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Active Directory Test Answers

One of the most important Networking category test of Upwork. This test will help you to get job. Here you will find most recent Upwork test questions and correct answers of Upwork Active Directory test.

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1. Which of the following commands are useful for troubleshooting Active Directory replication failure due to incorrect DNS configuration?
 Answers: • dcdiag /test:registerdns /dnsdomain or • dcdiag /test:connectivity
 2. You are the network administrator, and your network consists of various branch offices located at different locations which are:
 Location 1
 Location 2
 Location 3
 Location 4
 You want to allow secure dynamic updates in DNS in Location 1, 2 and 3. But Location 4 should not be able to edit DNS. Which of the following statements will fit in this scenario?
 Answers: • assign Location 4 as secondary Zone or • assign Location 1,2,3 as primary zone
 3. You are the network administrator responsible for handling and troubleshooting the DNS server configured in Windows Server 2003. You figure out later on that the DNS server is consuming high CPU usage. Which of the following checks will you do to restrict DNS usage?
 Answers: • Check if any virus scanning software is enabled or • Check if ipconfig/flushdns command is run
 4. Which of the following are ways of viewing RSoP reports?
 Answers: • gpresult /z >policy.txt from command prompt or • .html file from Advanced Security Information-Policy wizard
 5. As the network administrator of a Windows 2003 network, when you were monitoring your network securities, you discovered that most of the users have been using the same password ever since their accounts were created. You want to secure your password policies so that users must change their passwords periodically. What will be your course of action?
 Answers: • Minimum password age or • Maximum password age
 6. Which are the other aspects that an administrator must consider for the network to run effectively after running metadata clean-up to delete the remains of a removed domain controller in Windows Server 2003?
 Answers: • Relocate FSMO roles or • All application servers must point to the new live Global Catalog if removed DC is a Global catalog
 7. You work as a Network Administrator for your company running on Windows 2000 Active Directory based network. One day you discover that the partition having Active Directory database is out of space. How will you move Active Directory database and log files to a new volume on a different disk?
 Answers: • Restart the Active Directory in Directory Services Restore Mode or • Run csvde utility to restore database to a new location
 8. Which of the following commands can be used to promote the DC (Domain Controller) from a backup of the system state data of an existing DC (Domain Controller)?
 Answers: • dcpromo /adv
 9. Which of the following components are contained in the sysvol folder?
 Answers: • NETLOGON
 10. DNS SRV resource records map the name of a service to the name of a server offering that service.Which of the following SRV entry helps clients to find a Windows Server 2003 dom PDC FSMO role holder in a mixed-mode environment.
 Answers: • _ldap._tcp..domains._msdcs.
 11. You are the network administrator for your company. One user account named Mike often needs to be moved between sales and marketing group. But the changes are not taking effect. Which of the following FSMO role may be responsible for that?
 Answers: • Infrastructure role
 12. Your Company has different OUs named sales, production and finance. All are child objects under Departments OU. You created a new GPO used to assign software required for all departments. Sales and production users can see the shortcut in start menu and can successfully install the software but finance users report that this shortcut is not appearing in their start menu. What will you do?
 Answers: • Grant all finance users to Domain Admins group
 13. Once DNS Advanced option is enabled from DNS console View tab in Windows Server 2003, which of the following things can be done ?
 Answers: • Cached data can be deleted record by record
 14. Which of the following things can be done once the DNS Advanced option is enabled from DNS console View tab in Windows Server 2003?
 Answers: • Enable Advanced in View tab of DNS console
 15. You are the administrator of your company.Your network is running on Windows Server 2003 domain controller and Windows XP as a clients.You have configured Software Deployment to distribute softwares to users. You have published softwares but by using Group Policies. Softwares appear in Add/remove Programs in control Panel but when users try to install them, they get an error message "The feature you are trying to install cannot be found in the setup directory" and the setup fails. Identify the cause.
 Answers: • Proper permissions to users on folders containing software image were not granted
 16. You are the network administrator of a company. Your company's network has Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2000 Professional computers. You use a security policy to configure a server named Delta1. Now you have to deploy the security configuration on server Delta1 to the computers on your company's network. How will you accomplish this task by using minimum efforts?
 Answers: • Use the Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in to export all the security settings from server Delta1 to a template file. Then, import the template file into the GPO for applying to multiple computers
 17. You want to transfer the FSMO role. When you tried to transfer it, the transfer was unsuccessful. What will you do now?
 Answers: • Seize the role
 18. You are the network administrator of a company running on Windows Server 2003 environment.The network consists of a single forest that contains two domains named Domain-A and Domain-B.You are responsible for handling Domain-A having one Active-Directory Integrated zone server .Your company policies state that name resolution traffic from Domain-B should be locally resolved by Domain-A. What should you do ?
 Answers: • Create a secondary zone for Domain-B on Domain-A
 19. You are the administrator of an OU named WebServers, created in Windows Server 2003 domain. The IPSec policies are defined at Domain level and No Override is not selected. All websites are configured to allow only anonymous users. A new GPO is applied at WebServers OU restricting local Administrators group to login locally. Users report that they are unable to access any of the Web Sites on the servers. What will you do for allowing users access to the websites from the servers in WebServers OU without affecting overall security?
 Answers: • Create a GPO that allows local Administrators and Guests to login locally and link GPO to WebServers OU
 20. You are the network administrator of a company called Expertrating. Your company's network has a single Active Directory forest with a single domain named expertrating.com. Windows Server 2003 is running on all the servers and all the clients are Windows XP Professional computers. Your company has a test lab that contains a separate forest. You created a GPO (Group Policy Object) for testing and tested it successfully in that lab. Now, you want to implement this GPO on the network for all the computers and users in the domain. How will you accomplish this task by using minimum efforts?
 Answers: • Take a backup of the GPO created in the test lab by using the Group Policy Management Console and import it into the Domain
 21. A network consists of one Windows Server 2003 running as Domain Controller and 100 Windows XP Clients. The network administrator has created many OUs in domain and delegated control of OU to relevant administrators. His domain is configured with one OU, named sales, having one child, OU marketing. Two different administrators are appointed to be responsible for their respective OUs. But the marketing OU administrator complains that their OU is inheriting the Group Policies of its parent domain, even when they have blocked the inheritence. What may be the reason for that?
 Answers: • 'No Override' is enabled on sales OU
 22. You use Software deployment in Windows Server 2003 to distribute company's softwares on your Windows XP clients. The software image is clean and successfully published to clients. Clients have installed softwares in their desktops. But, when they run the setup from desktop shortcut, it gives an error message. Which of the following may be the reason for this error?
 Answers: • Users have read only permission in the folder containing software image
 23. You are the network administrator for your company running Domain Controller on Windows Server 2003. The domain has a Windows 2000 server named production. The production server is not a domain controller. You are allowed to logon locally for making the configuration. You want to run a script that will change the current environment variables setting when users log in.What would be the appropriate course of action?
 Answers: • Create a logon script and apply it on local group policies
 24. Which of the following FSMO roles mostly affects the network users functionality immediately?
 Answers: • PDC Emulator role
 25. Your company has three domains located at different locations:
 All three domains are in the Native Mode. Your geneva.perl.com branch is going to shut down and you want to migrate all users in that domain to perl.com. How will you move the users?
 Answers: • movetree /start /s dc1.geneva.perl.com /d dc2.perl.com /sdn cn=users,dc=geneva,dc=perl,dc=com /ddn cn=users,dc=perl,dc=com
 26. The network of ABC TOYS company consists of Windows Server 2003 and 5000 Windows XP Clients. Sometimes, users report missing data from the server. The network administrator wants to find the user deleting the files. He created a GPO and assigned it on the ABC Toys domain. Which actions should he audit?
 Answers: • Object access
 27. Your company's network has a single Active Directory domain. All servers run Windows Server 2003. You want to make an application available for all the users to install. You want to configure GPO for this. How will you complete this task?
 Answers: • Publish the application with file extension activation
 28. You are the network administrator of Windows 2003 domain. The domain has one OU named Sales.You are using Windows Installer to publish sales relevant software to user's workstations. Currently, only members of Sales OU can run the software.But you want all users in the domain to be able to use the software from Start menu. What should you do ?
 Answers: • Remove the GPO from Sales OU,assign the GPO to domain and set the permissions to assign the package to all users
 29. The administrator for company ABC Toys configured RIS server in Windows Server 2003 for installing operating system Image to newly branded computers. But when he started the computers for obtaining addresses from RIS, they all are unable to connect to DHCP server. Later on, he discovered all branded computers were using network adapters that were not PXE compliant. How will he connect these computers to RIS server?
 Answers: • By creating RIS Bootable floppies from rbfg.exe
 30. You are the administrator of a Windows 2003 domain. The domain has 100 users working on Windows XP. You want to allow all users to change their desktop setting if they try to work on any Windows XP computer. But their altered desktops should not be saved once they log off. What should you do in this scenario?
 Answers: • Change the ntuser.dat file to ntuser.man in profiles directory
 31. Your company's network has a single active directory domain. The domain has an OU named Delta, which further has two child OUs named Bravo and Charlie respectively. You want to disable Windows Update Service on all the computers in the domain with the exception of computers in Charlie OU. Which of the following steps will you follow to complete this task with minimum efforts?
 Answers: • Create a new GPO linked to the Domain and disable Windows Update in User Configuration section of the GPO. Enable Block Policy inheritance setting on Bravo OU
 32. Which of the following is a recommended tool for populating Active Directory with data from other directory services?
 Answers: • csvde
 33. You are the back-up operator in a company and responsible for system-state data backup which is residing at two Windows Server 2003 domain controllers. How should you automate the process for every day at 12:00 mid-night?
 Answers: • Schedule a system state data backup for specified time
 34. When an administrator runs dcpromo command in Windows Server 2003 to
 install Domain, setup fails with the following message
 "Active Directory installation failed. The network location could not be
 reached." What may be the problem ?
 Answers: • DNS
 35. You are the administrator for ExpertRating's Branch office. Your company domain is running on Windows Server 2003. Your company's HQ is located at Atlanta and contains one Active-Directory Integrated DNS Server. An administrator at HQ instructs you to install and configure the DNS server as Active Directory Integrated zone. But when DNS is installed at the Branch office and a zone is tried to be created, the option to create Active-Directory Integrated zone is unavailable. What should be done in this scenario?
 Answers: • It should be ensured that Branch office server is promoted as Domain Controller, and then an Active Directory Integrated Zone should be created
 36. You are the network administrator responsible for handling DNS server running on Windows server 2003. You receive a report that Windows Server 2003 CPU utilization rate is constantly exceeding 85 % of the CPU.How will you check if this problem arises only because of the DNS server?
 Answers: • Check DNS counters performance from System Monitor
 37. Your network consists of one parent domain running on Windows Server 2003 and 1000 Windows XP clients.Your company's growth demands a child domain to be installed in one of the Branch Location.But when you run dcpromo command to join the child domain in parent,you get an error message that the existing domain cannot be contacted.What will you do to correct this problem?
 Answers: • Create an Active Directory Integrated zone of child domain in the existing domain controller
 38. Suppose there are network connectivity problems between your HQ at Atlanta and Branch office in Atlanta which are causing packets to drop. How will you check where and what percentage of packets is dropped from the HQ?
 Answers: • By running pathping from HQ to Branch
 39. Your network consists of three Windows 2003 Domain Controllers named DC-1, DC-2 and DC-3. DC-3 doesnot hold any FSMO roles. After backing-up the System State Data Back-up of all DCs, DC-3 disk failed. You replaced the failed disk with a new disk and installed Server 2003 on the new disk. What should you do next on DC-3?
 Answers: • Run Active Directory installation wizard to make the new computer a replica in the domain
 40. You are planning to deploy Windows XP professional to client computers using RIS. What should you do to find out the GUIDs of all client computers?
 Answers: • Use Network Monitor to view DHCPDISCOVER packets
 41. State whether true or false.
 We can only seize a role if the domain controller that holds that role fails.
 Answers: • True
 42. Your company's domain consists of one OU named Sales. Sales OU consists of users from Sales Department. You need to assign one of the user of Sales OU named Paul, to create, add and modify user's objects only.They should not be able to change group's object properties.What should you do ?
 Answers: • Run Delegation of Control wizard on the Domain and select OU objects from custom tasks to delegate option
 43. Which of the following roles is responsible for the uniqueness of Active Directory objects in each domain?
 Answers: • RID Master role
 44. You are the network administrator of a Windows 2003 network having Windows XP clients.You want to secure your network by implementing a policy that supports encrypted TCP/IP communication. Which of the following is most secured?
 Answers: • Enable secure Server IPSec POlicy
 45. The administrator is trying to reset the external trust. But clients are unable to access resources in the domain outside of the forest. Which of the following FSMO role must be available for this reset?
 Answers: • Domain naming master
 46. Some applications are deployed that uses protocols that requires knowledge of the user's password for authentication purposes. Which policy can provide the best result in this scenario ?
 Answers: • Enable 'Store password using reversible encryption' policy
 47. When running dcpromo command in Windows Server 2003, the administrator changed the NetBIOS name to production. But the real FQDN is sales.microsoft.com. After setup, what would be the FQDN?
 Answers: • production.microsoft.com
 48. State whether true or false.
 Once the forest functional level is raised to Windows Server 2003, one cannot add a Windows 2000 domain controller to the forest.
 Answers: • True
 49. You are the network administrator for a company called ExpertRating. Your network contains one Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller. One day, when you reboot your DC, you receive an error message "Cannot find NTOSKERNL.EXE". Which of the following actions will you employ?
 Answers: • Automated System Recovery
 50. You are the network administrator of a company. Your company's network has a single Active Directory domain named expertrating.com. This domain has two sites and each site contains two domain controllers. You purchase two servers and use each new server as a domain controller in each site, making a total of three domain controllers at each site. You want to configure the inter site replication to flow through these new domain controllers. What will you do?
 Answers: • All of the above
 51. After running authoritative restore command on crash Windows Server 2003 domain controller, how will it be checked if authoritative restore was successful by checking the version number increase in the directory?
 Answers: • repadmin
 52. Which of the following commands provide maximum information related to capacity statistics such as megabytes per server and per object class, and information on how to compare two directory trees across replicas in the same domain?
 Answers: • dsastat
 53. You are the network administrator of an Aerospace Company. Your company's policy clearly states renaming of Guest account on all computers in domain. What would you do if you do not have the time to edit each name manually on each computer but you need to do it immediately?
 Answers: • Create a login script and apply it on Default Domain Group Policy
 54. You are the network administrator of a company. Your company's network has a single Active Directory domain. It has an OU named sales. You want to give permissions to a company's junior network administrator to create child OUs for sales OU. He should also be able to verify the existence of the OUs created by him. Which of the following permission set will be enough to accomplish this if you want to give him minimum permissions?
 Answers: • Read All Properties, Create Organizational Unit Objects, List Contents
 55. You are the network administrator of a company. Your company's network has Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP Professional computers. The network consists of a single Active Directory Domain named Expertrating.com. All user computers have computer accounts in an OU named expertrating users. You want to configure the network in such a way that all user computers are automatically updated when new critical updates are issued. Servers need to be updated manually. How will you perform this task?
 Answers: • Create a new GPO linked to the OU Expertrating users. Configure the GPO so that all the updates are automatically downloaded and installed on the user computers from an internal server on which you install and configure Software Update Services
 56. Which of the following roles is responsible for allowing schema changes to Active directory objects?
 Answers: • Infrastructure Master role
 57. How can an administrator predict the physical requirements for installing Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller ?
 Answers: • By using Active Directory Sizer tool
 58. Your company is planning to deploy Windows XP Professional on 200 computers. The network has one Windows Server 2003 domain controller (DC). You want the installation to be automated and centralized, and to be done only on authorized computers. What should you do?
 Answers: • Install RIS server on DC. Create user accounts for licensed users. Configure the RIS server to accept connections request only from authorized computers. Allow users to run unattended setup from the shared folder
 59. State whether true or false.
 A PDC Emulator is required for authentication purposes for Windows NT 4.0 clients.
 Answers: • True
 60. You are a network administrator and responsible for handling your company's domain, sales.microsoft.com running in Windows Server 2003. Your domain crashes accidentally and when you re-run the dcpromo command to promote it again, as domain controller with the same name, it fails. What can be the problem?
 Answers: • DNS zone conflicts with the same name
 61. Your company is running on Windows Server 2003 DNS server with slaves.You changed DNS file manually on DNS server.But slave still doesn't pick up any changes. What will you do to apply those changes to slave?
 Answers: • The SOA record serial number should be edited manually on the primary copy of the zone
 62. Which of the following are FSMO roles?
 Answers: • All of the above
 63. You are the network administrator for the Big North Fishing Company. The network consists of one Windows Server 2003 domain named bignorthfishingco.com. You are installing a new domain bignorthfishingco1.com but during promotion you get an error message: The domain name specified is already in use on the network. What is the cause of the problem?
 Answers: • Duplicate IP address is detected
 64. You are the administrator of a Windows 2003 domain. According to company policy, you created an OU and applied a GPO restricting Control Panel access to users. Later on, your company policy changed and you allow Control Panel access to some of the users in that OU. The policy also states that their membership be kept as it is without moving them to other groups or OUs.How will you allow Control Panel access to some users thereby restricting access to others in the same OU?
 Answers: • Deny Apply Group Policy permission to users from the properties of Control Panel GPO.