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Adobe After Effects 7.0 Test Answers (new)

Here you will have Adobe After Effects 7.0 Test Answers of Upwork web designing category, please press Ctrl + F to find your desired answers of the test questions

1. The positions of effect points are based on the coordinate system of the layer and not on the coordinate system of the composition.
 Answers: • True

 2. Which Transform option should be chosen to rotate a layer along a motion path?
 Answers: • Auto-Orient Rotation

 3. Which among the following is not a mask mode?
 Answers: • Lighten

 4. Which mask is previewed and rendered faster than any other kind of drawn mask?
 Answers: • Rectangular

 5. At least _________ layers should be selected in order to distribute layers.
 Answers: • Two

 6. The lock layer can be moved by alignment or distribution option.
 Answers: • False

 7. Which among the following is not a render effect?
 Answers: • Audio spectrum

 8. What is the maximum number of masks that can be applied to a single layer in an After Effects 7.0 composition?
 Answers: • 256

 9. What would happen, if the feather width is set to 25, using the mask feather property?
 Answers: • The feather extends 25 pixels outside the mask edge

 10. Which audio effects repeats the sound in audio footage after a specified amount of time?
 Answers: • Delay

 11. Why is the film strip format used?
 Answers: • To edit uncompressed footage in photoshop

 12. Which effect has been applied on Figure B from the given as in Figure A in the diagram?
 Answers: • Motion Tile

 13. Which layer property has the preserve frame aspect ratio feature?
 Answers: • Position

 14. Open path cannot create transparent area for a layer.
 Answers: • True

 15. What is the maximum composition resolution supported by After Effects?
 Answers: • 30000x30000 pixels

 16. How can the result in Figure B be achieved from the given in Figure A in the diagram?
 Answers: • By setting the saturation to -100

 17. Still Image layer cannot be time stretched.
 Answers: • True

 18. What does select label group mean?
 Answers: • Select several layers with the same effect

 19. When a color value is keyed out, all pixels that have similar color become transparent. What is this technique called?
 Answers: • Color key

 20. Trimming a still image layer simply changes the length of time the image displays in the composition, without affecting the displayed portion of the image.
 Answers: • True

 21. What would be the outcome if drop shadow effect is applied in photoshop layer and then files are imported into After Effects?
 Answers: • The effect will be imported and can be edited in the After Effects control window

 22. Which effect is used to adjust an image's position in an imaginary 3D space, add depth or create an adjustable z-axis?
 Answers: • Style effects

 23. ____________ are used primarily to create and control animation in After Effects.
 Answers: • Keyframes

 24. Which among the following is not a type of mask and cannot be drawn?
 Answers: • Rectangular

 25. Which of the following layers will be used for applying an effect to many layers at once?
 Answers: • Solid

 26. What is the standard sampling rate for compact disc audio?
 Answers: • 44.100 Khz

 27. Which masking mode is used in the given diagram?
 Answers: • Difference

 28. What settings should be made in the path text to shift the text as in Figure A to that as in Figure B, in the given diagram?
 Answers: • Kerning

 29. What render settings should be used if only the part of the composition should be rendered?
 Answers: • Work area only

 30. What is speeding up or slowing down a layer in After Effects called?
 Answers: • Time stretching

 31. Which options renders one ninth of the pixels contained in the full resolution image in the composition setting dialog box?
 Answers: • Full resolution

 32. What tracks the specified range of bumpy movement and then adjusts the layer anchor point or rotation?
 Answers: • Motion blur

 33. Which of the following is not a shape type for Path text?
 Answers: • Rectangle

 34. Which of the following command is not true?
 Answers: • Layer > New > Light Layer

 35. What would happen if the capture speed is set to 50% of motion sketch as in the given diagram?
 Answers: • It would play back the motion half as fast as sketching speed

 36. Which among the following is not the method to create a mask in After Effects?
 Answers: • Pasting a path drawn in and copied from another layer or from adobe illustrator or photoshop

 37. Which channel contains the transparency information?
 Answers: • Alpha

 38. Which among the following is a visual effect and not an audio effect and must be applied to a video layer?
 Answers: • Levels

 39. A mask cannot be locked.
 Answers: • False

 40. What would be used to add color to a background or create simple graphic images using mask and layer properties?
 Answers: • Keying

 41. What should be done to refresh a window or to remove red border around the composition window as shown in the given diagram?
 Answers: • Release caps lock key

 42. In the given diagram, which part is being denoted by A?
 Answers: • VU meter

 43. What quality option should be used if rendering should be done at reduced resolution?
 Answers: • Draft

 44. Which effect cannot be applied to a mask shape?
 Answers: • Stroke

 45. Which of the following text types will be used in order to animate the text along the perimeter of the circle?
 Answers: • Path text

 46. What does the term "nesting" mean in After Effects?
 Answers: • The process of importing multiple images sequence as footage

 47. For which file format does After Effects automatically convert empty area in to an alpha channel?
 Answers: • GIF

 48. Which type of mask is shown in the given image?(Based on Adobe After Effects 7.0)
 Answers: • Bezier

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