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Upwork Organizational Behavior Test Answers

Upwork General Management: Organizational Behavior Test Answers

1. Which of the following is a conflict resolution technique?
 Answers: • Compromise

 2. Which among the following is a technique of impression management?
 Answers: • Self Promotion

 3. From among the following, which survey feedback tool is used in organizational development?
 Answers: • The use of questionnaires to identify the discrepancies in the members' perception

 4. In Lewin's Three-step model, which is the first step presented by Kurt Lewin?
 Answers: • Unfreezing

 5. Which of the following is a/are primary characteristic/s of organization culture?
 Answers: • Innovation and risk taking

 6. Which of the following effects refers to a cognitive bias whereby the perception of a trait is influenced by the perception of former traits?
 Answers: • Halo effect

 7. __________ is a type of organizational stress caused by sudden over-joy.
 Answers: • Euphoria

 8. Which of the following is an effective way of making decisions when people in an organization show resistance to change?
 Answers: • Negotiation

 9. Which of the following is an informal group bound together by the active pursuit of a single issue?
 Answers: • Power

 10. Which view regarding conflict shows that conflict is a natural and inevitable outcome in a group?
 Answers: • Individual view

 11. Which of the following is the period of learning that occurs before a new employee joins an organization?
 Answers: • Pre arrival stage

 12. Which of the following is a behavioral theory of leadership?
 Answers: • Ohio State Studies

 13. What is the term for the process whereby workers organize themselves to meet, discuss, and negotiate matters related to their work with their employers?
 Answers: • Collective bargaining

 14. A personality test that taps four characteristics and classifies people into 1 of the 16-personality types is called the:
 Answers: • Four-component model.

 15. ________ are the persons who act as catalysts and assume the responsibility for managing change activities.
 Answers: • Change agents

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