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Upwork Google Analytic test answers

Here You will have all the new Test Answers of Upwork Google Analytic Test (178 Questions and Answers) Updated on October 2015:

1. What is the most likely reason reports contain no data?
Answers: • Tracking code not installed properly

2. What is the "Conversion Optimizer"?
Answers: • It can automatically adjust your bids to maximize conversions at the minimum price.

3. How do you track banner ad exits?
Answers: • Track Page View Function

4. What is SEM
Answers: • Search Engine Marketing

5. A pageview is:
Answers: • An instance of a page being loaded by a browser

6. What is Per Visit Value?
Answers: • Per Visit Value is the average value (based on ecommerce revenue) of a visit to your site. Calculated as Revenue divided by Visits.

7. _addTrans() can take several arguments. Which are required?
Answers: • Order ID and value

8. What does the check status link do?
Answers: • Attempts to verify that the tracking code has been installed on your site

9. Which of these is generally not considered a page?
Answers: • JPEG file

10. Which report shows entrance and previous pages along with exit and next pages?
Answers: • Navigation Summary

11. You can display the visit overview chart by days, months and...?
Answers: • Weeks

12. Google Analytics calls key performance indicators "goals" and allows you 20 of them per profile. True or False?
Answers: • True

13. How does Google Analytics affect the performance of your website?
Answers: • It does not affect the performance

14. Which is NOT a traffic source report option?
Answers: • Social Compatibility Traffic

15. Google Analytics does not track which type of traffic?
Answers: • None of these

16. Google Analytics...
Answers: • is a tools that measure your number of visitors as well as tracking social networking sites and applications.

17. What tool is used to track web-enabled phones?
Answers: • Mobile Tracking

18. Can you convert Google Analytics data directly to PDF?
Answers: • Yes.

19. To use the Analytics data export API, you must have:
Answers: • A Google Analytics account and access to the profile being tracked

20. How do you change the date range in your reports?
Answers: • Use the calendar tab

21. What is a Cookie?
Answers: • A small amount of text data given to a web browser by a web server

22. Google Analytics was purchased from Urchin Software Corporation in April 2005 and Google re-branded the product and released it in November 2005 as Google Analytics. True or False?
Answers: • True

23. CTR is short for?
Answers: • Click Through Rate

24. What is GDN?
Answers: • Google Display Network

25. Which page should the tracking code be installed to?
Answers: • All Pages

26. What sources of traffic constitute as "Direct Traffic" on Google Analytics?
Answers: • All of these

27. What single page interface gives you an overview on how your properties are performing?
Answers: • Dashboard

28. Which of the following is a requirement for linking your Google Adwords and Google Analytics accounts together?
Answers: • The same Google account email address is used for both services

29. What is the bounce rate?
Answers: • Percentage of page visitors who leave the site

30. Can you see what mobile devices viewed your site?
Answers: • Yes

31. What feature does real time reporting provide?
Answers: • Number of people on the site, where they came from and what they are viewing

32. What is the purpose of the real time tracking feature?
Answers: • To show instantaneous information on a site

33. What technology does Google Analytics use to track visitors?
Answers: • JavaScript

34. Can you integrate a Google Adwords Campaign into Google Analytics?
Answers: • Yes

35. The keyword tool is used for what purpose?
Answers: • provides relevant information on keywords or phrases

36. If you build mobile apps, Google Analytics offers Software Development Kits for iOS and Android so you can measure how people use your app. True or False?
Answers: • True

37. How long does it take for reports to show up in the dashboard?
Answers: • within 24 hours

38. How many websites can be tracked by one person or company in Analytics?
Answers: • Unlimited

39. Google Analytics helps you measure the impact of mobile visits to your website.
Answers: • true

40. True or False? In Google Analytics, you can find out which browser a visitor uses to read your blog.
Answers: • True

41. Which is a possible reason your site is not showing data in Analytics reports after installing the tracking code?
Answers: • All of these

42. Google Analytics can be integrated with which other Google service?
Answers: • Google Adwords

43. What does the Funnel Visualization report allow?
Answers: • Tracking visitors on the path to conversion

44. What is the term for when a visitor reaches a goal?
Answers: • Conversion

45. Which report shows the funnel path?
Answers: • The Funnel Visualization report

46. Where does Google Analytics use JavaScript?
Answers: • In the tracking code

47. Which information can you get about your website's pages in the "Content" section?
Answers: • All of these

48. Google Analytics reports can be emailed in which formats?
Answers: • All of these

49. What does RPC stand for?
Answers: • Revenue per click

50. What does CTR stand for?
Answers: • Clickthrough Rate

51. What does CPC stand for?
Answers: • Cost per click

52. Referral Traffic Source displays:
Answers: • The domain name of the sites that referred traffic to your website.

53. Google Analytics will not tell you:
Answers: • The kind of products they've bought before

54. What language is the tracking code written in?
Answers: • Javascript

55. What is Ecommerce Conversion Rate?
Answers: • Ecommerce Conversion Rate is the percentage of visits that resulted in an e-commerce transaction.

56. What is referred to as interactions across different digital media?
Answers: • Multi-Channel Funnels

57. What is another name for the entrance page?
Answers: • landing page

58. What is a Hit?
Answers: • All of these

59. You can measure your conversions with...?
Answers: • Goals

60. How does Google Analytics define a keyword?
Answers: • A word searched for using an external search engine, such as Google

61. If your website has a bounce rate of 80% then which of the following is TRUE?
Answers: • 80% of your visitors left your site from the entrance page.

62. Can you use Google Analytics and Urchin at the same time?
Answers: • Yes

63. Under Map Overlay, which country is excluded from the map?
Answers: • None

64. How often is Google Analytics data processed?
Answers: • Throughout the day

65. What does CPM stand for?
Answers: • Cost per thousand impressions

66. What is a goal in Google Analytics?
Answers: • A webpage or action that serves as a conversion for your site

67. What is a pageview?
Answers: • A single page load by a browser

68. What do Goals track in Google Analytics?
Answers: • Conversions

69. How do you exclude internal traffic from your Google Analytics reports?
Answers: • Set an exclude filter for your IP address

70. Daily visits are viewed on what type of graph?
Answers: • line graph

71. What is a Bounce?
Answers: • A visitor who visits only one page

72. What does Analytics use the IP addresses of web visitors for?
Answers: • To provide general geographic reporting

73. Which JavaScript events can Google Analytics track?
Answers: • Any JavaScript event

74. Keyword drilldown allows you to learn what?
Answers: • Landing pages for a given keyword

75. How soon after correctly installing Analytics will you see information in your reports?
Answers: • Generally within 24 hours

76. What is the advantage of importing your Adwords cost data into your Google Analytics reports?
Answers: • You can track the effectiveness of your Adwords campaigns

77. The Ecommerce tab under Explorer does not include which of the following?
Answers: • Visitor's mobile device name

78. Remarketing via Google Analytics segments and metrics requires
Answers: • All of these answers

79. What is the protocol for running another analytics package on your site in addition to Google Analytics?
Answers: • Install both tracking codes

80. Which is the best metric to use to measure visit quality?
Answers: • Bounce Rate

81. What category do you select to show the web browsers most used to view your site?
Answers: • Technology>Browser & OS

82. What can you NOT do with Google Analytics:
Answers: • Track personally identifiable visits

83. What does "on/off" in the Active Goal column of the Profile Settings page mean?
Answers: • Tells Google Analytics whether or not to track the goals

84. If the Google Analytics tracking snippet appears after invalid Javascript in a site's code, what happens?
Answers: • No tracking occurs

85. Can you control which advertising campaign gets credit for conversion?
Answers: • Yes, through modifying all tagged links

86. Where would you remove a filter from a profile?
Answers: • From the Filter Manager option in the Analytics Settings menu

87. What feature is included with Google Analytics?
Answers: • Map Overlay

88. True or False?If you are tracking your site with ga.js, you can use the same code for secure and non-secure pages.
Answers: • True

89. An Exclude filter will do which of the following?
Answers: • Discard all pageviews that match the filter string

90. Which of the following is true about Cost Analysis?
Answers: • It is in beta

91. How do you enable event tracking?
Answers: • Use the _trackEvent method

92. If you link Analytics to AdWords do you need to tag links?
Answers: • No

93. How long must a user be idle for when new activity counts as a new session?
Answers: • 30 minutes

94. Traffic Sources Overview does NOT tell you...
Answers: • The page link where most of your visitors land

95. What is bounce rate?
Answers: • The percentage of visitors who only visit the page on your site that they landed on before leaving

96. Which of these can you NOT do with your data?
Answers: • Make your data publicly visible

97. How much personally identifiable information does Google Analytics track?
Answers: • None

98. Which component of the _trackEvent method is optional?
Answers: • opt_value

99. Which of these is NOT required to track visitors?
Answers: • Authentication

100. What is an advanced segment?
Answers: • A report that allows you to group certain types of visits together

101. Can you track downloaded files?
Answers: • Yes, but only with tagged links.

102. Funnel Visualization allows you to analyze visitor conversion under which type of report?
Answers: • Goals

103. What is the GET method?
Answers: • A way of passing paramaters of an HTTP request from the browser to the server

104. Which of these registers as Direct Traffic in Google Analytics?
Answers: • Visits derived from clicked bookmarks

105. What is a Default Page?
Answers: • The page to which your server defaults when no page on the domain is specified

106. Can you track ecommerce transactions?
Answers: • Yes, with most third party shopping carts.

107. You can view your site speed in the "Site Speed" tab under:
Answers: • Content

108. What form of cookies does Google Analytics use?
Answers: • 1st Party

109. In what Standard Reports tab can you find "In-Page Analytics?"
Answers: • Content

110. What does the Google Analytics Opt-out browser Add-on do?
Answers: • Allows web users to choose not to send information about their visit to Google Analytics

111. What is the difference between Source and Medium?
Answers: • Source is the origin, while Medium is the channel from which it arrived.

112. How does changing the name of your account affect the Google Analytics code already on your website?
Answers: • It has no effect

113. When using the _trackEvent method, what is a category?
Answers: • The name you supply as a way to group objects you want to track

114. What is the unique visitor count?
Answers: • A duplicate-free count of cookies visiting a website profile over a specified period of time

115. What is a filter pattern?
Answers: • The actual text string against which Google Analytics will attempt to match pageview data

116. Under what tab can you find the name of the mobile device used from mobile users?
Answers: • Mobile

117. Why doesn't Analytics report most pageviews that are loaded through an RSS reader?
Answers: • Most RSS readers cannot execute JavaScript

118. How does Google assure the tracking cookies do not interfere with your own cookies?
Answers: • All names begin with _utm. to avoid naming conflict

119. Where can you specify your site's Default Page within Google Analytics?
Answers: • From the Views Setting page

120. Where does Google recommend the Analytics code be placed?
Answers: • Immediately before </head>

121. What is Average Page Depth?
Answers: • The number of pages on a site that visitors view during a single session

122. How do you set your reports to show domain names when tracking multiple domains in the same profile?
Answers: • Set an advanced filter

123. What is the cost of Google analytics?
Answers: • Free, but the free version is limited to 10 million pageviews a month

124. Once you hit ____ million page view (per month) Google Analytics may be delayed, or not process additional visits. The free version is limited to ____ million page views per month.
Answers: • 10

125. Which dimension is not used in Motion Charts?
Answers: • Z-Axis

126. Each API request is limited to a maximum of how many entries per response?
Answers: • 10,000

127. Which of the following does Google Analytics track?
Answers: • Website visitors

128. It's possible to track inbound traffic from PDF documents using Google analytics by:
Answers: • Using campaign tags on links contained in the PDF

129. How many goal sets can be used per profile?
Answers: • 20

130. When would you NOT use a regular expression?
Answers: • Setting up a funnel

131. If an ad is shown 20 times and receives 3 clicks, the CTR is?
Answers: • 15%

132. How many profiles can be created per account ?
Answers: • 50

133. How will you track downloads from a Facebook tab?
Answers: • Campaign Tags

134. If you opt in then opt out, what will happen to your data?
Answers: • Data will not be removed after opt out

135. _addItem() can take several arguments. Which is NOT required?
Answers: • category

136. Can you track clicks to 3rd party sites?
Answers: • Yes, but you must prevent the browser from immediately navigating away.

137. How many dashboards can you create per user account?
Answers: • 20

138. The Meta Description tag is a component of your search engine ranking.
Answers: • False

139. What call is necessary to simulate a pageview?
Answers: • _trackPageview()

140. After how long does a visitor drop out if he remains inactive in the real time report ?
Answers: • 5 minutes

141. The Depth of Visit report can be found where?
Answers: • The Content Optimization section

142. Which specific report is NOT available in the ecommerce section?
Answers: • Market Segmentation

143. True or False: When you define funnel steps for a goal, it won’t count as a completed goal unless a visitor goes through all the steps.
Answers: • False

144. How many goals are allowed per goal set?
Answers: • 5

145. How do you upload historical data into a new Google Analytics account?
Answers: • You cannot upload historical data

146. If you do not have an active Google Adwords account, the free version of Google Analytics is limited to how many pageviews per month?
Answers: • 5 million

147. What does the Google Analytics URL Builder do?
Answers: • Generates urls to use for tracking incoming links

148. You can officially add this many profiles to a single Google Analytics account:
Answers: • 50

149. How does Analytics count webpage hits from RSS or Atom readers?
Answers: • Analytics cannot track these hits

150. The regular expression 51 matches
Answers: • 5, 51

151. In how many languages does Google Analytics work?
Answers: • Over 40 different languages

152. Where can the Average Page Depth be found?
Answers: • The Depth of Visit report

153. What function do you call to set custom visitor segments?
Answers: • _setVar()

154. What is the built-in limit to the number of rows you can export?
Answers: • 500

155. In which language is Google Analytics not available?
Answers: • Arabic

156. What is an Impression?
Answers: • A display of a referral link or advertisement

157. Why is it impossible to install Google Analytics on pages that use frames?
Answers: • It is acutally quite possible to install Analytics on these pages

158. Can you export more than 500 rows of report data?
Answers: • Yes, by adding "&limit=x" (where x is number of exported rows) to the end of your export URL

159. Which users have access to your analytics?
Answers: • Both users with access to your AdWords account and users to whom you have granted access

160. How many users can you grant access to your Google Analytics account?
Answers: • Any number

161. Which of the following is a valid entry to exclude traffic from IP addresses?
Answers: • ^176\.168\.1\.([1-9]|1[0-9]|2[0-5])$|^10\.0\.0\.([1-9]|1[0-4])$

162. How many Analytics accounts can be linked to an AdWords account at any given time?
Answers: • 1

163. Which feature allows you to spot otherwise hidden trends in Google Analytics?
Answers: • Pivoting

164. Which of the following is a predefined filter?
Answers: • Exclude traffic to the subdirectories

165. How can you restore a Google Analytics account after it has been deleted?
Answers: • Analytics support can sometimes restore it within two weeks of deletion

166. Which expressions are valid for use in Advanced Segmentation?
Answers: • Filter-Compatible Regular Expression

167. How does the number of entrances differ from the number of visits to the entire site?
Answers: • Same number of entrances and total visits

168. What is IP Masking in Google Analytics?
Answers: • Analytics removes the last octet of a visitors IP address

169. How do you set up IP Masking?
Answers: • Use the _gat. _anonymizeIP () method

170. The time on page metric ignores which visitor page?
Answers: • Last page viewed

171. How do you track repeat purchasers?
Answers: • _setVar()

172. What does the _addIgnoredOrganic () method do?
Answers: • Treats search engine keywords as direct traffic

173. What can be the effect of adding more than one Include filter to a profile?
Answers: • Can cause data to not show in reports

174. Which function do you call to track Flash events?
Answers: • _trackPageview ()

175. The Dashboard can contain up to how many widgets?
Answers: • 12

176. The API request default is set at how many entries per response?
Answers: • 1,000

177. Which one of the following is considered a weakness of Google Analytics?
Answers: • Last Click attribution

178. How does Google Analytics define a search term?
Answers: • A word searched for using your internal site search

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