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Upwork Press Release Test Answer

1. What is the purpose of an SEO press release?
 Answers: • To drive online traffic to another location such as a website, registration page or a blog post.

 2. What should be included at the end of the press release?
 Answers: • Contact details

 3. The body of a press release traditionally ends with:
 Answers: • Three "#" symbols.

 4. What is an example of a Media Alert?
 Answers: • An event, such as a press conference.

 5. What is a news embargo?
 Answers: • A request by a source that the information or news provided by that source not be published until a certain date.

 6. Press releases are most commonly written in "AP style." "AP" here stands for:
 Answers: • Associated Press.

 7. What are the 3 core components of a press release?
 Answers: • Headline, Body, Contact Information

 8. When using quotations in a press release, they should be:
 Answers: • From the most relevantly authoritative person in the company.

 9. What might be included in a social media news release?
 Answers: • Images, audio and video as well as links to relevant websites and coverage of resulting online conversations.

 10. What is the best way to distribute a press release?
 Answers: • To a highly targeted group of journalists with interest in subject matter.

 11. Which of these are common reasons press releases fail in social media?
 Answers: • All of these

 12. How do you measure the effectiveness of a press release?
 Answers: • Reads Click-through Conversions Online pickups Press coverage

 13. Before sending a press release to a new media outlet, you must always:
 Answers: • Examine the media outlet's material to be sure your press release is relevant.

 14. A press release headline should:
 Answers: • Engage the reader and encourage them to read further.

 15. How to deliver bad news in a press release?
 Answers: • Simply stating the facts without embellishment.

 16. A press release can be effective when sent to:
 Answers: • All of the above.

 17. What should the audience know in the first paragraph?
 Answers: • Who, What, When, Where, Why

 18. In an emailed press release, the subject line should contain:
 Answers: • The press release headline.

 19. What is a common mistake when submitting a press release?
 Answers: • All of these

 20. What contact information should you include in a press release?
 Answers: • Contact name, email address and telephone number

 21. How many pages long should a press release be?
 Answers: • 1

 22. What is the main purpose of a press release?
 Answers: • To announce something noteworthy

 23. Why should you include a quote in a press release?
 Answers: • They give authority, credibility, and make it easier to read.

 24. A paragraph near the end of a corporate press release with more general information about a company is important because:
 Answers: • (All of these choices are correct)

 25. You should write the press release as:
 Answers: • News

 26. For an SEO press release, what are deep links?
 Answers: • Links to specific pages in your website, rather than just linking to the homepage.

 27. What does ### signal in a press release?
 Answers: • The end of the press release

 28. What are the five (5) W's of a press release?
 Answers: • Who, What, When, Where, Why

 29. Which of the following is NOT one of the "5 Ws"?
 Answers: • Wire.

 30. When writing a press release, what is a hook?
 Answers: • The opening of a story that "hooks" the reader's attention so that he or she will keep on reading.

 31. What are crisis communications?
 Answers: • Delivering facts and information after an emergency has occurred.

 32. What is the goal of media relations?
 Answers: • To maximize positive coverage in the mass media without paying for it directly through advertising.

 33. What is a wire service?
 Answers: • A news agency that supplies syndicated news by wire to newspapers, radio, and television stations.

 34. A press release's "angle" is defined as:
 Answers: • A way of looking at your information that reporters and readers may find interesting.

 35. Colored text is appropriate in a press release if:
 Answers: • Colored text is never appropriate in a press release.

 36. It is a best practice to include which of the following in a press release?
 Answers: • All of these

 37. What does ' ### ' mean?
 Answers: • Signal the end of the press release

 38. What are 3 types of press releases?
 Answers: • General News Release, Launch Release, & Event Release

 39. What is a crisis in public relations terms?
 Answers: • Any event that draws intense, negative media coverage and interferes with normal business activity

 40. A media outlet's editorial calendar tells you:
 Answers: • When upcoming editions might be focusing on particular topics.

 41. What is a "VNR"?
 Answers: • Video news release

 42. What is an "EPK"?
 Answers: • Electronic Press Kit

 43. Where should you place the instructions "For Immediate Release"?
 Answers: • At the very top

 44. Adding search engine optimization keywords to your news release will:
 Answers: • Increase the likelihood of your release being found on search engines.

 45. What's an example of "burying the lead"?
 Answers: • Saving the most compelling part of the announcement for later in the release

 46. A corporate press release should include the contact information of:
 Answers: • A single person in the PR department with good knowledge of the subject.

 47. A well-written press release forms the basis for:
 Answers: • A news story.

 48. Pre-packaged promotional material is often called a:
 Answers: • Media kit or Press Kit

 49. What are 3 types of press releases?
 Answers: • New Product, Grand Opening, Charity Drive

 50. True or False? You do not need to request permission for quotes and contact details.
 Answers: • False

 51. What is the fastest way to disseminate information during times of crisis?
 Answers: • Through a well-written press release

 52. Abbreviations in press releases should be spelled out:
 Answers: • The first time they are used.

 53. What is the release time?
 Answers: • The date and time after which a press release may be released.

 54. A boilerplate should include what information?
 Answers: • All of the above

 55. A press release's supporting resource package might include:
 Answers: • Web- and print-ready digital images or video.

 56. What is "###"?
 Answers: • A signal of the end of the press release

 57. When two or more entities are partnering on an event, it's better to:
 Answers: • Send a single press release from both entities.

 58. Where are the most important sections to place keywords?
 Answers: • Header, subheader and first paragraph

 59. For press releases, what is a pickup?
 Answers: • A story, article or blog post that has passed an editorial filter.

 60. If no release date is given, what should you write?

 61. If your company is publicly traded which of these should you include in the press release?
 Answers: • All of these

 62. What is the correct goal of crisis communications?
 Answers: • To build positive public opinion and support while maintaining the reputation of the organization.

 63. What is a 'boilerplate'?
 Answers: • Short background of the individual, group or company

 64. A newspaper is guaranteed to run a press release if:
 Answers: • There is no guarantee a paper will run a press release.

 65. Press releases should NEVER include:
 Answers: • All of the above are appropriate for a press release.

 66. A press release is "embargoed" if:
 Answers: • The press release writer wants the information held until a specific date.

 67. What would be a typical press release length?
 Answers: • 4 to 5 paragraphs

 68. If a reporter re-writes your press release and prints it, that means:
 Answers: • Your press release has been successful.

 69. The first paragraph should start with?
 Answers: • Physical location and date

 70. At a newspaper, you should send every press release to:
 Answers: • The most relevant reporter based on the subject.

 71. What does "-more-" indicate?
 Answers: • That there is more than one page

 72. In an online press release, where do you want to link the first instance of the brand and/or product name?
 Answers: • To the home page

 73. A news release should generally be ___ pages in length.
 Answers: • 1

 74. The same release can be re-sent to the same media outlet unsolicited:
 Answers: • The same release should never be re-sent to the same outlet.

 75. Where should you include the company logo in a press release?
 Answers: • At the top

 76. A good press release differs from a sales letter most in that:
 Answers: • A press release presents facts without hyperbole.

 77. Unembargoed information in a press release is considered public:
 Answers: • As soon as it is sent.

 78. Where should the first quote appear?
 Answers: • Within the first 200 words

 79. What is NOT a standard method of releasing a press release?
 Answers: • Word of mouth

 80. Press releases that do not include a contact telephone number:
 Answers: • Are rarely used to create a story.

 81. Where should the boilerplate go?
 Answers: • Last paragraph of the press release

 82. What should a press release contain?
 Answers: • Short sentences

 83. True or False? You should not add more than one link to your press release.
 Answers: • False

 84. What is the release date?
 Answers: • The date the company would like the reporters to begin publishing the information.

 85. Good news releases are written in the:
 Answers: • Inverted pyramid style.

 86. What is a "Close"?
 Answers: • The symbols that indicate the end of the press release

 87. For an online press release, what is a conversion?
 Answers: • When someone completes a contact form, makes a purchase or downloads a media kit

 88. True or False? You should always repeat your message at the end of the press release.
 Answers: • False

 89. True or False? The heading of the press release should be in uppercase.
 Answers: • False

 90. Which of these are free PR services?
 Answers: • Online PR News

 91. What should be the only statement in uppercase letters in the press release?
 Answers: • Date of when you would like the press release to go public

 92. The headline should be at what length?
 Answers: • Varies

 93. Press releases should be typed:
 Answers: • Double spaced

 94. True or False? Anything sent to a reporter is a form of press release
 Answers: • True

 95. How many words should you have in the title of an online press release?
 Answers: • No more than 22 words.

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