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DHTML Test Answers

Here you will have Upwork DHTML Test Answers of Upwork Internet Programming Category, press Ctrl + F to find your desired answers of the test questions.

1. After clicking on a link, your main browser window spawns a small new window and writes some text on it. When both the window page sources are viewed, the small window page source seems identical to that of the large one. Which of the following makes this happen?
 Answers: • Since the new window has no filename, it receives the source code of its parent

 2. DHTML is a standard defined by the World Wide Web Consortium.
 Answers: • False

 3. How would you double the image size of an Image on a mouseover event, if the original width and height are 100px and id is logo?
 Answers: • document.getElementById('logo').style.width="200" document.getElementById('logo').style.height="200"

 4. Choose another way to write x ? a = b : a = c
 Answers: • if ('x') { a = b; } else { a = c; }

 5. For making the text transparent, the mask filter can be used like:
 Answers: • mask(color=#ffffff)

 6. Your website displays a few articles on java programming. If you want to leave '1 cm' space above and below the code blocks, you would use code { margin-top:1cm ; margin-bottom:1cm }.
 Answers: • True

 7. Consider the following validate function:

 <script type="text/javascript">
 function ValidateField()
 if(document.forms[0].txtId.value =="")
 {return false;}

 return true;

 This function should be called as soon as the user leaves the field. What will you do?
 Answers: • <input name=txtId type="text" onblur="return ValidateField()">

 8. An HTML form has 10 checkboxes which are all named "chkItems". Which JavaScript function can be used for checking all the checkboxes together?
 Answers: • function CheckAll() { for (z = 0; z < document.forms[0].chkItems.length; z++) { document.forms[0].chkItems.list[z].checked=true } }

 9. Following is a sample CSS style:

 1. p
 2. (
 3. font-family:arial
 4. color:black
 5. text-align:left
 6. );

 What are the corrections required in this style?
 Answers: • All of the above

 10. Consider an HTML form with a checkbox and a text field. When data is entered and the Enter key is pressed, the data seems to be lost before the user can click on the button that calls the processing function. How would you correct this programatically?
 Answers: • Add 'return false' to onsubmit="..." in the FORM tag

 11. Given below is a window.open function:


 How will you ensure that different URLs open in the same window?
 Answers: • By keeping the second attribute name same

 12. Consider the three variables:

 someText = 'JavaScript1.2';
 pattern = /(\w+)(\d)\.(\d)/i;
 outCome = pattern.exec(someText);

 What does pattern.ignoreCase contain?
 Answers: • true

 13. DHTML uses a combination of:
 Answers: • All of the above

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