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Adobe Illustrator CS4 Test

New Test Answers for Upwork Adobe Illustrator CS4 Test Updated on October 2015:

1. By using the hanging indent, all the lines in a paragraph are indented except for the ________.
Answers: • first line

2. Which Pathfinder effect does not remove any strokes?
Answers: • Minus back

3. Which option would you select to remove extra anchor points without changing the shape of the path?
Answers: • Simplify paths

4. While using the 3D Rotate effect, which color does the 3D object use when you choose the No Shading option from the surface shading options?
Answers: • It uses the same color as the original 2D object.

5. How can you add transparency to artwork?
Answers: • All of the above

6. By default, the spine of a blended object forms ________.
Answers: • Straight line

7. As shown in picture, which linked file does the displayed icon in the link panel(working with files from an Adobe Version Cue project) specify?
Answers: • Embedded artwork

8. Scripting environments supported by Illustrator are ________.
Answers: • All of the above

9. Which of the following does blending of color not affect?
Answers: • Both a and b

10. How can you make bitmap images, brushes and type into Live Paint groups?
Answers: • You first need to convert these objects into paths.

11. Which option would you choose to remove all appearance attributes except a single fill and stroke in the Appearance panel?
Answers: • Reduce To Basic Appearance from the appearance panel menu

12. What will you do when you are not able to merge paths while using the Blob Brush tool?
Answers: • Make sure that the Blob Brush tool's attributes exactly match the existing path attributes, and that neither uses a stroke.

13. The Liquify tool can not be used on objects that contain ________.
Answers: • All of the above

14. What can you do in graphic style libraries?
Answers: • None of the above

15. As shown in the picture, which option specifies the distance between the baseline of the first line of the text and the top of the type object?
Answers: • C

16. As shown in the picture, what happens If no artwork is selected while exporting selected art only?
Answers: • A blank file is exported.

17. How will you split a closed path into two open paths?
Answers: • Slice a closed path only once

18. On which of the following can you use the Eraser tool?
Answers: • All of the above

19. As shown in the picture, which flash option exports the artwork to a single frame and preserves layer clipping masks?
Answers: • A

20. As shown in the picture, when do you select a matte color and deselect transparency while optimizing the transparency of GIF and PNG images in the save for web and devices dialog box?
Answers: • To fill fully transparent pixels with a color and blend partially transparent pixels with the same color.

21. As shown in the diagram, what value would you specify in the twirl rate box to twirl the object faster?
Answers: • Specify a rate close to either —180° or 180°.

22. Which format saves the active artboard only?
Answers: • SVG

23. File information provides information about ________.
Answers: • All of the above

24. As shown in the picture, when do you use the neutral option in the Transparency panel?
Answers: • When you want to group artwork without interfering with the knockout behavior determined by the enclosing layer or group.

25. Which SVG events trigger the action when the SVG document is removed from a window or frame?
Answers: • onunload

26. How would you convert a single letter into an outline?
Answers: • Create a separate type object containing only that letter and then select the type object and create outlines.

27. Which attributes of the compound shape can not be changed?
Answers: • None of the above

28. Which of the following fill rule does Illustrator use as the default rule for compound paths?
Answers: • Even_odd fill rule

29. As shown in the picture, what purpose does Use Ratio serve?
Answers: • It makes the tiles square, using the number of tiles specified in Number Of Tiles.

30. As shown in the picture, which icon indicates the item is targeted and has appearance attributes?
Answers: • D

31. In what form can you export a text?
Answers: • All of the above

32. The slice boundaries adjust automatically if you create a slice using ________.
Answers: • Object > Slice > Make command

33. How can document be rasterized?
Answers: • All of the above

34. Which cap option is used to extend the ends of dashes as shown in the diagram?
Answers: • C

35. What happens when Beveled or Square caps and joins are exported to SWF or saved as SWF?
Answers: • They become rounded when exported to SWF.

36. Which of the following do Image maps enable you to link?
Answers: • Both a and b

37. Which pattern would you choose to outline the objects?
Answers: • Brush patterns

38. Which version of the SVG format does not let you use a text editor?
Answers: • SVGZ

39. As shown in the picture, what does a plus sign next to a style name indicate in the paragraph styles panel?
Answers: • It indicates that there are overrides to the style.

40. As shown in the picture, what happens when you enter a value less than 100% in the bars, or clusters width text box while working with stacked bar graph?
Answers: • It leaves space between the bars, or clusters.

41. Which kind of the anchor points of any path drawn connect any two straight or curved segments?
Answers: • Both a and b

42. As shown in the picture, which option sets the mask background to black while creating an opacity mask?
Answers: • A

43. You can not apply color to an unselected object by dragging a color from the ________.
Answers: • live Paint groups

44. What can you do with the locked variables?
Answers: • You can bind objects to the locked variables.

45. As shown in the picture, when do you select Override Calculated Values while formatting the tick values of a stacked column graph?
Answers: • When you want to calculate the placement of the tick marks manually.

46. Which option in the graphic styles panel would you choose to view the shape of the object on which it was created?
Answers: • Use Square For Preview

47. Which slice type would you choose when you want the sliced area to contain an HTML text with a background color instead of an image while exporting the sliced area?
Answers: • No Image

48. By using which command can you delete empty type objects from your artwork?
Answers: • Clean up

49. Which method would you choose to set up a rectangular grid for the Envelope?
Answers: • Make With Mesh

50. When you paste Illustrator artwork into Flash, which attributes are preserved?
Answers: • All of the above

51. As shown in the picture, which Pie graph option places column labels outside the graph?
Answers: • B

52. In which mode can you view isolated objects?
Answers: • Both a and b

53. As shown in the picture, what is the use of the Preserve Appearance And Overprints option while saving files?
Answers: • It preserves overprints that do not interact with transparent objects.

54. In which option labeled as "A", "B" , "C" in the image given above can you right click a color and choose to remove it ?
Answers: • All of the above

55. When you remove an Envelope, which option creates two separate objects: the object in its original state and the Envelope shape?
Answers: • Release

56. Which type of objects does the Isolate mode allow you to work with?
Answers: • All of the above

57. What values would you write to move a character's baseline above the baseline of the rest of the line?
Answers: • Positive values

58. How does consolidation affect layers and groups?
Answers: • It does not preserve Layer_level attributes such as clipping masks.

59. When Paste Remembers Layers is on ________.
Answers: • Artwork is pasted into the layer from which it was copied regardless of whichever layer is active

60. Which of the following ways are being used to create the envelope distortion?
Answers: • All of the above

61. As shown in the picture, what does the Decimals option specify while optimizing settings for the SVG output in the save for web and device dialog box?
Answers: • It determines the precision of the vector data in the SVG file.

62. Which of the following features are not supported by Live Paint groups?
Answers: • All of the above

63. Which swatch type does the red color icon with a dot in the lower corner represent in the given picture?
Answers: • Spot colors

64. When does the Live Paint Selection tool pointer change to the x pointer as shown in the picture?
Answers: • When it is positioned outside of a live paint group.

65. As shown in the picture, what is the use of the inset spacing option in the area type dialog box?
Answers: • It controls the margin between the text and the bounding path.

66. Which colors in the document are not included when you automatically add colors to the swatches panel?
Answers: • All of the above

67. Which graphs cannot be combined with any other graph type?
Answers: • Scatter Graphs

68. If you blend two different spot colors, which colors are used to paint the intermediate steps?
Answers: • Process colors

69. Which menu is disabled when you are in the Isolation mode?
Answers: • All of the above

70. As shown in the picture, which shading color option does not let you preserve spot colors?
Answers: • C

71. Which of the following commands does not support Illustrator when you bring artwork from EPS files into Illustrator?
Answers: • None of the above

72. Which option is recommended for the text that uses all caps in the OpenType fonts dialog box?
Answers: • B

73. Which of the following does color groups swatch not contain?
Answers: • Registration swatch

74. When mapping 3D objects, you can not map artwork to objects that only use________.
Answers: • Rotate effect

75. What color would you choose to colorize a grayscale image with an alpha channel?
Answers: • Spot color

76. On which of the following can Mosaic be created?
Answers: • On an Embedded image

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