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Upwork Facebook Marketing test answer

New Test Answers for Upwork Facebook Marketing Test - Updated on October 2015:

1. Can you choose your target group using facebooks ads?
Answers: • Yes

2. What is the name for Facebook's ranking algorithm?
Answers: • Edge Rank

3. Which of the following is NOT considered in Facebook's engagement metric?
Answers: • Views

4. Which of the following best describes third-party apps interacting with Facebook?
Answers: • API calls

5. True or False? Mobile users can see a sponsored story in their newsfeed.
Answers: • True

6. On Facebook, you can sponsor a post to a specific audience age, gender and location.
Answers: • True

7. What is the name of Facebook’s analytic package?
Answers: • Insights

8. True or False? Cover photos are crucial to establishing respectable company pages.
Answers: • True

9. What does NFO stand for?
Answers: • News Feed Optimization

10. True or False? Half of Facebook page visits come from mobile devices.
Answers: • True

11. What does CTR stand for?
Answers: • Click Through Rate

12. True or False? Once a budget is set it cannot be changed.
Answers: • False

13. True or False? Facebook supports hashtags.
Answers: • True

14. True or False? Facebook and Twitter profiles can be connected.
Answers: • True

15. True or False? It is possible to embed single Facebook posts in an external blog or website?
Answers: • True

16. What button can be installed on outside webpages to allow consumers to become a fan of your page?
Answers: • Like Button

17. How can I get more people to share my posted content?
Answers: • (all of these)

18. What allows users to share their location on Facebook?
Answers: • Check-Ins

19. Facebook users spend the most time (40%) on which page?
Answers: • News Feed

20. True or False? Long, rich, and detailed posts get more likes/shares than short or medium length posts.
Answers: • False

21. Which of the following is most likely to get attention on Facebook?
Answers: • Photos

22. True or False? Facebook's analytic tool shows the names of people who have visited your page.
Answers: • False

23. Where can you see statistics of your posts on Facebook?
Answers: • Insights

24. What symbol allows users to 'tag' other users or companies?
Answers: • @

25. What symbol does Facebook use to mark verified pages?
Answers: • A check mark

26. What is the name of Facebook's Analytics tool?
Answers: • Insights

27. Which of the following is *NOT* a type of promotion offered by Facebook Offers?
Answers: • Traditional Media

28. True or False? A hashtag on Facebook should be unique from hashtags you use on other social networks.
Answers: • False

29. What is CTR?
Answers: • Click Through Rate

30. TRUE or FALSE? Integrating apps and third party websites with Facebook does *NOT* require creating a FB application.
Answers: • FALSE

31. What is a Call To Action?
Answers: • A line, usually at the end of a content post, asking the reader to take an action (visit a page, submit a comment, etc.)

32. True or False? Ads on Facebook mobile appear in the sidebar.
Answers: • False

33. What is the purpose of the 'star' action in your company profile?
Answers: • Highlight important stories by making them larger and more visible

34. What's 'frequency' a measurement of?
Answers: • The amount of times a Facebook user sees your individual ad

35. True or False? Auto-posting to Facebook has been shown to decrease likes and comments by 70%.
Answers: • True

36. In terms of Facebook's ranking algorithm, what does "weight" refer to?
Answers: • The amount of comments, likes, etc. a content post receives

37. Weight, affinity, and time decay comprise...
Answers: • EdgeRank

38. How are Facebook ads paid for?
Answers: • CPC & CPM

39. True or False? Running multiple versions of the same ad at once is recommended.
Answers: • True

40. What is the name of Facebook's algorithm for determining how prominently content is displayed on the News Feed?
Answers: • EdgeRank

41. In "Page Insights", the "Total Reach" metric stands for:
Answers: • The number of unique users who have encountered any content associated with your page (including ads or sponsored stories pointing to your page) in the last seven days

42. What is the purpose of the 'pin' action in your company profile?
Answers: • Make your most important post stay at the top of your Page for 7 days

43. What icon can one attach to in-store flyers, posters, etc. to direct mobile consumers to their Facebook page?
Answers: • QR codes

44. What does the term 'Fangate' mean?
Answers: • Requiring people to like your page to participate in any "hidden" content

45. What search revolutionizing feature has Facebook recently released?
Answers: • Graph Search

46. What is the accepted ratio of content & engagement to sales messages?
Answers: • 80-20

47. In terms of Facebook's ranking algorithm, what does "time decay" refer to?
Answers: • The loss of value as posts grow older

48. Which is NOT an available bid type for an ad on Facebook?
Answers: • oCPC

49. Which of the following is NOT considered in Facebook's negative feedback metric?
Answers: • When a post or page receives a negative comment

50. True or False? Facebook allows discounts, deals, and sales to be advertised in a company's cover photo.
Answers: • False

51. Which of the following is NOT shown on the default Facebook Insight Graph?
Answers: • Impressions

52. Under the "Ads Manager" tool, what does the "Audience Graph" report?
Answers: • How much of your target audience your campaign is reaching compared to how much it could reach

53. How can a company target prospective users via paid Facebook ads?
Answers: • Interests & demographics

54. What's the tool for creating, editing and managing multiple ad campaigns on Facebook?
Answers: • Power Editor

55. What term is used to describe targeting an ad based on secondary (non-facebook) data that can be done in both the power editor and the ads manager?
Answers: • Custom audience

56. Under the "Ads Manager" tool, what do "Key Metrics" report?
Answers: • Information on the size and engagement of your audience to help you monitor the success of your campaigns

57. What are the only ads eligible for Facebook Exchange retargeting inventory?
Answers: • Marketplace Ads

58. In terms of Facebook's ranking algorithm, what does "affinity" refer to?
Answers: • How closely a viewer is related to a creator

59. True or False? Posts with hashtags are public by default.
Answers: • False
60. Under the "Ads Manager" tool, what does "Inline Reporting" report?
Answers: • The bid and price for each ad and a summary of its targeting & performance

61. What days of the week are statistically highest for FB engagement?
Answers: • Thursday & Friday

62. While creating a campaign, you can choose to target mobile OS users under _____
Answers: • Broad Categories

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