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Cover Letter Sample for Customer Service Representative

Please don't just copy and paste it: Read the Important Note before preparing a cover letter for the job you are applying

Important Note: Your cover letter depends on the job description of the job you are applying for, this is just a sample, don't just copy and paste them. This is just an example and idea about your cover letter, read this cover letter carefully and make your own one.

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Customer Service Representative:


I'll be very pleased to work with you as a Customer Service Rep. 

I have 2 years of experience working as a customer support agent for a local fabric producing firm and I've worked online in the same capacity for over 5 years now. 

I enjoy interacting with customers and helping them find exactly what they're looking for. 

I'm also experienced with helping customers troubleshoot should they have difficulties using clients' websites and applications. 

I understand that customers are indeed very important to businesses and I treat any customer who comes through on the phone that way. 

Over the years, I have interacted with customers on the phone, email and live chat. 

I'm positive that my experience with supporting customers will make me really useful for your service. 

Besides my experience with customers, I'm an excellent communicator, a hard worker and a go-getter. 

Irrespective of what medium I communicate with customers through, I can make a large percentage of them commit to a sale. 

This is something I love and enjoy doing. 

I'll be so glad if you give me the opportunity to show you exactly how I can be useful to your organization. 

I promise the best support for your customers if I'm given this job. 

I look forward to reading from you soon.

Thank you.

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