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Adobe InDesign CS4 Test Answers (new)

The use of Adobe InDesign is creating works such as brochures, magazines, newspapers, books, posters, and flyers. This is desktop publishing application from Adobe Systems. Expert graphics designers know about this application very well. 

Here in this post, you will find more than 70 most recent Upwork questions with answers for Graphic Designing category. Press Ctrl + F to find your desired answers of the test questions.

1. Tags that were loaded with a DTD file cannot be deleted until:
 Answers: • the DTD file is deleted.

 2. Look at the picture. Which icon appears next to the closed documents in the Book panel?
 Answers: • No icon appears next to the closed documents.

 3. Look at the picture. What happens if the Limit To Master Text Frames option is turned off?
 Answers: • You can add or remove pages when editing text frames that aren't based on the master pages.

 4. Look at the picture. When is selecting the Skip By Leading option useful?
 Answers: • When you want to make sure that the text aligns to the baseline grid

 5. Which default object style is applied, if you draw a path or shape?
 Answers: • Basic Graphics Frame

 6. Page transitions appear when you export an Indesign document to:
 Answers: • the Both a and b

 7. What happens if no text is selected and you choose the Break Link To Style option in the paragraph style box?
 Answers: • Any new text you type uses the same formatting as the selected style, but no style is assigned to that text.

 8. Which option would you choose to delete Footnotes?
 Answers: • Delete the footnote reference number that appears in the text

 9. By default, the first stop of the gradient is set to white. What will you do to make it transparent?
 Answers: • Apply the Paper swatch

 10. Which option does the displayed icon in the given picture represent?
 Answers: • Indent To Here

 11. What condition should be satisfied for the Smart Text Reflow feature to work?
 Answers: • Master text frames must be threaded for the Smart Text Reflow to work.

 12. Look at the picture. You select the Shared Hyperlink Destination if:
 Answers: • you want the email message to be stored in the Hyperlinks panel for easy reuse.

 13. Look at the picture. Apply To Master Page Only option is available only:
 Answers: • when an object on the master page is selected and has a wrap applied to it.

 14. You can create hyperlinks to:
 Answers: • All of the above

 15. Look at the Pencil tool dialog box. Within: _ pixels option is available:
 Answers: • when the Edit Selected Paths option is selected.

 16. Look at the picture. What happens if the Best Joins option is selected?
 Answers: • When strokes such as double lines cross, the strokes are joined and the crossing points are connected.

 17. Which of the following options cannot be converted to a button?
 Answers: • All of the above

 18. Paths in Indesign are defined by:
 Answers: • All of the above

 19. Which type of the Blending mode creates an effect opposite to that of the Color mode?
 Answers: • Luminosity

 20. Which of the following is the default Composition method of Indesign?
 Answers: • Adobe Paragraph Composer

 21. Which mode of the Index panel is used primarily for creating the index structure?
 Answers: • Topic mode

 22. While working on a path, which kind of anchor point can connect any two straight or curved segments?
 Answers: • Corner point

 23. Look at the picture. Which option would you select to filter data from the document?
 Answers: • C

 24. You can move inline objects:
 Answers: • vertically

 25. Which option would you select to view metadata via the Links panel?
 Answers: • Select a file in the Links panel and choose Utilities > XMP File Info from the panel menu.

 26. Look at the picture. When the 'Map By Name' option does not work?
 Answers: • If the same style name exists in two different style groups

 27. When do you use the End Nested Style Here option?
 Answers: • When you want to end the nested style before the condition of the defined style is met

 28. While working with compound paths, when is the Release command unavailable?
 Answers: • When the selected compound path is contained inside a frame

 29. Look at the picture. The Skip First option is especially useful:
 Answers: • when you want to indicate that the header or footer be continued.

 30. Which type of swatches is/are automatically excluded when you save swatches?
 Answers: • All of the above

 31. You can add an attribute to:
 Answers: • a DTD file

 32. Look at the picture. Which option makes areas transparent if they exist inside the original clipping path, and if their lightness values are within the Threshold and Tolerance ranges?
 Answers: • B

 33. Look at the picture. Which zoom option displays the destination window at the magnification level the reader uses when the hyperlink is clicked?
 Answers: • D

 34. Look at the picture. Which type of image can be selected to be used as the poster while working on movie options?
 Answers: • Bitmap graphics

 35. Vertical justification is not applied to a text:
 Answers: • that takes on a non-rectangular shape.

 36. The hidden characters appear in the same color as the:
 Answers: • Layer color

 37. Look at the picture. InDesign selects the object frame when you choose:
 Answers: • Both b and c

 38. Which option in the given picture displays the Tagged text marker?
 Answers: • A

 39. What can you add to the Table Cells?
 Answers: • All of the above

 40. Look at the picture. What does zero mean in the hyphen Limit option box?
 Answers: • It means unlimited hyphens.

 41. Look at the picture. Which type of swatch can be edited?
 Answers: • B

 42. Tag markers and tagged frames appear only in the:
 Answers: • Normal view

 43. Which of the following options is not available in Indesign to place snippets?
 Answers: • Place snippet objects in their previous locations

 44. Which option would you use to delete anchor points?
 Answers: • None of the above

 45. Look at the picture. Which Internet resource protocol can be used with URL?
 Answers: • All of the above

 46. Which method can be used for importing XML files into Indesign?
 Answers: • Both a and b

 47. What can you not do when tagging page items?
 Answers: • Tag a footnote

 48. When does the Cell styles panel display the word "Mixed"?
 Answers: • When you select a range of cells that contains multiple styles and no style is highlighted

 49. Which option would you choose to remove an individual effect from an object?
 Answers: • All of the above

 50. How would you delete spot colors that are used by placed graphics in the document?
 Answers: • Delete the graphics.

 51. Look at the picture. When do you select Run-in option while formatting a table of contents?
 Answers: • When you want all TOC entries to be run into a single paragraph

 52. When does the word 'mixed' appear in the Effects panel?
 Answers: • When you select multiple objects and their opacity settings conflict

 53. Look at the picture. What is the use of the Keep With Next Row option?
 Answers: • It keeps the selected rows together.

 54. Look at the picture. While defining paragraph styles, when can you add a keyboard shortcut?
 Answers: • When Num Lock is on

 55. Look at the picture. Which option displays the Overset text icon while editing tables in the Story Editor?
 Answers: • B

 56. Look at the picture. When do you select the Invert option while detecting edges in the Clipping Path dialog box?
 Answers: • To exclude the darkest tones

 57. Look at the picture. The Character Style option is available only:
 Answers: • if the hyperlink source is selected Text.

 58. What is the use of the Repeat tab command?
 Answers: • It creates multiple tabs based on the distance between the tab and the left indent or the previous tab stop.

 59. Look at the picture.What happens when the Relative To Spine option is selected?
 Answers: • The object remains on the left side of the text frame when the text flows across to the right side of the spread.

 60. What does the Discretionary Line Break option indicate?
 Answers: • It Indicates where a line of the text should break if the line needs to break.

 61. Look at the picture. Which option displays error or invalidating condition?
 Answers: • A

 62. What happens when you delete cross-reference?
 Answers: • The source cross-reference is converted to text.

 63. The Select All command does not select:
 Answers: • All of the above

 64. Look at the picture. When do you select the Read Embedded OPI Image Links option while placing or importing a .eps file in Indesign?
 Answers: • When you import EPS files containing OPI comments that are not part of a proxy-based workflow

 65. Look at the picture. Which frame fitting option will result into some empty space if the content and the frame have different proportions?
 Answers: • B

 66. Look at the picture. Which option uses the paragraph indent values when aligning the object?
 Answers: • C

 67. What does the Hyphenation Zone specify?
 Answers: • It specifies the amount of white space allowed at the end of a line of unjustified text before hyphenation begins.

 68. Which option would you choose to instantly create rows or columns of duplicates?
 Answers: • Step and Repeat command

 69. When do you convert style bullets and numbering to text?
 Answers: • When you want to retain the bullets and numbering while exporting the text to a different application

 70. Look at the picture. When you import Bitmap file in Indesign, which image mode does the Rendering Intent option support?
 Answers: • None of the above

 71. Look at the picture. When does the New Mixed Ink Swatch option appear active?
 Answers: • When you add a spot color to the Swatches panel

 72. While working with Conditional text, you can apply conditions to:
 Answers:• the text within table cells

 73. Look at the picture. Which option defines the inline position for creating the anchored object?
 Answers: • A

 74. Which method can be used to create or load XML tags for your document?
 Answers: • All of the above

 75. Look at the picture. Which keep option would you select in the Paragraph panel menu to prevent a paragraph from breaking?
 Answers: • A (Keep Lines Together - All Lines In the paragraph)

 76. Which event type gives the user one last chance to cancel the action?
 Answers: • On Release

 77. Even if on clicking the frame, it does not get selected, the reason is that:
 Answers: • Both a and b

 78. Which option would you choose when you want to split a closed path into two open paths?
 Answers: • Slice in two places along the path

 79. With which type of transparency effects does the Use Global Light option not work?
 Answers: • Inner Glow