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Delphi 6 Test Answers

Upwork Delphi 6 Test is a General Programming Category test. If you want to qualify in this test then here is the answers for you. Here you will find most recent Upwork test questions and answers of Delphi 6 Test.

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1. Which of the following are the valid DeviceType property values for the TMediaPlayer component?
 Answers: • dtAutoSelect or • dtDAT or • dtDigitalVideo

 2. Which of the following are valid identifier names for a variable?
 Answers: • Cust_no5 or • cUSTNo

 3. TDataSet is a base class from which other database components are inherited to encapsulate which database object(s)?
 Answers: • A Query or • A Stored Procedure

 4. Which of the following will add text to a TMemo component called Memo1?
 Answers: • Memo1.Lines.Add('Text'); or • Memo1.Lines.Append('Text');

 5. What component is used to link two datasets in a master/detail relationship?
 Answers: • TDataSource

 6. Which of the following will link a TUpDown control named UpDown1 with an Edit box named Edit1, allowing the TUpDown control to modify the values in the Edit box?
 Answers: • UpDown1.Associate := Edit1;

 7. What is the purpose of the "Break" procedure?
 Answers: • It causes the flow of control to exit a loop and continue at the next statement following the loop

 8. For a TQuery component called Query1 with SQL of "Select * from Student Where Number=500", which of the following is the correct method to run the query?
 Answers: • Query1.Active:=True;

 9. What does the Cancel property of the TButton object do?
 Answers: • It determines if the button's OnClick event handler is called when the Escape key <Esc> is pressed on the keyboard

 10. Which property of TBitBtn allows you to specify what image to display on the button?
 Answers: • BitBtn1.Glyph

 11. What is the value of the variable int_temp after the for loop has ended in the code shown?
 Answers: • 1

 12. Which of the following will connect a DataSource to a Table where the Datasource component is call DataSource1 and the Table component is called Table1?
 Answers: • DataSource1.DataSet:=Table1;

 13. Which of the following is a event of TPanel?
 Answers: • OnExit

 14. Given the code "Edit1.Hint := 'Customer Name|Enter Customer Name in the edit box';", which of the following is the correct code to retrieve the text after the | character, i.e. "Enter Customer Name in the edit box", when the OnHint handler is called?
 Answers: • GetLongHint(Application.Hint);

 15. Which three properties of TProgressBar are responsible for setting the minimum, maximum and current position for the control?
 Answers: • Max, Min & Position

 16. What does the code shown do?
 Answers: • Creates an array to store one hundred Integers

 17. What happens if the TreeView1.Items list is empty when the code "TreeView1.Items.AddFirst(TreeView1.Items[0],'X');" is executed?
 Answers: • An ETreeViewError exception is raised with the message 'Invalid Index'

 18. Given a TPageControl component called PageControl1 with three TabSheets called TabSheet1, TabSheet2 and TabSheet3 (in that order), which of the following will make TabSheet2 selected?
 Answers: • PageControl1.TabIndex:=1;

 19. Given that x and y are variables declared as type Char, which of the following is NOT a valid Pascal assignment statement?
 Answers: • x := y + #22;

 20. Which of the following is the correct code to cause a popup menu named Popupmenu1 on a form called Form1 to be displayed?
 Answers: • Form1.Popupmenu1.Popup(20,30);

 21. How does a TRichEdit differ from a TMemo?
 Answers: • TRichEdit allows font attributes to be set, whereas TMemo does not

 22. Which of the following is the correct method to activate a modal open dialog box when using the TOpenDialog component?
 Answers: • OpenDialog1.Execute;

 23. Which of the following is the correct code to create an object from class TMainForm?
 Answers: • Application.CreateForm(TMainForm, MainForm);

 24. What files end with the .dpk extension?
 Answers: • Package Source files

 25. What is the main difference between TLabel and TStaticText?
 Answers: • TStaticText has a Window Handle and can accept focus whereas TLabel does not have a Window Handle and cannot accept focus

 26. Which of the following changes a TDBNavigator component called DBNavigator1 so that it only displays navigation buttons?
 Answers: • DBNavigator1.VisibleButtons := [nbFirst,nbLast,nbPrior,nbNext];

 27. Which of the following retrieves the value from the SNumber field as a string for the current record in an open Table called Table1?
 Answers: • Table1.FieldByName('SNumber').AsString;

 28. What value is displayed on screen when the procedure test is called?
 Answers: • 13

 29. What is the purpose of the Alignment Palette?
 Answers: • To align components to the form, or with each other

 30. Which of the following would cause all the items in a RadioGroup to be appended so that all items appear twice?
 Answers: • Radiogroup1.Items.AddStrings(Radiogroup1.Items);

 31. Which of the following is the correct code to cause a form named Form1 to be displayed as modal?
 Answers: • Form1.ShowModal;

 32. Which of the following is the correct code to "tick" a TCheckBox component called CheckBox1 as shown?
 Answers: • CheckBox1.Checked:=True;

 33. What does the TDBLookupComboBox component do?
 Answers: • It performs a search for a field with the same name as the text entered

 34. From the code shown, how many times would the ShowMessage procedure be called if the button in question was clicked three (3) times?
 Answers: • 2

 35. In the code shown, TMyClass inherits from which parent class?
 Answers: • TObject

 36. Which of the following removes the SQL statement from a TQuery component called Query1?
 Answers: • Query1.SQL.Clear;

 37. What does the code shown do?
 Answers: • Loads the number 1 into the DH register

 38. Which of the following is NOT an event of the TApplicationEvents component?
 Answers: • OnBusy

 39. When will the code "Application.Terminate;" be executed in the code shown?
 Answers: • When the user presses the Ok button

 40. What is the purpose of the AutoMerge property in the TMainMenu component?
 Answers: • It determines if main menus of secondary forms merge with the main menu of the main form in non-MDI applications at runtime

 41. What is the shortcut key for manually displaying the code completion window while entering code?
 Answers: • CTRL + SPACE

 42. The TTimer component has a property which determines how frequently the OnTimer event occurs. Which of the following is that property and what does the property measure?
 Answers: • Property: Interval, Measured in: Milliseconds (1/1000 Sec)

 43. Given a ComboBox named ComboBox1 and an Edit box named Edit1, which of the following is the correct code to add the information in the Edit box to the drop down list in the ComboBox?
 Answers: • ComboBox1.Items.Add(Edit1.Text);

 44. Which of the following properties when set to True, enables an application to gain sole access to a database?
 Answers: • TDatabase.Exclusive

 45. What is the purpose of Code Templates?
 Answers: • To provide easy access to commonly used programming statements

 46. What does the procedure shown do?
 Answers: • It copies the contents of the file c:\autoexec.bat to the file c:\outfile.txt

 47. What is the purpose of the TDataModule?
 Answers: • To provide a location for centralized handling of non-visual components

 48. What is the purpose of the AlphaBlend property of TForm?
 Answers: • It specifies if the form is translucent or not

 49. What is the purpose of the Initialization section of a Unit?
 Answers: • It contains statements that are executed on unit start up

 50. Which key toggles between the Object Inspector and the Edit Window / Form?
 Answers: • F11