
 Answers: • By dragging the tab stop marker out of the ruler

 396. What is the method to add to or rearrange the commands on the Word Ribbon?
 Answers: • This is not possible in Word without XML and programming code

 397. What indicates that a block of text has been tagged with a Bookmark?
 Answers: • The text will be surrounded with square brackets.

 398. A table has its own controls and its own contextual ribbon tabs. The move handle and size handle appear in which layout view?
 Answers: • Print layout and web layout view.

 399. What is a way to delete tabs from the ruler?
 Answers: • Drag and drop the tab marker off the ruler

 400. What is the shortcut for capitalizing an entire selection of text?
 Answers: • CTRL + SHIFT + A

 401. The Shrink to Fit or Shrink One Page helps to:
 Answers: • shrink a document to fit on one page by reducing font size.

 402. How many master documents can you have per document?
 Answers: • One

 403. What is the fastest way (shortcut) to Replace text with other text throughout the document?
 Answers: • CTRL+H

 404. When inserting Page number in footer it appeared "1" but you wish to show "a". How can you do that?
 Answers: • Click on the Page Number Format tool and specify the required setting.

 405. Which of the following is not a type of tab stop?
 Answers: • Point

 406. Which of the following Word features is located under the 'View' tab of the ribbon?
 Answers: • Macros

 407. How do you go back to the place you were recently working in a large document?
 Answers: • Shift+F5

 408. A table pasted from the web sometimes has double borders. How do you get rid of them?
 Answers: • Table Properties, Options, deselect Allow spacing between cells

 409. Which option on the ribbon will allow you to create Macros?
 Answers: • View

 410. What is a portion of a document in which you set certain page formatting options?
 Answers: • Section

 411. What does triple-click do?
 Answers: • Selects the current paragraph

 412. Which one is not in the Word Count Dialogue Box?
 Answers: • Characters (With Enters)

 413. What is the term for a numbered label that you can add to a figure, a table, an equation, or another object?
 Answers: • Caption

 414. What is the keyboard shortcut for adding an accent mark to a vowel in Word for Windows?
 Answers: • Ctrl + ' (apostrophe) + letter

 415. What is one option for assigning a macro in order to start it?
 Answers: • Keyboard shortcut

 416. What is the shortcut keystroke for indenting a paragraph?
 Answers: • CTRL + M

 417. How do you add columns to the document?
 Answers: • Select Page Layout and select Columns.

 418. ___________ is not a Link option in the Insert Tab.
 Answers: • Reference

 419. When you paste text from PDF or email, it often comes with line breaks after each line. What is the most efficient way to get rid of them?
 Answers: • Replace ^p with space

 420. What is the keyboard command for 'Format Painter'?
 Answers: • Ctrl+Shift+C

 421. How can you insert a pyramid chart into a Word document?
 Answers: • Insert > SmartArt

 422. Which of the following is not stored in the Normal.dot?
 Answers: • Auto Correct entries

 423. Which of the following is not a predefined delimiter for separating the columns when converting text into tables?
 Answers: • Dot or Full Stop ( . )

 424. What does Autosummarize do?
 Answers: • Examines the document to find the sentences most relevant to the main theme.

 425. What is the method to change the font or font size of the Ribbon?
 Answers: • This is not possible in Word

 426. What does "Split" command in View tab do?
 Answers: • Splits the view within the current window horizontally

 427. Alt+click will:
 Answers: • Bring up a definition of the word

 428. Which of these contain the most common word commands?
 Answers: • Tabs

 429. What command do you use to indicate that text should be included as an index entry?
 Answers: • Mark Entry

 430. What shortcut is used to bring up the "Open" Window?
 Answers: • All will bring up the Open Window

 431. What is the shortcut key for Double Underline Text.
 Answers: • CTRL+SHIFT+D

 432. Where are building blocks stored?
 Answers: • Galleries

 433. What is the default save option for macros?
 Answers: • Global template

 434. If a group of text has different formatting, what shortcut will change the entire selection back to the default?
 Answers: • CTRL-Space

 435. What is the right click menu command from a bulleted list that will change the spacing between a bullet and the text?
 Answers: • Adjust List Indents

 436. How do we make text "hidden text" in a document?
 Answers: • Highlight the text and click Format/Font/Hidden

 437. Where is a floating object inserted?
 Answers: • The drawing layer

 438. What is the Insert Endnote shortcut?
 Answers: • Alt + Ctrl + D

 439. You can mark a table of contents entry by:
 Answers: • ALT+Shift+O

 440. What is the keyboard shortcut for extending the selection to the end of the paragraph?

 441. Which of the following is NOT one of the possible 'quicktables' in Word?
 Answer: • Formal Table

 442. You can break the column by:
 Answers: • Pressing Ctrl + Shift + Enter

 443. When recording a macro, what does the cursor turn into?
 Answers: • A cassette tape

 444. How do you make a three-column table out of a list like this? John Smith, jsmith@aol.com ¶ Jane Doe, jdoe@gmail.com ¶ Jill Smith, jillsmith@none.com ¶
 Answers: • Replace commas with spaces. Select all, convert text to table; separate at space

 445. If multiple paragraphs are highlighted in a document, what tab stops appear on the ruler?
 Answers: • Only those from the first paragraph

 446. What command will allow you to see what template you are using as part of your current document?
 Answers: • Templates and Add-ins

 447. If you make changes to captions within your document and want to update the table of figures, Press:
 Answers: • F9

 448. How can you make parts of your text in a document not editable?
 Answers: • Cut, Paste Special, Picture

 449. What ribbon is Header and Footer located on?
 Answers: • Insert

 450. What is the short cut key for Create a hanging indent
 Answers: • Ctrl + T

 451. What is the maximum number of columns you can insert into a Word Document?
 Answers: • 13

 452. Which is NOT available among the Insert Table Autofit options?
 Answers: • Autofit to Column

 453. Line Numbers can be:
 Answers: • Removed from the page

 454. What table consists of 3 duplicated columns?
 Answers: • Table

 455. When you click where you want to insert a new page, where will the inserted page appear?
 Answers: • Before the cursor location.

 456. What reference mark appears at the end of the page?
 Answers: • Footnote

 457. How do you paste a table from Excel to Word document and maintain the document theme?
 Answers: • Paste, Match Destination, Table Style

 458. What are the short cut keys for closing a document window?
 Answers: • Both CTRL+W and CTRL+F4

 459. Ctrl+click
 Answers: • Selects a sentence

 460. Where are the macro security settings maintained?
 Answers: • Word Options/Trust Center

 461. What happens if you press Ctrl + Shift + F8?
 Answers: • It activates the rectangular selection

 462. What is the shortcut key for increasing indentation?
 Answers: • ctrl + m

 463. How do you control the format of lines in a table?
 Answers: • Line Style and Line Weight

 464. What is the shortcut to delete an entire word without having to delete each letter or select the entire word?
 Answers: • hold ctrl, then press delete

 465. What is the keyboard shortcut for Subscript?
 Answers: • CTRL + =

 466. Which of the following is not available on the Ruler of MS Word screen?
 Answers: • Center Indent

 467. What will you do to make the selection be underlined without the spaces in between getting underlined?
 Answers: • Ctrl + Shift + W

 468. How do you change the color scheme in words?
 Answers: • Click the Office Button>Word Options> Popular

 469. Into how many panes can a document be split?
 Answers: • 2

 470. When recording a macro, what type of operation is not supported with the mouse?
 Answers: • Selecting text

 471. What tool is used to copy formatting from one source to another?
 Answers: • Format Painter

 472. How do you select a template?
 Answers: • File> New>Choose from available

 473. What settings will block Word from wrapping text in a table cell automatically and expanding the size of the cell?
 Answers: • If rows are set to an exact height

 474. Paragraphs can be sorted by
 Answers: • Date and number

 475. The Reviewing Pane:
 Answers: • Can be positioned either horizontally or vertically

 476. Which is a keyboard shortcut for increasing the font size?
 Answers: • CTRL + SHIFT + >

 477. If you insert a table in Word, what is maximum amount of columns allowed?
 Answers: • 63

 478. What is the keyboard shortcut for reducing the indentation of a bullet point?
 Answers: • Shift + Tab

 479. Under which tab will you be able to change the display of grid lines in a table?
 Answers: • View

 480. If you have not yet created a header and you double click in the header area, what actions are available?
 Answers: • Full editing capability as if created by menu commands

 481. How many documents from different reviewers can be combined at one time in order to compare and merge?
 Answers: • Two

 482. Background color or effects applied on a document are not visible in:
 Answers: • Print Preview

 483. What is the shortcut for a copyright symbol?
 Answers: • alt+ctrl+C

 484. Which of the following is not under the Insert tab?
 Answers: • Table of Contents

 485. Where do you enter the URL in the Insert Hyperlink dialog box?
 Answers: • The "Address:" field

 486. Under what tab will you find the Cover Page option?
 Answers: • The Insert tab.

 487. Text converted to a table can be separated into columns with
 Answers: • Any character, including space

 488. In Print Layout view, what happens when you double-click in the background space between pages?
 Answers: • The top and bottom margins are hidden.

 489. Which option is NOT a selection for Header and Footer?
 Answers: • Different last page

 490. What is Click And Type?
 Answers: • Double-click anywhere on a page and start typing

 491. Which one is NOT a valid tab alignment?
 Answers: • Top

 492. How does one protect document with a password?
 Answers: • File/Info/Protect document

 493. What are the two tabs that become visible once you begin to edit a table?
 Answers: • Design and Layout tabs

 494. A custom watermark can be inserted but will be displayed in black and white.
 Answers: • False

 495. When formatting a document with a photo, what Text Wrapping option do you want to allow text to wrap around a picture?
 Answers: • Tight

 496. Word will repeat a table heading if you insert a manual page break within a table.
 Answers: • False

 497. Once all mail merge set ups are complete, what command provides a review of the document before completing the merge?
 Answers: • Preview results

 498. What does EXT indicate when on the status bar of Word? It indicates
 Answers: • whether Extended Selection mode is turned on or off

 499. What is the keyboard shortcut for switching in and out of print preview?
 Answers: • Alt + CTRL + I

 500. When sorting text or a spreadsheet in a Word document, what is the maximum number of sorts that can be applied?
 Answers: • 3

 501. You saved a password-protected Word file as a PDF. Will the PDF document also be password protected?
 Answers: • No

 502. What character is not permitted in a Bookmark name?
 Answers: • Space

 503. Can color changes be made to an imported item in Word?
 Answers: • No

 504. To create a large first letter for a paragraph complete the following steps- Click in the paragraph and :
 Answers: • Text group/Insert/Drop Cap

 505. If you are missing some reference source information and create a placeholder citation, the placeholder will appear in the bibliography.
 Answers: • FALSE

 506. The text highlight command has more colors available beyond the standard options, similar to the font and fill choices.
 Answers: • False

 507. In the merge and compare process, Word can store multiple sets of formatting changes at a time.
 Answers: • FALSE

 508. How do you teach Word to insert a picture with your signature with a shortcut?
 Answers: • Developer tab, record macro: Insert picture, assign a shortcut

 509. Using the ruler is a recommended approach to adjust list indents.
 Answers: • False

 510. Document Themes include background style customization options in Word.
 Answers: • False

 511. To change the line spacing to 1.5, you can press:
 Answers: • CTRL+5

 512. How do you link a separate file to your Word document but not refer to the original file?
 Answers: • Create an Embedded Object

 513. Where can you find the horizontal split bar on MS Word screen?
 Answers: • On the top of vertical scroll bar

 514. What is a watermark in Word?
 Answers: • It prints across the background on each page of your document.

 515. As you are typing, numbers appear as you make your list. How to you change them to bullet points?
 Answers: • Select any number, right click and select the style you want.

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