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Upwork UK English Basics Test Answer

1. Choose the correct spelling:
 Answers: • Piece

 2. What is [...] called?
 Answers: • Ellipsis

 3. What kind of punctuation is missing in the following sentence: "He prepared for his wifes return."
 Answers: • apostrophe

 4. Which is an example of the passive voice?
 Answers: • The chicken was cooked.

 5. Which is correct?
 Answers: • He drove the car.

 6. Choose the correct sentence:
 Answers: • My friend and I love to dance.

 7. Choose the correct spelling:
 Answers: • Independent

 8. Which shows correct use of parentheses?
 Answers: • Her cousin (the one who works as a mechanic) is older than Jeff.

 9. Which is the past participle?
 Answers: • leapt

 10. Which is correct?
 Answers: • Six hundred people

 11. Which is the correct abbreviation for three million pounds?
 Answers: • £3m

 12. "The project at work is going ____, and that makes me feel ____.
 Answers: • well; good

 13. "The bird is __ the branch."
 Answers: • on

 14. Which is correct?
 Answers: • Don't drink the potion, Tristan!

 15. Which of these is correct?
 Answers: • They're going to see their friends there.

 16. "The family went __ France last summer"
 Answers: • to

 17. "Is it ___ early for a pause?"
 Answers: • too

 18. _____ going to see ______ boyfriend tonight.
 Answers: • You're; your

 19. The situation is complex: it has many _________.
 Answers: • elements

 20. "It's preferable not to compare one employee's performance ____ another's.
 Answers: • with

 21. "The battle was won" is an example of:
 Answers: • Passive voice

 22. Choose the sentence with correct capitalisation:
 Answers: • My boss asked for the report.

 23. My brother was in an accident a few years ago; he _____ have been badly injured, but came away without a scratch.
 Answers: • might

 24. Chocolate cake was her favorite _____.
 Answers: • dessert

 25. His actions will ______ the result.
 Answers: • affect

 26. "After the weekend retreat, cohesion improved ____ group members."
 Answers: • among

 27. Complete the following sentence correctly: "It's a very affordable shop, thanks to the ____ prices."
 Answers: • low

 28. An adjective is:
 Answers: • used to describe a noun.

 29. ____ time for the government to flex ____ muscle.
 Answers: • It's; its

 30. Why is the active voice generally preferred to the passive voice in writing?
 Answers: • The active voice is simpler and more direct.

 31. All of the following are prepositions EXCEPT:
 Answers: • too

 32. Choose the correct spelling:
 Answers: • Necessary

 33. Choose the correct sentence:
 Answers: • George, a quiet man, disagreed: "I suggest a different course of action," he said.

 34. Which is correct?
 Answers: • Whom did you send the letter to?

 35. Choose the sentence with correct capitalisation:
 Answers: • The British ambassador to Paris is a fine dancer.

 36. The apostrophe is used for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
 Answers: • to separate items on a list

 37. True or false? It is never necessary to write "the reason why is," as opposed to "the reason is."
 Answers: • True

 38. True or false: both the semicolon and the comma can be correctly used to separate items on a list.
 Answers: • True

 39. "I was just listening to a wonderful program on ____"
 Answers: • the BBC.

 40. A team specializing in explosives was called in to _____ the bomb.
 Answers: • defuse

 41. Choose the correct spelling:
 Answers: • Fluorescent

 42. Choose the correct spelling:
 Answers: • Foreseeable

 43. An example of a pronoun is:
 Answers: • It

 44. "He refused to admit ____ any wrongdoing." Which is the best answer?
 Answers: • to

 45. Excellent point, he responded, thank you for speaking up.
 Answers: • Incorrect punctuation: quotation marks should appear around a portion or portions of the example.

 46. The ______ soldiers we have, the _____ I like our chances.
 Answers: • fewer; less

 47. Which shows correct use of parentheses?
 Answers: • She got the job (though she wasn't sure she wanted it).

 48. The building is twelve _____ tall.
 Answers: • storeys

 49. Choose the correct spelling:
 Answers: • Occurred

 50. If the archers don't _____ their volley soon, the army will surely _____ the battle.
 Answers: • loose; lose

 51. The ____ of the policy was ____ in solving the larger problem.
 Answers: • effect; effective

 52. "I don't like to dance, I don't like music" is an example of:
 Answers: • Comma splice

 53. Choose the correct spelling:
 Answers: • Humourous

 54. A true gentleman, James was always ______ about his great wealth.
 Answers: • discreet

 55. "I decided to never see her again" is an example of:
 Answers: • Split infinitive

 56. There was blood everywhere: it was a _____ scene.
 Answers: • grisly

 57. "He wasn't sure whether or not she would arrive on time." Which part of this sentence is incorrect?
 Answers: • No part of this sentence is incorrect

 58. What is the rule for adding -s to a number (such as dozen, hundred, thousand, million, etc) when describing quantities?
 Answers: • Add an -s for approximate quantities, not for exact quantities.

 59. The doctor's ______ is next door to the room where the violinist goes to _______
 Answers: • practice; practise

 60. Choose the correct spelling:
 Answers: • Harassment

 61. The ______ complex of buildings was ______ to navigate
 Answers: • tortuous; torturous

 62. London is the _____ of the UK, and the Pound Sterling is its _____.
 Answers: • capital; capital

 63. Where should a full stop be inserted in: "If only Ms Smith had arrived sooner," Dr Jones said
 Answers: • After 'said'

 64. What is the general rule for writing numbers?
 Answers: • Numbers ten and smaller are written out, while numbers 11 and larger are not.

 65. When referring to divine figures in ancient Greece or Rome, which capitalisation is correct?
 Answers: • gods

 66. The demonstration was contemporary ___ the graduation ceremony.
 Answers: • with

 67. "The citizen became vexed ___ the electoral process."
 Answers: • at

 68. Choose the sentence with correct capitalisation:
 Answers: • My mother is a professor of French at The Queen's College, Oxford University.

 69. Choose the correct spelling:
 Answers: • Supersede

 70. What is incorrect about the following sentence? "The place was a mess; we decided to seek other accomodations."
 Answers: • Misspelling

 71. The ______ colours _____ your eyes.
 Answers: • complementary; complement

 72. All of the following can be used to correct a run-on sentence EXCEPT:
 Answers: • a hyphen

 73. "Winged and feathered, I saw the raven" is an example of:
 Answers: • Dangling participle

 74. How many spaces can correctly follow a full stop?
 Answers: • One or two

 75. Which is the proper use of "hopefully"
 Answers: • The sentry looked hopefully to the East.

 76. Choose the sentence with correct capitalisation:
 Answers: • Did Doctor Jones also vote for the prime minister?

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