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Outbound Sales Skills Test Answers

Here you will find all the Upwork Outbound Sales Skills Test Answers of Sales and Marketing Category, please press Ctrl + F to find your desired answers of the test questions.
Part - 2

1. A sales presentation should have _______ to be effective and successful.
 Answers: • Interactivity

 2. While making an outbound call, if you, as a telemarketing executive(TME), are not able to get the target customer and the call is answered by a member of his/her family, what will be your next step?
 Answers: • To Try and know more about the financial background of the target customer

 3. Who is the decision maker in an outbound sales process?
 Answers: • The person whose daily work is affected by the seller's products and services

 4. You are a telecalling executive. When you ask for the prospective customer on the phone, the assistant answers the call. Which of the following sentences would be more appropriate in this scenario?
 Answers: • Get me Mr.Bush.

 5. While commencing on a sales campaign, the telecalling representative has been asked to divulge only the USP of the product his company is promoting. What would be the focus of his conversation with the prospective client?
 Answers: • The sales figures of the product

 6. Who should control the flow of conversation in a successful telesales pitch?
 Answers: • The script

Upwork Outbound Sales Skills Test Answers - Part 1

1. What does CRM stand for?
 Answers: • Customer Relationship Management

 2. What is a common cause of a "sales trap"?
 Answers: • Mismatched Marketing and Sales alignment

 3. What is the definition of "the Recency Effect"?
 Answers: • As time passes, people tend to recall the last thing they’ve seen/read

 4. What is the definition of "Primacy Effect"?
 Answers: • People tend to remember the first things they hear/read

 5. Generally, you can think of _______ as the strategy and ______ as the execution.
 Answers: • marketing; sales

 6. The process of helping a customer reach their strategic goals is what type of selling?
 Answers: • Consultative

 7. When qualifying a prospect, what are the most effective types of questions to ask?
 Answers: • Open-ended and probing

 8. _____ a lead is the process of making sure a lead is a viable candidate.
 Answers: • Qualifying

 9. Which of the following is a soft bounce?
 Answers: • The failed delivery of an email due to a temporary issue, like a full mailbox or an unavailable server

 10. Which of the following communication skills is, in general, the most important for sales people to develop?
 Answers: • Listening

 11. When qualifying your prospect, how can you test to determine how engaged he/she is with you?
 Answers: • (All of these)

 12. _______ selling is a methodology that focuses on solving a customer's pains or needs.
 Answers: • Solution

 13. When first engaging with a prospect, it is best to use _______ questions.
 Answers: • open-ended

 14. True or false? You should never follow up a cold email with a phone call.
 Answers: • False

 15. The percentage of emails that actually make it into a recipient's inbox is called _____.
 Answers: • delivery rate

 16. The process of calling potential clients without an introduction is called _________.
 Answers: • cold calling

 17. True or false? When making a sales call you should always do most of the talking.
 Answers: • False

 18. What is upselling?
 Answers: • Selling a customer premium upgrades

 19. Which of the following is a hard bounce?
 Answers: • The failed delivery of an email due to a permanent reason like a non-existent, invalid, or blocked email address

 20. Which of the following is MOST effective for a buyer with an analytical personality type?
 Answers: • Detailed explanations

 21. Telling a customer that prices will increase in the coming week is a __________.
 Answers: • time-driven close

 22. What do you call the pre-sales activity of identifying potential customers and their willingness to pay?
 Answers: • Prospecting

 23. What is the key point to emphasize when recommending a product to a prospect?
 Answers: • How the product solves his/her pain points

 24. Providing the best possible customer service and building customer loyalty are traits of what type of selling?
 Answers: • Relationship

 25. The first step of sales is to __________.
 Answers: • understand customer needs

 26. What is the best time to call the customerĂ¢??s home?
 Answers: • Do not call a customer's home before 8:00 AM or after 9:00 PM, unless they've given you permission to do so.

 27. When making phone calls you should:
 Answers: • All of these

 28. To build a sustainable business, which of the following should a salesperson invest the most efforts in?
 Answers: • Establishing a long-term relationship with the customer

 29. What does the 80-20 rule indicate?
 Answers: • That salesperson should spend 80% of his time with 20% of the most qualified prospects

 30. The more often you call a client, eventually the incremental value is worth less than the costs of making the calls. This is an example of ________ .
 Answers: • The Law of Diminishing Returns

 31. ______ is the process of acquiring information to ensure that clients will benefit from a product.
 Answers: • Prospecting

 32. In the customer problem identification process, what is the next best step once a pain point is revealed?
 Answers: • Quantify the pain

 33. True or false? There is no need for the marketing and the sales department to communicate.
 Answers: • False

 34. When making phone calls you should:
 Answers: • Identify the purpose of your call and plan what you have to say

 35. What is a commission?
 Answers: • A percentage of a sale that goes to the sales representative

 36. What is the main benefit of qualifying questions during the sales process?
 Answers: • Discover the customer's pain points

 37. Which of the following is not an example of Outbound Selling?
 Answers: • Blogging

 38. Who enforces the National Do Not Call Registry?
 Answers: • Federal Trade Commission

 39. Are oral agreements legally binding?
 Answers: • Sometimes

 40. True or false? A sale contract is only official when it is written in document form.
 Answers: • False

 41. Telemarketing is a form of ______ sales.
 Answers: • inside

 42. Solution selling is a form of _______ selling.
 Answers: • adaptive

 43. What is one reason open rates are often considered unreliable?
 Answers: • An email is only counted as open if a user receives the images in your email

 44. What are three phases of the product cycle?
 Answers: • Growth, maturity, decline

 45. A buyer that likes to focus on the big picture over details has what type of buyer personality?
 Answers: • Expressive

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