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Internet - Online Marketing test answers

1. What is Facebook marketing useful for?
 Answers: • All of these

 2. What is Google's character display limit for the 'title tag' in search results?
 Answers: • 70 characters

 3. In traditional marketing, companies focus on finding customers. What is the term for marketing focused on getting *found* by customers?
 Answers: • Inbound Marketing

 4. What is an interstitial ad?
 Answers: • An ad that fills a user's screen when navigating between two pages

 5. What is the name of Facebook's new search feature?
 Answers: • Graph

 6. What is a pop-under window ad?
 Answers: • An ad that the user does not see until they close out of their current window

 7. Which of the following is NOT allowed on LinkedIn advertising?
 Answers: • Floating ads

 8. What is the name for the small graphic that appears in a browser's address bar?
 Answers: • Favicon

 9. What is the term for a blog or blogger's list of links to other blogs they read or support?
 Answers: • Blogroll

 10. Which of the following is considered permission marketing?
 Answers: • Opt-in email

 11. means advertisers pay for every thousand displays of their message to potential customers
 Answers: • CPM

 12. Which term refers to content that remains topical and relevant over long stretches of time?
 Answers: • Evergreen

 13. The number of visitors to take action after reading your content is measured by:
 Answers: • Conversion

 14. What does MUV stand for?
 Answers: • Monthly Unique Visitors

 15. Which email marketing technique is proven to lower SPAM complaints?
 Answers: • Requiring user opt-ins

 16. Which of the following can be used to tag images on the web, for SEO optimization?
 Answers: • Alt Text

 17. What is a back/inbound link?
 Answers: • When another website links to a page on your website

 18. Bitly is a
 Answers: • URL shortener

 19. What is the first step for online marketing?
 Answers: • Identify goals and objectives

 20. What is the character limit for a single Tweet?
 Answers: • 140

 21. What does CPI stand for?
 Answers: • Cost Per Impression

 22. Which best describes affiliate marketing?
 Answers: • Performance-based marketing that rewards a partner for clicks or conversions

 23. Testing two different Calls to Action to see which perform better is called:
 Answers: • A/B testing

 24. What is niche marketing?
 Answers: • Marketing to a target group of users who share common characteristics and are likely to buy your products

 25. Among following which option is more likely to drive genuine traffic to your website?
 Answers: • Optimizing PPC Campaigns on Google adwords

 26. What do you need to add to an image for a search engine to "see" it"
 Answers: • Alt tags

 27. What type of marketing is blogging considered to be?
 Answers: • Content marketing

 28. What is the process search engines use to find content and make it available to users via search results?
 Answers: • Indexing

 29. Which of these is NOT a marketing call to action?
 Answers: • Love what you do

 30. Where can keywords be placed for search engine optimization?
 Answers: • All of these

 31. Which of these describe geo-targeted marketing?
 Answers: • Marketing ads that only appear to users in a specific region.

 32. What is SEM?
 Answers: • Search Engine Marketing

 33. What is a CMS?
 Answers: • Content Management System

 34. Often referred to simply as Blogger, which of the following is Google's blogging platform?
 Answers: • Blogspot

 35. CTA stands for...
 Answers: • Call To Action

 36. Which of these is a characteristic of drip marketing?
 Answers: • All of these

 37. True or False? Setting up a Mobile Redirect and using Mobile CSS are effective ways at optimizing your site for mobile viewers.
 Answers: • True

 38. What is B2B marketing?
 Answers: • Business to business

 39. Which metric can you track with Facebook Ads?
 Answers: • All of these

 40. Which of the following provides a form of paid advertising?
 Answers: • Google AdWords

 41. What is a floating ad?
 Answers: • An ad that moves across the screen as the user scrolls

 42. What does SEO stand for?
 Answers: • Search Engine Optimization

 43. What are the benefits of social media marketing?
 Answers: • All of these

 44. What is Google Analytics used for?
 Answers: • All of these

 45. Which of these is an advantage of email marketing?
 Answers: • All of these

 46. Blogging is best used for:
 Answers: • All of these

 47. What does PPC stand for?
 Answers: • Pay Per Click

 48. Which of these is a type of online marketing?
 Answers: • All of these

 49. Which analytics does Twitter Ads specifically provide?
 Answers: • Follower growth chart

 50. Which of the following does NOT provide certified Twitter analytics?
 Answers: • Google

 51. What is the maximum animation loop length when marketing on LinkedIn?
 Answers: • 30 seconds

 52. Google Analytics can be used to directly track performance of
 Answers: • Mobile Apps & Websites

 53. What is the top tool used in inbound marketing campaigns?
 Answers: • Content

 54. What is the time limit for videos recorded on Instagram's video service?
 Answers: • 15 seconds

 55. Assisted Conversions Report in Google Analytics can be found under
 Answers: • Multi-Channel Funnels

 56. ASO stands for
 Answers: • App Store Optimization

 57. What is the time limit for videos recorded on Twitter's Vine service?
 Answers: • 6 seconds

 58. What two halves make up the engagement metric?
 Answers: • Positive & negative engagement

 59. What two halves make up the engagement metric?
 Answers: • Positive & negative engagement

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