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Upwork Help Desk Certification Test Answers

Here you will find all the answers of Upwork Help Desk Certification Test of Upwork Office Skills category, Please press CTRL + F to find your desired answers of the test questions.

1. Which of the following monitor the service level performance in terms of caller information?
 Answers: • All of the above
 2. Which of the following does the call cycle time include?
 Answers: • Diagnosing the problem, and providing a solution to the problem.
 3. Which of the following options best demonstrate a helpdesk that is clearly functioning well and ready to help callers?
 Answers: • A system that logs the most commonly reported issues so helpdesk staff can learn from the history of their operations.
 4. What is an 'online trouble ticket system'?
 Answers: • An online system whereby customers are placed in a waiting order before their 'ticket' is the next in line and their call can be dealt with.
 5. Which of the following statements are true about the Call Capture Rate (CCR)?
 Answers: • It is the percentage of total calls handled successfully by the call center.
 6. Which of the following are important when dealing with a helpdesk customer over the telephone?
 Answers: • All of the above
 7. While commencing a sales campaign, you have been asked to talk only about the USP of the product you are promoting through tele-calling. What will you tell the prospective clients?
 Answers: • How the competition is gearing up to counter the huge popularity of the product.
 8. You have been asked to handle calls for a major account. What does it mean?
 Answers: • You will be handling calls for a very profitable client of the company.
 9. Which of the following are priorities when analyzing the efficiency of your helpdesk operations?
 Answers: • Ensuring the office works on a strict 9 to 5 basis.
 10. Which of the following are crucial when helping a helpdesk customer?
 Answers: • Whether or not you are addressing the customer's concerns.
 11. Which Software should be used to make a business presentation with slides?
 Answers: • Microsoft PowerPoint
 12. Which of the following best represents a lower level helpdesk operator?
 Answers: • Difficult technical problems, and annoyed/aggressive customers.
 13. How can a Microsoft Word user read files created in the later versions of the same software — something that occurs countless times between various versions of Word?
 Answers: • Open the document in RTF.
 14. State whether the following statement is true or false:
 The average length of a call is the time required to process a customer call, from the initial receipt to the final closure and does not include the off-phone time.
 Answers: • True
 15. You attend the phone and the caller tells you that he wants to speak to one of your colleagues. How will you handle the call if your colleague is available at that moment?
 Answers: • You'll ask ''Who's calling please?'' and, after finding out the caller's name, you'll ask your colleague whether he would like to talk to the caller
 16. What does 'mark-up' mean in sales terminology?
 Answers: • The margin that a selling company adds to the cost of a product while selling.
 17. Your office requires you to compile a costing report comprising rows and columns of data along with totals and averages of the columns. Which Software would you ideally use?
 Answers: • Microsoft Excel
 18. Which of the following e-mail etiquette styles do you consider important?
 Answers: • Do not add a CC to a special offer e-mail as it can be viewed by all the recipients.
 19. Which of the following is the most important first impression to make on a caller?
 Answers: • a and c
 20. You are asked to make a call to all the distributors of your company's product to apprise them of a new pricing offer. The first call you make connects you to the answering machine. What would be the most appropriate message for you to record?
 Answers: • Hello, I am Steve calling from A1 Marketing. I called you at 1:00 pm to let you know that we are announcing a new pricing offer. Please get back to me at my office numbers as soon as possible. Thanks.
 21. Which of the following terms describes the practice of letting the customer know what format your sales conversation will take before you start your sales talk?
 Answers: • Conversation preview
 22. Your company requires you to print offer letters to existing customers through the printer attached to your computer. The letters must be printed along with the address labels. Which of the following will you use to speed up the job?
 Answers: • Mail Merge Software
 23. Which of the following would you categorize as a help desk operation?
 Answers: • A single point of contact in the Company for answering customer complaints and requests.
 24. What is the name of the in-built feature in Windows that allows you to browse through your files and folders?
 Answers: • Windows Explorer
 25. Which of the following are the most helpful initial questions to ask a caller whose printer is not working?
 Answers: • Is the printer switched on, ready, not jammed, contains paper and are all leads connected?
 26. Which of the following might be deemed good service additions to a helpdesk system that didn't already have them?
 Answers: • More expensive workstations.
 27. Which of the following could benefit professionally from a helpdesk training course?
 Answers: • Technical support representatives and engineers
 28. A $50 product is being sold at a discount of $20 in a clearance sale. What is the percentage of discount?
 Answers: • 40%
 29. What is the possible danger of hiring a highly technical person with limited interpersonal skills to work on a helpdesk?
 Answers: • They may be patronizing about errors they see as very minor.
 30. You are required to report your annual expenses to your boss. Your expenses are as follows:
 Salary bonus: $6799.22
 Stationery: $123.43
 Refreshments: $789.43
 Electricity: $767.33
 What is your total expenditure on the expense heads mentioned above?
 Answers: • $8479.41
 31. What does the 'drop rate' on calls refer to?
 Answers: • The number of calls cut off between the caller and the helpdesk, often accidentally by the helpdesk system.
 32. Which sections of the population at a university would a helpdesk ideally serve?
 Answers: • Alumni, students, staff, faculty, administrators etc.
 33. You are handling calls for a travel agency which wants to promote family tours. The price is $500 per adult, with a 20% discount for children and a 40% discount for senior citizens. A 10% tax is applicable to each of these. What is the travel cost for a family of 5 consisting of 2 adults, 2 children and 1 senior citizen?
 Answers: • $2310
 34. What is the term used for the incoming calls that are logged but not yet resolved?
 Answers: • Open calls
 35. Would you say that technical skills are, on the whole, more important than interpersonal skills when running a helpdesk?
 Answers: • No, interpersonal skills always come first even if you can help the caller only in a limited way technically.
 36. You are required to send a Word document to your branch office by e-mail. What would you do to ensure that the document reaches the branch office in the same format?
 Answers: • Send the document as an e-mail attachment.
 37. Which of the following can increase the chances of your computer becoming infected with a virus?
 Answers: • Installing software from a CD-Rom or thumb drive without knowing its origin.
 38. What is meant by 'Abandon Rate' in help desk terminology?
 Answers: • The percentage of total calls received in the case of which the caller hung up or which queued before reaching the support staff.
 39. What is the disadvantage of asking a customer phoning the helpdesk with a computer complaint questions with 'yes' or 'no' answers?
 Answers: • They do not get to the root of the problem but work as a process of elimination which can be too slow.
 40. Which of the following is the best helpdesk philosophy?
 Answers: • Answer the phone quickly, and resolve problems effectively without passing customers around.
 41. Which of the following are good initial responses to the customer who is calling because they 'can't log-in'?
 Answers: • Asking the caller to check the basics i.e. whether the password is correct, the caps lock key "isn't on" or the network cable isn't unplugged.
 42. What does 'receiving a buying signal' from the prospective client mean?
 Answers: • A comment from the client that indicates that he is considering, to whatever extent, buying your product.
 43. Which of the following are significant skills when hiring helpdesk staff?
 Answers: • How polite and helpful they can be on the telephone.
 44. Which of the following are useful additional technical skills for helpdesk workers?
 Answers: • General knowledge of computer systems in terms of hardware as well as software in order to advise the caller professionally .
 45. If you have to send a scanned document to a client by e-mail, what should you do?
 Answers: • Send the picture as an attachment with the e-mail.
 46. Which of the following are good questions to ask a client who tells you 'My computer is not working'?
 Answers: • Have you recently installed any software or made any other changes?
 47. What is the name given to the process of assigning a service request to a higher support level?
 Answers: • Escalation
 48. Which of these terms refers to the average time that an executive spends actually talking to a customer on the phone?
 Answers: • Average Talk Time (ATT)
 49. A business employee calls the help desk of an internet service provider to report that his internet speed is below the promised speed. Which of the following tasks should be done first?
 Answers: • Asking the customer what speed he is getting.
 50. Having learned a significant amount of helpdesk terminology, which of the following do you see as essentially the role of the helpdesk operator?
 Answers: • Solving problems and seeking customer satisfaction.

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