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DotNet 2.0 using C# Test

New Test Answers of Upwork DotNet 2.0 Using C# Test Updated on January 2016:

What output will be generated by the following code?

 StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(10);
 Answers: • 20

 The term Encapsulation is most commonly used to mean:
 Answers: • separating an item's public interface from the actual implementation

 Which of the following are true about namespaces and assemblies?
 Answers: • All of the above

 Which of the following are true about pointers?
 Answers: • Pointers can be used as out and ref type parameters

 The framework provides three different timer classes. Select the answer that properly matches the class with the listed characteristic.
 Answers: • All of the above

 Transactions initiated in which of the following are supported by System.Transactions infrastructure?
 Answers: • All of the above

 Which of the following is not a valid value for DataRowState?
 Answers: • Dirty

 With which class is the task of mapping a specific point in time into units, such as weeks, months, and years accomplished?
 Answers: • System.DateTime

 Which of the following are required to be true by objects which are going to be used as keys in a System.Collections.HashTable?
 Answers: • All of the above

 Which of the following is NOT a valid C# preprocessor directive?
 Answers: • #include

 Which of the following are valid as the underlying type for an enumeration?
 Answers: • All of the above

 Which of the following can an interface NOT contain?
 Answers: • Fields

 Which of the following is true about exceptions?
 Answers: • Mathematical errors such as divide by zero, or numeric overflow will generate an exception that is derived from System.Exception

 Which of the following is false regarding arrays?
 Answers: • For value types A and B; if a conversion from A to B exists, a conversion from A[] to B[] also exists

 Which of the following is an effect of marking resources in satellite assemblies?
 Answers: • It ensures that resources are used only with the appropriate culture

 When developing a managed client to be used with an existing COM Component, __________.
 Answers: • you should modify the COM component to enable CLR functionallity.

 Which of the following is true about C# generics?
 Answers: • C# enforces that all codes are valid for all types of parameters

 Which System.Runtime.Remoting class is used to store all relevant information required to generate a proxy in order to communicate with a remote object?
 Answers: • ObjRef

 Which of the following characteristics is found in The DateTime type?
 Answers: • It contains a member indicating whether it is UTC, Local, or Unspecified

 Which of the following are true about anonymous methods?
 Answers: • Anonymous methods have access to the local state of the containing function member.

 Elements in a System.Collections.Specialized.OrderedDictionary are:
 Answers: • not sorted

 Which of the following is NOT part of an assembly?
 Answers: • Native Executable Code

 Which of the following characteristics do classes in the System.Drawing namespace such as Brush,Font,Pen, and Icon share?
 Answers: • None of the Above

 Which of the following is not a valid attribute for impacting serialization?
 Answers: • DataObjectAttribute

 class Sample
 public Sample(int x) { }

 In the above code, which of the following other class constructors can directly access the provided constructor?
 Answers: • public Sample() : this(1) { }

 Which of the following code samples will cause a compilation error?
 Answers: • class SampleClass<T> where T : class { } class SampleClass<T> where T : struct { }

 Which of the following are true about statements?
 Answers: • A while statement will always execute its body at least once.

 If two assemblies contain the same fully qualified class, which of the following will be true?
 Answers: • It is impossible to add a reference to both assemblies to any given assembly

 Which of the following are true about delegates?
 Answers: • A delegate instance may encapsulate only one method

 When Deleting a DataRow from the DataRowCollection of a DataTable, you can:
 Answers: • use the DataRowCollection.Remove method to immediately delete the row.

 Which of the following is NOT a requirement for an application to be certified in the "Certified for Windows Program"?
 Answers: • Usage of sound to notify of critical information

 Which access limitation does a class member declared protected internal have?
 Answers: • Access is limited to the containing class plus any classes derived from the containing class that are also in the current assembly

 Which of the following operations can NOT be performed inside a catch block?
 Answers: • Altering the Message , TargetSite and/or StackTrace, of the existing exception before re-throwing

 Which of the following is not a standard service behavior supported by the System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController class members?
 Answers: • Restart

 In which of the following ways do structs differ from classes?
 Answers: • Structs cannot inherit from a base struct

 Which of the following are true about enums?
 Answers: • Enums are always equated to an integral constant value

 Which of the following are characteristics of the System.Threading.Timer class?
 Answers: • The method provided by the TimerCallback delegate will always be invoked on the thread which created the timer.

 Custom non-fatal exceptions should be derived from:
 Answers: • ApplicationException

 Which of the following are defined as a "token"?
 Answers: • Identifier

 Of which elements does Generics allow parameterization by type?
 Answers: • Classes

 To which of the following can System.IO.IsolatedStorage not be scoped?
 Answers: • Restricted to a specific Physical Media

 When using the Demand method of System.Security.IPermission, which of the following will occur?
 Answers: • For permissions which do a stack walk, an exception will occur if ANY of the calling codes does not have the required permission

 Which of the following are true about event handling?
 Answers: • A single event can be handled by multiple methods

 Which of the following conditions are true regarding System.Diagnostics.Trace?
 Answers: • Trace is enabled for both Release and Debug initial configurations

 Parameterized Properties in C# are__________.
 Answers: • not supported except for implementing an indexer.

 Which System.Runtime.Remoting class is used store all relevant information required to generate a proxy in order to communicate with a remote object?
 Answers: • ObjRef

 Determining the availability of sufficient memory for an operation can be accomplished by?
 Answers: • creating an instance of System.Runtime.MemoryFailPoint and monitoring for an InsufficientMemoryException

 Which of the following is not an application entry point?
 Answers: • private static int Main(string[] args) {}

 What will be the output generated by the following code?
 string t = "This Is a Test";

 t.Replace("T", "?");

 Answers: • This Is a Test

 Which of the following does NOT apply to XCOPY deployment?
 Answers: • Shared components can be installed as part of the XCOPY.

 Which of the following are true about operator precedence?
 Answers: • The Assignment and Conditional Operators are right-associative.

 Which of the following encodings are NOT supported by classes in the System.Text namespace?
 Answers: • EBCDIC

 Which of the following can Interfaces contain?
 Answers: • Conversion operators

 Which of the following is a primary characteristic of System.Xml.XmlDataDocument?
 Answers: • It provides the basic abilities to allow DataSets to be loaded from or exported to XML files.