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Marketing Analytics Fundamentals Test Answers

1. How is Twitter amplification measured?
 Answers: • number of retweets per tweet

 2. Testing two different CTA designs to see which one performs the bests is known as:
 Answers: • A/B testing

 3. What are marketing analytics industry benchmarks?
 Answers: • industry standard marketing metrics that allow you to track your performance compared to others

 4. What does ROAS typically stand for?
 Answers: • Return on Ad Spend

 5. CPI stands for "cost per initiative."
 Answers: • False

 6. How is email subscriber-retention-rate measured?
 Answers: • # subscribers – bounce backs – unsubscribes / # subscribers

 7. What does the term indexed pages refer to?
 Answers: • number of pages on your site that have received at least one visit from organic search

 8. Marketing analytics comprises the processes and technologies that enable marketers to evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives by measuring performance using important business metrics, such as?
 Answers: • ROI

 9. What is the most important thing to consider in defining a marketing campaign?
 Answers: • your target audience and goals

 10. What does GRP stand for?
 Answers: • Gross Rating Points

 11. What does a Conversion Rate measure?
 Answers: • % of users who took desired action

 12. What is a "cookie"?
 Answers: • A marker that tracks a user over time.

 13. What is multi-channel attribution?
 Answers: • the attempt to attribute successful outcomes across multiple marketing touchpoints

 14. Weak subject lines, irrelevant creative and the absence of a call to action can all cause:
 Answers: • Funnel fallout

 15. What does KPI stand for?
 Answers: • Key Performance Indicator

 16. What are you trying to find out by measuring ROI?
 Answers: • Which marketing channels produce maximum return

 17. What does visit loyalty measure?
 Answers: • how good you are at getting the same person to come back to your site

 18. Which of the following metrics can you use to assess your influence on revenue?
 Answers: • All of these

 19. How can new monthly visitors from a branding campaign be estimated?
 Answers: • compare new visitors month-over-month for the same time period, segmenting out users who were referred from other known campaigns.

 20. What does ROI stand for?
 Answers: • Return on Investment

 21. In Google Adwords, what does CPC stand for?
 Answers: • Cost per click

 22. True or False? Social media is measurable.
 Answers: • True

 23. Which of the following tools are utilized by marketing analytics professionals?
 Answers: • All of these

 24. How is email delivery rate measured?
 Answers: • (# of emails sent – # of bounce backs) / # of emails sent

 25. You can’t make the best decisions on what marketing improvements to make without ________ everything within your company.
 Answers: • measuring

 26. The ability to track ____________ will give your marketing efforts more credibility.
 Answers: • marketing ROI

 27. DAU stands for:
 Answers: • Daily Active Users

 28. If Metric A increases as Metric B decreases, what type of relationship do these metrics share?
 Answers: • Inverse

 29. What is CPI?
 Answers: • Cost Per Impression

 30. What does ROAS measure?
 Answers: • return on ad spend

 31. What is last-touch attribution?
 Answers: • the process of attributing successful outcomes to the last marketing touchpoint a user encounters

 32. The number of people who could have seen a story about your page, such as each person who loads the story about your page while browsing Facebook, is an example of your:
 Answers: • Reach

 33. Email, Direct Mail and PPC are examples of:
 Answers: • Marketing Channels

 34. What is first-touch attribution?
 Answers: • the process of attributing successful outcomes to the first marketing touchpoint a user encounters

 35. What is a bounce rate?
 Answers: • Percentage of people who landed on a page and immediately left

 36. What is one reason unsubscribe rate isn't an accurate measure of the health of your email list?
 Answers: • many users who are fatigued by your mailings won't go to the trouble to unsubscribe

 37. Which of the following statements are true about pageviews and visits?
 Answers: • A pageview is a visit to a page on your site. One site visit will always have at least one pageview.

 38. TOFU is a common abbreviation for which marketing term?
 Answers: • top of the funnel

 39. Which of the following is the most cost-efficient website traffic?
 Answers: • Organic

 40. What is causality?
 Answers: • implies that one action explicitly drove the occurrence of another

 41. How is Facebook amplification measured?
 Answers: • number of shares per post

 42. An email that was caught in a spam filter will typically be recorded as a(n):
 Answers: • Soft bounce

 43. What should you do if the majority of your traffic is coming from branded search terms?
 Answers: • spend more time on SEO to target traffic from non-branded terms

 44. How is email click-to-deliver rate measured?
 Answers: • # of clicks / # of emails delivered

 45. The delivery rate for an email is calculated by _____ the number of emails __ number of emails sent.
 Answers: • dividing, by

 46. How is email bounce rate calculated?
 Answers: • undelivered emails divided by total emails sent

 47. What does website bounce rate measure?
 Answers: • # single page visits to your site / # visits

 48. Which of the following is NOT a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)?
 Answers: • Departed Users

 49. Which would NOT be considered a soft metric?
 Answers: • Revenue

 50. How is email list growth rate calculated?
 Answers: • new monthly email subscribers - opt outs and hard bounce divided by original list size

 51. Which of the following are monetization models for display ads?
 Answers: • CPM, CPC, CPA

 52. What is a Net Promoter score?
 Answers: • How likely a customer or client is to refer a product or service to a friend

 53. "Unique Opens Rate" on an email campaign is calculated by:
 Answers: • Dividing the number of unique opens by the number of emails delivered

 54. "Click through rate" on an email campaign is calculated by:
 Answers: • Dividing the number of unique clicks by the number of emails delivered

 55. What is the proper parameter to add when tagging a URL with a specific marketing campaign?
 Answers: • utm_campaign

 56. What symbol should be used to add multiple campaigns to one url?
 Answers: • &

 57. Let CS be the number of customers at the start of a period, CE the number at the end of the period, and CN the number of new customers. Which formula represents retention rate?
 Answers: • (CE - CN) / CS * 100

 58. What is one reason open rates are often considered unreliable?
 Answers: • an email is only counted as open if a user receives the images in your email

 59. What are the four categories Klout measures?
 Answers: • reach, demand, engagement and velocity

 60. Which of the following is NOT a goal of marketing analytics?
 Answers: • Generating High Quality Conversion Prospects

 61. Which of the following is NOT a URL tag in Google Analytics?
 Answers: • Type

 62. Which Google Analytics URL tag is not mandatory?
 Answers: • Content

 63. What does Return on Engagement track?
 Answers: • Buzz generated through online social media

 64. What do Facebook interactions measure?
 Answers: • total number of comments, likes and wall posts a page had

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