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Freelancer's Review

Benefits of being freelancer. Stories from a developer, writer, scientist and Ruby on Rails engineer:

Here you will five different freelancer review of five different categories:

Review 1: Travel Writer

I love travelling. I always want to be on the road. When I finished from the University, I didn't know how to begin a life. The only thing I thought of was how I could get out and travel the world. I thought of nothing else.

I had no idea how I could realize this dream, but I knew somehow I would because I thought so much about it.

I then found a travel website, Skilljet, that helped people find unique places to visit and also shared the unique adventures that came with travelling to certain places.

Thankfully, I secured a job with this website and my dreams came true (just like I knew it would).
I now have the freedom to travel around the world at my pace, while gathering experiences useful for our travel community and not leaving out, making money along the way.

I take long travels from one country to another. I feel so fulfilled, proud and happy because I believe I can shape my life the way I want and I can be who I want to be, there are no limitations with freelancing.

Review 2: Mobile Developer

My name is Simon. I was an IT developer for a telecommunications company in Canada. Even though my work seemed a good one, it sometimes felt like a trap. So I constantly dreamed of freedom, of going away to live somewhere foreign (Singapore was my first choice).

I dreamed of the flexibility to go anywhere I wanted and the joy of going to bed and waking anytime I liked, while still giving the best to my work.

Do you know what I did?

I woke up one morning, packed my bags and off I went (in search of freedom). I arrived at Singapore and finding an IT job was tough. I tried a few times without success before I decided to settle for freelancing.

It took a little while but freelancing proved sweet for me. I wasn't just restricted to clients from a locality, I got clients from all around the world with far better opportunities.

I immediately built a profile full of positive reviews and in a very short time I was earning two times more than I earned in Russia.

I not only make money now from freelancing, I live wherever I like. I can be in one country today, in another tomorrow, still, my work does not suffer.

This is freedom!

Review 3: Math Algorithm Scientist

I am Eugine and I have over 25 years of experience as an Engineer and Physicist. I lost my job after the 25th year and at the time getting an average programming job was a very difficult one, not to talk of a job that required my kind of expertise.

I started freelancing instead of wasting my time looking for a job. People with my kind of algorithm, schedule algorithm, data mining expertise were rare on oDesk, so I thought there'd be no market for me, but I published a profile nevertheless and started searching for jobs.

I found a few that required my skills and applied. Because competition was low, I got some of the jobs and since then demand for my expertise has increased tremendously.

It turned out deciding for freelancing was a wise one. I'm 56 now and I can boldly tell you that I'm enjoying freelancing. I love my work and it is sometimes hard to even keep up with work demands. But it's a wonderful feeling. It makes me feel blessed.

Review 4: Ruby on Rails Engineer

I'm a programmer and even though I code in Java, C sharp and Ruby on Rails, the one I enjoy working with the most is Ruby. I worked with a financial institution that paid me a fat salary but I wasn't able to do any work on Ruby. Besides, I was buried in my job. I didn't have time for my family or anything else.

My job was secure and lucrative, but I decided to get out and free myself. I started a freelancing career and advertised my skills on Ruby. It took a while but I started to get jobs and got to work more on Ruby.

I don't earn half as much as I used to earn at my former place of work, but my earning is increasing month after month. I now enjoy what I do. Above all, I have time for my family. I work from home and I occasionally take my wife and kids out. My wife and I go out to run three mornings every week.

We have never been happier and work has never been more fun. It is getting better and better.

Review 5: Editor, Writer, Author

After 18 years of working in San Francisco as an executive assistant, I was completely tired of routine and knew I could no longer carry on in that job so I took a drastic decision. I packed up and left for Europe.

I first landed in Italy, then France, Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Austria, etc. For close to 2 years I jumped from one European country to another. That felt better than jumping from one San Francisco office to another in search of a more fulfilling job.

In the end, I decided Austria was the place for me so I bought a house here and settled and then I decided to explore freelancing. I opened an account on oDesk and applied for editor and writer jobs.

I work full time from my house. Freelancing means I can work anywhere I want as long as I was connected to the internet.

Now, I travel as often as I want and for long periods and that doesn't in any way stop my work. I even work better because I pick up a lot of inspirations along the way.

I've worked with people from almost every part of the world, something I could not have achieved if I wasn't working on a freelancing site.

Beyond the freedom and enjoyment I gain from being a freelancer, I enjoy the opportunity to constantly improve on my editing and writing skills. I have become the envy of most of my friends who are still stuck in boring offices back in San Francisco. I work when I want, take a break when I want and pack my bag and travel when I want.

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