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Business Mathematics Test Answers (new)

In this post you will find most recent Upwork Questions with correct answers of Business Mathematics Test for Upwork Miscellaneous Certification category 2016.

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1. A car costs $9595 after 5% discount. What was its actual price?
 Answers: • $10100

 2. 20% of a person's salary goes into his account as savings. He spends 10% of the remaining amount on buying clothes. If he has $720 as cash left with him, what is his salary?
 Answers: • $1000

 3. $1470 is divided among Adam, Brian and Chris. The share of Adam is two-thirds of the combined share of Brian and Chris. How much money does Adam get?
 Answers: • $588

 4. A company lost 30% by selling its old furniture for $7000. How many percent would it have gained, had it sold it for $15000?
 Answers: • 50%