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Upwork Spanish To English Translation Skills Test Answers

You will find here all the answers of Upwork Spanish To English Translation Skills Test Answers of Upwork Translation Skills Category, Please press CTRL + F to find your desired answers of the test questions

1. Which word means "mist"?
 Answers: • neblina

 2. Which of these is the form of 'poner' that would be used with 'yo' as the subject in the simple present tense?
 Answers: • pongo

 3. Which of these means "We're bored." ?
 Answers: • Estamos aburridos.

 4. ¿Cuántos años tienes?
 Answers: • How old are you?

 5. Translate the following: El presente documento se expide a solicitud de la parte interesada en Buenos Aires.
 Answers: • This document is issued by request of the interested party in Buenos Aires

 6. Choose the best translation for: "De repente me di cuenta que, cada dia, mi juventud iba disminuyendo."
 Answers: • Suddenly it hit me that, day by day, my youth was fading

 7. Which word is used for the bottom of a hollow thing, such as a box; or for the bottom of a body of water; or for a background?
 Answers: • fondo

 8. No se puede triunfar sin trabajar duro y estar preparado.
 Answers: • You can't succeed without hard work and preparation.

 9. Mi cumpleaños es en julio.
 Answers: • My birthday is in July.

 10. Choose the correct translation. "Si yo fuera tú, no lo haría."
 Answers: • If I were you, I wouldn't do it.

 11. Mi nueva televisión es de alta definición.
 Answers: • My new television is high-definition.

 12. "The turtle is far away."
 Answers: • La tortuga está lejos.

 13. Which one is a word that means "cloud" ?
 Answers: • nube

 14. What is "una playa" ?
 Answers: • a beach

 15. What does "alegre" mean?
 Answers: • happy

 16. No paso mucho tiempo en la cocina porque no me gusta para nada cocinar.
 Answers: • I don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen because I don't like cooking at all.

 17. Which of these means "boring"?
 Answers: • aburrido

 18. ¿Quién quiere un refresco?
 Answers: • Who wants a refreshment?

 19. Spanish for "fly," as in the insect:
 Answers: • mosca

 20. Avísame cuando termines, que te tengo otro proyecto.
 Answers: • Let me know when you're done; I have another project for you.

 21. Most closely, what does 'montar' mean?
 Answers: • to ride

 22. ¿Así que te ibas a ir sin decirme nada?
 Answers: • So you were going to leave without saying anything?

 23. Quisiera un boleto de ida y vuelta.
 Answers: • I would like a round trip ticket.

 24. A "Titulo de Bachiller" is a(n):
 Answers: • Depending on the country, either a secondary school diploma or a bachelor's diploma

 25. Busca en el diccionario si quieres saber la definición de una palabra.
 Answers: • Look in the dictionary if you want to know the definition of a word.

 26. La bandita elástica está atrás del libro.
 Answers: • The rubber band is behind the book.

 27. You see the word “fallecido” in parentheses next to a name on a personal certificate. This person:
 Answers: • Is deceased

 28. Spanish for "clumsy" :
 Answers: • torpe

 29. What is the correct translation of "enojado" in English?
 Answers: • angry

 30. The most likely colloquial translation for "Me cae mal ese tipo" is:
 Answers: • I don't like that guy

 31. Translate the following: A ella le gusta hacerse la tonta.
 Answers: • She likes to play dumb

 32. Which of these means "Buy it for me." ?
 Answers: • Cómpremelo Ud.

 33. What is "una persona tacaña" ?
 Answers: • a stingy person

 34. "The bee can sting."
 Answers: • La abeja puede picar.

 35. He ordered them to serve his dinner.
 Answers: • Ordenó que le sirvieran la cena.

 36. Which form of 'hablar' means 'I talked' ?
 Answers: • hablé

 37. El presidente de la compañía decidió que el traslado de la planta sería en tres meses.
 Answers: • The CEO of the company decided the transfer of the plant would be in three months.

 38. Tuve que regresar a la oficina porque se me olvidaron las llaves de la casa.
 Answers: • I had to return to the office because I forgot my house keys.

 39. Which of these means "extremely handsome" ?
 Answers: • sumamente guapo

 40. What is "un simio" ?
 Answers: • An ape

 41. You see “Atentamente” at the bottom of a letter. How do you translate it?
 Answers: • Sincerely

 42. The Spanish version of "there is or, there are" is:
 Answers: • Hay

 43. Which of these is a valid way to say "he heard"?
 Answers: • oyó

 44. Which is "He's going to the bank again." ?
 Answers: • Vuelve a ir al banco.

 45. How do you translate â??Esta factura tendrá una vigencia de tres años.â??
 Answers: • This invoice shall remain valid for three years

 46. The best translation for "campesino" when it is listed as a profession is:
 Answers: • Agricultural Worker

 47. Traduce el siguiente enunciado: No me gustan los juegos de computadora, pero me gustaban cuando era más joven.
 Answers: • I don't enjoy computer games now, but I used to like them when I was younger.

 48. Correct phrase for "a strange coin":
 Answers: • una moneda rara

 49. "Reclamación" means:
 Answers: • Claim or complaint, depending on context

 50. "No seas tan sensible" can be translated to:
 Answers: • Don't be so sensitive

 51. Which is the best translation of the following doctor's note: "Paciente femenino de setenta y ocho años refiere dolor en la pierna izquierda a nivel de la rodilla"?
 Answers: • Female patient, 78 years of age, complains of pain in her left leg at the knee level

 52. En los últimos años, Costa Rica se ha establecido como un país económicamente importante.
 Answers: • In the last few years, Costa Rica has established itself as an economically important country.

 53. When using the word "toma" (grab, take : drink) in a social night out context, which of the following is the correct use?
 Answers: • Ellos prefieren tomar sus bebidas directo de la botella.

 54. Which form of "ir" could mean "he used to go"?
 Answers: • iba

 55. Translate the following: Forma de Pago: Efectivo.
 Answers: • Payment Method: Cash

 56. What is the best translation for: ¿Quien será ese bombero raro que anda por la calle?
 Answers: • Who could that strange firefighter walking along the street be?

 57. What is the correct word for "I catch" ?
 Answers: • cojo

 58. Using the informal you ("tú"), what would be a way to tell someone to make lunch in Spanish?
 Answers: • Haz el almuerzo.

 59. No vengas aquí a interrumpirme la concentración, que necesito terminar este trabajo para mañana.
 Answers: • Don't come here looking to break my concentration; I have to finish this work by tomorrow.

 60. Translate to English: Mira al mundo desde el punto de vista de tu pareja.
 Answers: • Look at the world from the point of view of your partner.

 61. Which of these is a Spanish word for "cupboard" ?
 Answers: • armario

 62. What is 'una acera'?
 Answers: • a sidewalk

 63. Which of these Spanish words is *not* correctly matched to its English translation?
 Answers: • nudo/ nude

 64. Vivo en una calle lateral de la avenida principal.
 Answers: • I live on a side street off of the main avenue.

 65. Choose the best translation for the following: "Tengo tan mala memoria que si no anoto los mensajes de teléfono se me olvidan enseguida"
 Answers: • I have such a bad memory that if I don't write down telephone messages I forget them right away.

 66. The best translation for "Entidad Federativa" is:
 Answers: • Federal Entity

 67. El testimonio del acusado fue tan convincente que el jurado lo absolvió.
 Answers: • The defendant's testimony was so convincing that the jury acquitted him.

 68. Translate the following: El Responsable manifiesta haber sido informado de los reglamentos y normas de la Clinica.
 Answers: • The Responsible party states that he or she has been informed of the Clinic's regulations and standards

 69. What is "un trapo" ?
 Answers: • a cloth

 70. What does the adjective 'raro' (or 'rara') mean when it's placed *after* the noun it describes?
 Answers: • strange

 71. El uso de libros electrónicos se ha generalizado en los últimos años.
 Answers: • The use of e-books has spread in the last few years.

 72. What is "acudir" ?
 Answers: • to go or come

 73. What is the difference between "demandante" and "demandado"?
 Answers: • Demandante means "plaintiff" and "demandado" means "defendant."

 74. La ventaja en este juego la tiene el equipo de casa.
 Answers: • The home team has the advantage in this game.

 75. Can "otorgar" and "conferir" ever translate to the same English word?
 Answers: • Yes, both can translate to "to award."

 76. In an academic context, which of the following is the most accurate translation of "receive credit" in Spanish?
 Answers: • Obtener acreditación

 77. The abbreviation (fdo) next to a person's name means:
 Answers: • (Signed)

 78. "En virtud de las disposiciones legales vigentes" translates to:
 Answers: • Pursuant to the legal provisions in effect

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