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Sales force CRM Test Answers

New Test Answers for Upwork's Sales force CRM Test - Updated on October 2015:

1. What is word "app" short for?
 Answers: • Application

 2. What is a detailed description of a customer's feedback, complaint, or issue?
 Answers: • Case

 3. What is the term for the number of days an opportunity has been open (since creation)?
 Answers: • Age

 4. Page layouts can be assigned to a Record Type.
 Answers: • True

 5. By which channels can an article be viewed?
 Answers: • All of these

 6. You can trasfer information from SalesForce to Excel?
 Answers: • Yes

 7. Which statement is TRUE about chatter?
 Answers: • All of these

 8. What is the model of software development and distribution that is completely hosted on the internet?
 Answers: • Cloud Computing

 9. What type of files can be uploaded to the document library?
 Answers: • All of these

 10. Salesforce can pull reports for which of the following information fields?
 Answers: • All of these

 11. What statement is true about reports and campaigns?
 Answers: • All are true statements

 12. You can do this on Chatter:
 Answers: • All of the above

 13. What is the reporting tool called that allows a user to pull specific data/narrow the scope?
 Answers: • Filter

 14. What is one way to import existing company contacts and information?
 Answers: • All of these

 15. How do you create a recurring event?
 Answers: • Create a new event and select recurring series

 16. If a contact is associated with multiple organizations this information will appear in which areas of Salesforce?
 Answers: • All of these

 17. The main function of the document library is:
 Answers: • To store documents without attaching them to accounts, contacts, or other records

 18. What is the definition of a product?
 Answers: • Anything your company sells

 19. How do you leave a note for another user about a specific organization?
 Answers: • Attach a note or file under the organization

 20. Where can you find additional applications for Salesforce?
 Answers: • Salesforce app exchange

 21. What is AppExchange?
 Answers: • A marketplace for cloud computing applications built for the Salesforce.com community.

 22. What field do you find the "log a call" feature under an organization?
 Answers: • Activity History

 23. What is the Salesforce term for duplicating an account/activity/contact etc?
 Answers: • Clone

 24. How do you disable an inactive Salesforce user?
 Answers: • De-select the Active checkbox for this user under user management

 25. Is mass edit available to all users?
 Answers: • No

 26. Which statement is TRUE about the calendar function?
 Answers: • You can view multiple user calendars

 27. An account can be which of the following?
 Answers: • Organization/Company

 28. This is a real time collaboration tool that can be used for projects, groups, individuals, or initiatives:
 Answers: • Chatter

 29. What is the connecting account for multiple accounts with one common office/organization?
 Answers: • Parent Account

 30. A log of emails sent through Salesforce.com can be found under:
 Answers: • Email Log Files

 31. Which of the following statements is true about leads and contacts?
 Answers: • Leads can be converted into contacts in one-click.

 32. How do you setup email notifications for specific chatter groups?
 Answers: • Administrator must turn on chatter email notifications

 33. Which of the following is a Salesforce tool that allows companies to track marketing initiatives?
 Answers: • Campaigns

 34. True or False: There is a way to "Mass Delete" accounts from Salesforce.
 Answers: • True

 35. How do you create a new campaign?
 Answers: • Under campaigns tab click "new"

 36. How do you easily/natively share a report with another user?
 Answers: • Save report in public folder

 37. What type of application is "ExactTarget" (used through AppExchange)?
 Answers: • E-mail Marketing

 38. Which of the following is a free license?
 Answers: • Chatter

 39. Which of these companies does Salesforce integrate as an email marketing tool?
 Answers: • ExactTarget

 40. There are four main certification paths available in Salesforce.com. Which of these is NOT one of them?
 Answers: • Coders

 41. Which of the following is NOT a report format in Salesforce?
 Answers: • Campaign

 42. A campaign that hosts/deploys multiple campaigns under it is called a:
 Answers: • Parent Campaign

 43. What is the Salesforce reporting interface called?
 Answers: • Drag and Drop

 44. As an administrator, how would you go about importing a large number of opportunities?
 Answers: • Use the Apex Data Loader (separate download)

 45. What is the cloud computing PaaS system from Salesforce.com?
 Answers: • Force.com

 46. What is the customer support help desk offering from Salesforce.com?
 Answers: • Desk.com

 47. A "contact role" is defined as:
 Answers: • A role a specific contact plays in an opportunity or account

 48. What does Conga Composer do?
 Answers: • Gathers Salesforce information and merges it into Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF-form templates.

 49. What is Force.com Labs?
 Answers: • Open-source apps developed by salesforce.com employees.

 50. What field on a Lead denotes if the record is converted?
 Answers: • IsConverted

 51. An activity that has a scheduled time is referred to as a(n):
 Answers: • Event

 52. According to the Salesforce definition, an article:
 Answers: • Captures information about your company's products and services that you want available in the knowledge base.

 53. Native Salesforce tool that allows a user to search for new contacts and leads globally.
 Answers: • Jigsaw

 54. What is the maximum number of records that can be shown in the Recent Items menu (commonly on the left-side of the screen)?
 Answers: • 10

 55. A place where documents, reports, and dashboards can be stored is a:
 Answers: • Folder

 56. What Sales force tool gives clear visibility of sales, pipelines, and profit?
 Answers: • Forecast

 57. What Salesforce tool allows for updates to multiple contacts at one time?
 Answers: • Apex data loader

 58. Salesforce.com's CRM solution is broken down into several broad categories. Which of these is NOT one of them?
 Answers: • Customer Cloud

 59. You can send mass emails from a Developer Edition Org.
 Answers: • False

 60. Campaigns can include which field(s)?
 Answers: • Campaign Hierarchy

 61. Time-Dependent Workflow Actions are prohibited when Evaluation Criteria is:
 Answers: • Every time a record is created or edited

 62. Which of these is a platform that can be used with Salesforce.com?
 Answers: • Heroku

 63. Which of the following are portals available on the force.com platform
 Answers: • Customer

 64. How many records can you mass update at once?
 Answers: • 200

 65. A campaign influence report shows a Salesforce user what data?
 Answers: • The influence of multiple campaigns on a single opportunity

 66. A draft article that has been assigned to another for editing is called what?
 Answers: • Assignment

 67. What tab allows a user to view multiple Salesforce tabs in one location?
 Answers: • Console

 68. What is the maximum number of records you merge at the same time?
 Answers: • 3

 69. Self-service customers may use what type of Salesforce login?
 Answers: • A Portal

 70. A list of products sold by a company is found and created in what Salesforce feature?
 Answers: • Pricebooks

 71. Regarding Salesforce... What does DRO stand for?
 Answers: • Data Residency Option

 72. Which field is used for an individual that is associated with multiple organizations?
 Answers: • Affiliated Contacts

 73. Which of the following is a free support offering from salesforce.com
 Answers: • Self Service Portal

 74. Which of the following is a standard salesforce user type
 Answers: • Marketing User

 75. What setting has to be changed to allow mass editing in a list view
 Answers: • Filter by Record type

 76. What is a flexible collection of accounts and users where users have at least read access to accounts?
 Answers: • Territory

 77. When a lead is first assigned to a Sales force user it is marked as:
 Answers: • Unread

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