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Business Strategy Test Answers (updated)

Most recent Upwork test answers of Business Strategy Test for Upwork Sales and Marketing category, please press Ctrl + F to find your desired answers of the test questions.

If you want to have impressive and successful Upwork profile you must have to pass this test better.

1. How can a company prevent a disaster related to the crash of company servers while facilitating the employees' ability to perform in their jobs?
 Answers: • By storing call data locally on the employees' machines
 2. How can a firm maintain its competitive advantage?
 Answers: • By continually improving on its advantage
 3. What are the three levels of competitors?
 Answers: • Direct, Indirect, Substitute
 4. How does a firm prioritize which threats to their business would be most damaging?
 Answers: • It weighs the probability of the event occurring and how it will impact the business.
 5. How can a firm mitigate the risk of an employee with specialized knowledge leaving the company while empowering other employees?
 Answers: • By cross training employees on all aspects of their positions as well as by creating documentation of job processes
 6. How should a strategic plan be evaluated for financial viability?
 Answers: • By estimating revenues and expenses for each of the strategic initiatives, and determining if they will be profitable
 7. What else must a company have besides an advantage in order to succeed in the long term?
 Answers: • Solid management

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