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Business English Test answer

New Test Answers of Upwork Business English Test - Updated on October 2015:

1. Which of these sentences is in the passive voice?
Answers: • He has been taken there.

2. At some point your boss may ask you to take ______ at a meeting. This task isn't reserved for secretaries only. Any person who attends a meeting may be asked to do this.
Answers: • minutes

3. In business, what does CEO most commonly stand for?
Answers: • Chief Executive Officer

4. My mom is buried at the _________ across town.
Answers: • cemetery

5. In business, what does SLA commonly stand for?
Answers: • Service Level Agreement

6. R.S.V.P at the end of an invitation means
Answers: • "please reply"

7. “Please check in with me on this project every other day.” It is Wednesday and you checked in with your supervisor this morning. According to this sentence, when is the next day you should check in with her?
Answers: • Friday

8. What does KPI refer to in regards to business reporting?
Answers: • Key Performance Indicator

9. Terms "Profit" and "Revenue" have the same meaning.
Answers: • False

10. I did ___ on the math test, because I can solve those problems ___.
Answers: • well; well

11. Which one of these acronyms does NOT represent a real C-level executive position?
Answers: • CLO

12. The word "isn't" is an example of a ___________.
Answers: • contraction

13. In inventory management, JIT means _______.
Answers: • just in time

14. Let's be ____ of unintended consequences from this design change.
Answers: • wary

15. Is this sentence correct? The dog chased it's tail.
Answers: • No

16. Decades may be expressed as follows:
Answers: • Any of these

17. Ham and cheese _____ my favorite sandwich.
Answers: • is

18. I know something is wrong with his reasoning; I just can't quite ________ .
Answers: • put my finger on it

19. What is a Contraction?
Answers: • A combination of two words.

20. A suffix is something that is
Answers: • added after a root word

21. True or False? The following sentence is written with sound use of the English language: "Irregardless of the facts, he made the right decision."
Answers: • False

22. Which of the following should NOT be capitalized?
Answers: • Seasons

23. The new customer promotion is so confusing it has _______ the customer service team.
Answers: • exasperated

24. Between ___ and __, who is older?
Answers: • you, me

25. ________ are necessary aspects of organizations of any significant size.
Answers: • Committees

26. Which sentence is correct?
Answers: • She always goes to the mall anyway.

27. What are the three styles of business writing?
Answers: • Informative, persuasive, and analytical.

28. COGS commonly refers to what in business?
Answers: • Cost Of Goods Sold

29. In ______ the restriction on travel, I will attend the meeting by phone.
Answers: • light of

30. What is the meaning of chain of command?
Answers: • The order of Executive, Supervisor and manager

31. Which sentence is correct?
Answers: • Cricket, which originated in England, is also popular in Australia, South Africa, and India.

32. Your supervisor needs the report no later than 72 hours from 3 pm today. When's the latest you should have it done?
Answers: • By 3pm, 3 days from today

33. How do you properly refer to Andrea Watson in a formal business environment?
Answers: • Ms. Watson

34. If the Subject of an e-mail reads "ATTN John Smith," it most likely means that
Answers: • The e-mail is addressed to John Smith.

35. Which of these is the LEAST formal way to end a business letter?
Answers: • Peace,

36. ___ going to be a few days before we finish the project because ___ budget is on hold.
Answers: • It's, its

37. "Photo's" is the proper spelling because it is a contraction of the word "photographs."
Answers: • False

38. “Please check in with me on this project every morning. However, on Fridays, check in with Alison as I am generally out of the office." It is Thursday and you checked in with your supervisor this morning. Who should you contact tomorrow morning?
Answers: • Alison

39. It is _____ an accomplishment if you can stay _____ during the entire presentation.
Answers: • quite; quiet

40. Which of the following contains incorrect punctuation:
Answers: • Why are you going over the facts again.

41. Fill in the blanks: To my surprise, ____ ____ two people who won the race. ____ both going to receive gold medals. My friend was shocked, too. ____ going to remember this race forever.
Answers: • there, were, they're, we're

42. This will have an _____ on the bottom line. It may also _____ our company brand.
Answers: • effect; affect

43. In business, what does ETA most commonly stand for?
Answers: • Estimated Time of Arrival

44. Which of the following is the correct spelling?
Answers: • separate

45. In business, what does TBD commonly stand for?
Answers: • To Be Determined

46. When adding a signature to a letter or e-mail, the order (top to bottom) should be...
Answers: • Name; Position; Company; Address

47. In IT, what does PM commonly stand for?
Answers: • Project Manager

48. Please ____ before you cross the street.
Answers: • look

49. The aim of the office manager is to ____ enough room on the building plans so that each employee can have space for a personal computer.
Answers: • allocate

50. Fill in the blanks: How much does the inventory rate ____ hiring levels in Operations? First, you must analyze the ____ of each rate individually.
Answers: • affect; effect

51. There will be a brief ____ session after the press conference.
Answers: • Q&A

52. Which sentence has the correct use of comma punctuation?
Answers: • Although the fax was sent late to the recipient, it was received and accepted.

53. "I want you to go to the store, after the movies, and get one onion for dinner on Sunday." According to this sentence, what should be the first thing done?
Answers: • Go to the movies.

54. Which of these is common slang for an employee getting fired?
Answers: • sacked

55. If your supervisor tells you, "Send me the meeting minutes," what does your supervisor expect?
Answers: • A record of the meeting

56. What kind of contract prevents a person from working for other employers?
Answers: • exclusive

57. Which of the following is correct: The system has capabilities such as communicating with other computers, ______ records, and _________ mathematical functions.
Answers: • processing, performing

58. What salutation should you use for a woman you do not know in a business letter?
Answers: • Ms.

59. If we don't deliver on time, we may ______ the account.
Answers: • lose

60. What is a memo?
Answers: • A written form of communication

61. The student ____ attended the meeting was excused from the class.
Answers: • who

62. Someone's subordinate is
Answers: • one of the people they are managing

63. How will this announcement ______ your decision?

Answers: • affect

64. The word "regarding" in "We need to have a talk regarding John's performance in a team." means:
Answers: • about

65. Extraneous excersize can be detrimental to your health. Which word is misspelled?
Answers: • excersize

66. The manager asked me to _________ the client's complaint.
Answers: • follow up on

67. Identify the error in this sentence: "Me and Todd went to the grocery store and bought gravy, peas, and bananas."
Answers: • "Me and Todd" should be "Todd and I"

68. Which word is spelled correctly?
Answers: • Depreciation

69. What is the most common definition for the acronym POS?
Answers: • Point of Sale

70. “This afternoon, let’s schedule a meeting for next week to talk over the development timeline and goals. We’ll save the data project for later this month.” According to this sentence, when will this meeting be held?
Answers: • Next week

71. What does PTO time stand for?
Answers: • Paid Time Off

72. Which sentence has the proper capitalization and punctuation?
Answers: • Please ask Mr. Jones for the name of his wife.

73. What are the _______ skills for this job?
Answers: • necessary

74. In business, what is the most common definition for the acronym CIO?
Answers: • Chief Information Officer

75. To show others' possession, you would use:
Answers: • their

76. We are not sure how the new treatment will ______ the patient.
Answers: • affect

77. ____ Jay ___ Jim knew the answer to the question.
Answers: • Neither/nor

78. Which sentence represents the correct use of a semicolon?
Answers: • Bob went to the park; he found it deserted.

79. We used a ____sandpaper, of _____.
Answers: • coarse/course

80. “The best way to contact your supervisor during business hours (EST) is by email, but after business hours (EST) is on his mobile phone. Please don’t use his home phone for work calls unless it’s an emergency.” According to this sentence, how should you reach your supervisor at 10 a.m. (EST) on Tuesday?
Answers: • Email

81. Releasing your tax information to a third party is called..
Answers: • disclosure

82. What does "subordinate" mean?
Answers: • A person who answers to a superior.

83. In a business letter, if you want to include any attachments to the letter, how would you reference it?
Answers: • Enclosure

84. “Let’s try and wrap up this project by EOD on Thursday” As used in this sentence, what does ‘EOD’ mean?
Answers: • End of day

85. What is the correct way to spell the following word
Answers: • receive

86. “The best way to contact your supervisor during business hours (EST) is by email, but after business hours (EST) is on his mobile phone. Please don’t use his home phone for work calls unless it’s an emergency.” According to this sentence, how should you reach your supervisor at 9 p.m. (EST) on Tuesday?
Answers: • Mobile Phone

87. “Follow up with Susan via phone if she doesn’t return your email by 2 pm tomorrow.” As used in this sentence, what does ‘follow up’ mean?
Answers: • Contact Susan regarding the project

88. What is the suggested way to begin a business letter in which you do not know who the recipient will be?
Answers: • To Whom It May Concern:

89. Because Company A had _____ money to spend on R&D, it had _____ researchers than Company B.
Answers: • less, fewer

90. In business, Q3 means:
Answers: • third quarter

91. My family ____ happy when I ____ well on my report card.
Answers: • is, do

92. Which of these is a noun?
Answers: • thing

93. The money _____ transferred yesterday.
Answers: • was

94. After an organization has _______ ________, it has to make sure that it achieves them.
Answers: • set objectives

95. When sending an email with documents, what word do you use to describe the documents?
Answers: • Attachment

96. The manager's harsh criticism certainly ______ John's work in a negative way.
Answers: • affected

97. Which of the following is correct?
Answers: • If I were to take a guess,

98. Which of the following sentences is never correct?
Answers: • Everyone is responsible for them own actions.

99. “You will be working on proofreading, data entry and fact checking. Data entry is the lowest priority.” According to this sentence, which of your tasks should you work on last?
Answers: • Data Entry

100. In accounting, LIFO means ___________.
Answers: • last in, first out

101. The entity that a company gets its supplies from is called a(n)
Answers: • Vendor

102. ____ and ____ will go to the mall tomorrow. Which is the proper phrasing?
Answers: • You, I

103. I would like to ______ the policy as part of our standard operating procedures.
Answers: • adopt

104. Which question asks for advice?
Answers: • What should I do with my plastic bottles?

105. An idiomatic expression "let's take five" means:
Answers: • let's take a short 5-minute break

106. In which of these sentences should "who" be replaced with "whom"?
Answers: • They loved the actor with who we spoke last night.

107. Let's go to the park because the sun's _____ today.
Answers: • shining

108. Which of the following sentences is correct?
Answers: • Although we invited him to the party, Gerald decided to spend another late night in the computer room.

109. Jim said, "_____ not fair that Sally hasn't received a raise. She's a hard worker!"
Answers: • It's

110. Which of the following has the correct capitalization and punctuation?
Answers: • She said, "Please review these files."

111. Which word indicates possession?
Answers: • Their

112. A prefix can change the literal meaning of a word.
Answers: • True

113. How would you change the root-word "linear" to make a word that has the opposite meaning (not linear)?
Answers: • nonlinear

114. What is the correct noun form of the verb "appear"?
Answers: • appearance

115. Which sentence is incorrect?
Answers: • I sometimes late to your mother's home.

116. In business, what does CTO most commonly stand for?
Answers: • Chief Technology Officer

117. Hospitality management means
Answers: • Hotel management

118. Which phrase is correct?
Answers: • He has been working at that company for fifteen years

119. The colors of the flag ____ red, white and blue.
Answers: • are

120. Fill in the blank: My company performs well in ____ financial reports.
Answers: • its

121. In business, what does ASAP most commonly stand for?
Answers: • As Soon As Possible

122. I would like to bring a gift for ____ going-away party.
Answers: • Tom's

123. What is the correct way to end a declarative sentence?
Answers: • .

124. In business, what does FYI most commonly stand for?
Answers: • For Your Information

125. Fill in the blanks: _____ the two best people _____. Nobody could take _____ place.
Answers: • they're, there, their

126. Fill in the blanks: The ____ was delivered by a ____ in his fifties.
Answers: • mail; male

127. Choose the correct version of the following sentence.
Answers: • With binoculars, the hikers could see the eagles swooping and diving.

128. Mitch is Hannah's uncle. Hannah is Mitch's _______
Answers: • niece

129. Linda will go first, ____ Thomas and _____ Bill.
Answers: • then, later

130. In business, what does PO commonly stand for?
Answers: • Purchase Order

131. Which sentence is most properly worded?
Answers: • I will have that document ready for you by 5pm.

132. What does A/R in accounting stand for?
Answers: • Accounts Receivable

133. The prefix "pre" means
Answers: • before

134. In his latest update, John Smith ______ that the server upgrade could take seven days longer than expected.
Answers: • said

135. At the conference, attendees will share _____ knowledge during the meetings _____.
Answers: • their, there

136. I am new in this office. I don't know _____ yet.
Answers: • anyone

137. When are the _____ of you going _____ meet for dinner? Can Sally go ______?
Answers: • two, to, too

138. Which sentence is correct?
Answers: • The insurance policies are lacking information to adhere to the company's rules.

139. As a receptionist/ director of first impressions of ABC Company, how do you answer a client who wants to reach a professional who is currently unavailable?
Answers: • Sorry, for the inconvenience, but Mr. X is currently unavailable. Would you like to leave a message?

140. You should never send an e-mail with an empty ______ .
Answers: • subject line

141. _____ behavior contributed to his _____ in the election _______.
Answers: • Exemplary, success, campaign

142. Which phrase is not appropriate for closing a business letter?
Answers: • Later

143. Which of the following is correct?
Answers: • Tony, Mark, and Jane are all attending the meeting

144. Which of the following completes a common phrase? "The economy is doing really well. Business _______."
Answers: • is booming

145. I ________ you that this error will never happen again; my manager will _______ it by signing all requisitions.
Answers: • assure, ensure

146. Fill in the blanks: "If ____ someone who's worked with our company before, ____ rate of pay will be higher than everyone else."
Answers: • you're, your

147. Which of the following is correct?
Answers: • Kirsten and Arika are going to the store.

148. Choose the sentence with the correct capitalization.
Answers: • Please ask Jim to come to my office on Tuesday morning.

149. COB stands for?
Answers: • Close of Business

150. What is the correct abbreviation for "Avenue?"
Answers: • Ave.

151. The girl did better ____ all of her peers.
Answers: • than

152. Which closing phrase is inappropriate for a business letter?
Answers: • Forever Yours,

153. The company has not made a profit yet and has outstanding debts. It is:
Answers: • In the red.

154. It is a decision ____ cannot be taken lightly.
Answers: • which

155. Which question asks for advice?
Answers: • What should I do with my plastic bottles?

156. In business, what does CFO most commonly stand for?
Answers: • Chief Financial Officer

157. Fill in the blanks: Matt is the man with ____ I went golfing last week. He is usually better than me, but I am the man ____ won.
Answers: • whom, who

158. How do you correctly spell the following word?
Answers: • believe

159. We have ____ of time to work on the Ramirez account, but the Foreman Paper is ____ next week.
Answers: • a lot, due

160. As a receptionist or director of first impressions of ABC Company, what is the best way to greet a client?
Answers: • Good morning, ABC Company. How may I help you?

161. All major airlines allow you to ______ 24 hours before your flight.
Answers: • check in

162. Which signature is most formal?
Answers: • Sincerely,

163. Joe ____ in his report later today.
Answers: • will send

164. Which phrase is correct?
Answers: • When were you born?

165. Which of these is common shorthand for representing ratios?
Answers: • 5:1

166. Which sentence best communicates a question about other members of the project team?
Answers: • Who else will be working on this project with me?

167. Which statement correctly contracts "it is?"
Answers: • It's a beautiful day outside.

168. You should _______ spell things correctly on your CV.
Answers: • definitely

169. The _______ between eight and six is two.
Answers: • difference

170. Paul couldn't decide ________ or not he should leave work for lunch.
Answers: • whether

171. "Look over ______, it's Jim from consulting."
Answers: • there

172. She now has a more positive ______ toward her work and should do well.
Answers: • attitude

173. 'Employment History' means...
Answers: • A detailed description of previously held positions.

174. What does A/P stand for in an accounting system?
Answers: • Accounts Payable

175. In business, what does COO commonly stand for?
Answers: • Chief Operating Officer

176. Someone making a comment is doing what?
Answers: • giving an opinion

177. You are sending a letter to James Channing of the ABC Company. What is the proper way to address the letter?
Answers: • Dear Mr. Channing,

178. Which sentence best communicates a question about the project’s deadline?
Answers: • When is the deadline for this project?

179. A table with the days, weeks, and months in a year
Answers: • calendar

180. I was pleased to receive your response to my proposal, but there are one or two points that need _______.
Answers: • clarification

181. What is the meaning of DOB, as in: What is your DOB?
Answers: • Date of birth

182. Model C13 is ________ than Model F22.
Answers: • cheaper

183. Your performance in this interview will decide ________ you are hired or not.
Answers: • whether

184. Karen liked working at Acme Company ____.
Answers: • a lot

185. The immigrant was busy _____ English so she ____ communicate better with the locals.
Answers: • studying, could

186. “Let’s try and wrap up this project by EOD on Thursday” As used in this sentence, what does ‘wrap up’ mean?
Answers: • Finish the project

187. What does the acronym FAQ typically stand for?
Answers: • Frequently Asked Questions

188. What is the most common meaning of the acronym FYI?
Answers: • For Your Information

189. Which is correct?
Answers: • receive

190. What does the “ooo” abbreviation mean in business e-mail conversation?
Answers: • Out of office

191. Marie, my new assistant, should ___ forwarded the files to you.
Answers: • have

192. Susan said that the letter was longer ____ the previous one, and ____ she left.
Answers: • than, then

193. You must _____ his proposal, _____ for that specific section.
Answers: • accept, except

194. "______ will attend the meeting."
Answers: • John and I

195. Which sentence is correctly worded?
Answers: • We aren't going to be in today.

196. That company is _____ a new type of software.
Answers: • developing

197. In the business world, R&D stands for...
Answers: • Research & Development

198. Which is the correct spelling?
Answers: • Recommend

199. If you have to write a letter for an employee or student that they will show to someone else, such as a potential employer or university, but you don't know the name of the final recipient, you should address the letter beginning with:
Answers: • To whom it may concern:

200. Everyone _____ James will be invited to attend tomorrow's briefing.
Answers: • except

201. Please remove _____ lunch from the company's refrigerator so we can clean it.
Answers: • your

202. What is the full name for the 'IT' Department in most businesses?
Answers: • Information Technology

203. "This is Ken, how can I help you?" is used when:
Answers: • answering the telephone

204. He ____ pizza yesterday.
Answers: • ate

205. The chef is not in the kitchen. He is in the dining area _____ the guests.
Answers: • entertaining

206. Fill in the blanks: If I am better ____ you, ____ you need to train harder.
Answers: • than, then

207. What does CFO stand for?
Answers: • Chief Financial Officer

208. What does AKA / A.K.A / a.k.a / aka most commonly stand for?
Answers: • Also Known As

209. This is ____ much work ____ finish in one day.
Answers: • too; to

210. Mary was __ upset when she received the notes from her annual employment review.
Answers: • very

211. Have you begun to ____ that report yet?
Answers: • edit

212. Which of the following is most acceptable in a business text message?
Answers: • FYI, I'll have it done by EOB

213. I saw him __ work.
Answers: • at

214. In Business, what does MBA stand for?
Answers: • Master of Business Administration

215. If he is smarter ____ the other applicants, ____ please hire him.
Answers: • than; then

216. You got an invitation to meet your CHRO. The person you will see is:
Answers: • Chief Human Resources Officer

217. Which word best completes this sentence: â??I will be able to ________ the project in 3 days.â?
Answers: • begin

218. Which of the following is correct?
Answers: • Mr. Howard Johnson

219. I work every day _______ Sundays.
Answers: • except

220. Don't be afraid __ ask ___ many questions.
Answers: • to, too

221. Which word best completes the sentence: "I have ________ my project to you via email."
Answers: • Submitted

222. What are the differences ________ the English spoken in the UK and the English spoken in the US?
Answers: • between

223. May I have ____ report if _____ finished with it?
Answers: • your, you're

224. Can you meet me at the _____ and we will go over the blueprints for the new building?
Answers: • site

225. If your boss tells you: " I need the documents ASAP" is he expecting the documents:
Answers: • as soon as possible

226. Which of the following is wrong?
Answers: • He are

227. Which phrase refers to a future meeting?
Answers: • I look forward to seeing you in March.

228. Fill in the blank: I'm going to call ____ secretary to set up an appointment.
Answers: • your

229. Do you ______ what time it is?
Answers: • know

230. What does COO stand for?
Answers: • Chief Operating Officer

231. We are going to ____ the clients for lunch.
Answers: • meet

232. She ___ busy now.
Answers: • is

233. Which word best completes the sentence: “I will be able to ________ the project in 3 days.”
Answers: • Complete

234. All of the girls went to the game _______ Susan. She could not ________ the invitation.
Answers: • except/accept

235. I said ___ after being with them for ten minutes.
Answers: • goodbye

236. I have ___ all that you have asked of me.
Answers: • done

237. What does CEO stand for?
Answers: • Chief Executive Officer

238. What is the correct spelling?
Answers: • Beautiful

239. To ___ it may concern:
Answers: • whom

240. I ____ seen that report yet.
Answers: • haven't

241. What is the _______ like tomorrow? I heard it might rain.
Answers: • weather

242. What does the abbreviation CC mean when writing an email?
Answers: • Carbon Copy

243. "Follow up with Susan via phone if she doesn’t return your email by 2 pm tomorrow.” According to this sentence, how should you contact Susan to follow up?
Answers: • Call her on the phone

244. You need to finish the document latest tomorrow EOB. This means:
Answers: • Tomorrow by the end of business

245. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Brown or _____.
Answers: • me

246. Regarding sales, what is the most common meaning of GP in business?
Answers: • Gross Profit

247. Following the closing your letter (i.e. Regards), but before signing your name, you should use ...
Answers: • a comma

248. Which of the following is correct?
Answers: • The data will be too extensive if we add two variables.

249. What is the common meaning for FIFO in business?
Answers: • First In First Out

250. ____ Lauren's responsibility to handle customer service issues.
Answers: • It's

251. Which word best completes this sentence: â??I have ________ one and a half weeks for this project."
Answers: • Allotted

252. “This afternoon, let’s schedule a meeting for next week to talk over the development timeline and goals. We’ll save the data project for later this month” According to this sentence, which project will you work on first?
Answers: • Development Timeline and Goals

253. Business writing should be:
Answers: • Concise and to the point.

254. "Jim told me that Sally wants to take a day off next week. Can you please contact him and find out which day?" Who does 'him' refer to?
Answers: • Jim

255. I am beside the box. Which word is a preposition?
Answers: • beside

256. If your clothes are wet, then put them in a clothes ____. That will make them ____.
Answers: • dryer; drier

257. When writing a formal business letter, the writer should ______ include the address of the recipient at the _____ of the letter.
Answers: • always/top

258. Which of these is the correct spelling?
Answers: • Referral

259. Which method of contacting an unfamiliar superior is inappropriate?
Answers: • Stopping by his or her office during lunch.

260. The current time is 6:15; which of the following is not correct?
Answers: • Six fifteen o'clock

261. What does ESL stand for?
Answers: • English as a Second Language

262. What is the most common definition of ROI?
Answers: • Return On Investment

263. Which sentence is most grammatically accurate?
Answers: • To conclude, the committee found that there was no error by the Controller on the application of GAAP.

264. A person's credit _________________ is a formal evaluation of his/her loan-repayment history or potential.
Answers: • rating/score

265. The amount of small bills used by a sales person to give change is commonly called:
Answers: • petty cash

266. What is the most suggested way to begin a business letter addressed to Jennifer Johnson?
Answers: • Dear Ms. Johnson:

267. We need to get ___________ this problem.
Answers: • to the bottom of

268. Complete the question: They worked for Kaufman's,
Answers: • didn't they?

269. A chain is no stronger _____ _____ weakest link.
Answers: • than its

270. "This is Ken" is used when:
Answers: • Answering the telephone

271. ______ is a list of meeting activities in the order in which they are to be taken up, by beginning with the call to order and ending with adjournment.
Answers: • An agenda

272. Which letter ending best goes with the opening 'Dear Personnel Director,'?
Answers: • Best regards,

273. What is a grammatically INCORRECT way to address Bill Brown?
Answers: • Mr. Bill

274. Best synonym for INTEGRITY as a personal characteristic would be:
Answers: • honesty

275. Which statement is correct?
Answers: • The Board of Directors decided to offer a buyout to some of the employees.

276. Would you ____ use my cell phone or the one in my office?
Answers: • rather

277. Which of the following contains incorrect apostrophes?
Answers: • The hat is missing it's feather.

278. Which part of the letter contains the greeting?
Answers: • Salutation

279. Which of these is an adverb?
Answers: • quickly

280. What is netiquette?
Answers: • social conventions for using the Internet

281. “We have a wrap-up meeting at noon on January 24th, but I’d like the project to be completely finished 48 hours in advance.” According to this sentence, when is the deadline for completing the project?
Answers: • January 22 at noon

282. It makes sense to save your _____ change. You really have nothing to _____.
Answers: • loose/lose

283. "Our computers are outdated! We simply don't have the _____ to meet the next development deadline."
Answers: • equipment

284. Which does not belong in this list?
Answers: • column

285. Please let me know what time _________ to have the meeting.
Answers: • you would like

286. Which sentence is correct?
Answers: • He has worked at that company for fifteen years.

287. John will need to ____ Diane that he will complete the project before she will assign him the task.
Answers: • assure

288. What does "COB" mean in the following sentence: I need your status report by COB.
Answers: • Close Of Business

289. Which of the following correctly uses commas?
Answers: • I am, as you have probably noticed, very nervous about this

290. Fill the blank with the best fitting option: "What are the _____ of our victory in this election?"
Answers: • odds

291. When writing an email, what does BCC mean?
Answers: • Blind Carbon Copy

292. Which of the following words is misspelled?
Answers: • Receivible

293. For all __________, this meeting is over.
Answers: • intents and purposes

294. Pick the grammatically incorrect sentence:
Answers: • I don't know nothing about it!

295. Which spelling is correct:
Answers: • itinerary

296. Fill in the blank. Hey, Boss! I need to extend the deadline. ____ I move this deadline back a week?
Answers: • May

297. In a business environment, the acronym S&P stands for:
Answers: • Standards & Practices

298. Dental, vision, and 401-k are common examples of ____ .
Answers: • benefits

299. What is a menial job?
Answers: • job with a low social value

300. "First go speak with Jim in his office. Then proceed to Sally's office after stopping to talk with John." Who is the second person you are talking to?
Answers: • John

301. After early losses, the NASDAQ _____________ to finish 20 points up.
Answers: • rallied

302. In professional academic circles, an extended career break to travel or work on personal goals, often offered in contracts as a paid benefit, is called:
Answers: • a sabbatical

303. ____________ is a decision such that no other available option would lead to a better outcome.
Answers: • optimal decision

304. Which phrase is correct?
Answers: • He's worked at that company for fifteen years.

305. In business, what does EOD most commonly stand for?
Answers: • End Of Day

306. 5.34 should be read as:
Answers: • five point three four

307. Prefixes can be used to indicate quantity.
Answers: • True

308. The prefix "non" means
Answers: • reverse of

309. Choose the correct sentence.
Answers: • Whom did you suggest for the job?

310. When providing examples for additional clarification, should you use e.g. or i.e.?
Answers: • e.g.

311. What is wrong with the following sentence? "I do understand your feelings about this, I don't see how it affects me."
Answers: • Run-on

312. I ______ about the results of his research.
Answers: • In American English both words can be used interchangeably with "inquired" being most common

313. When quoting someone's statement within a sentence, where should any punctuation after the quote, such as a comma or a period, be placed?
Answers: • Inside the quotation marks

314. To form an adverb, add
Answers: • the suffix "ly" to an adjective

315. Give an example of a pronoun?
Answers: • All are examples.

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