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Digital Imaging Test Answers

Here you will find most recent Upwork test questions and correct answers of Upwork Digital Imaging Test of Electronic category test.

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1. A compandor is a
 Answers: • compressor-expander

 2. A CRO screen has 10 divisions on the horizontal line. If a voltage signal 5sin(314t + 45) is examined with a line base setting of 5 ms/divisions, the number of cycles in the signal displayed on the screen will be_______.
 Answers: • 2.5

 3. A certain oscilloscope with a 4cm by 4cm screen has its sweep output fed to its input. If the x and y sensitivities are the same, the oscillosope will display a_______.
 Answers: • diagonal line

 4. Which type of vision is provided by the rods in the human eye?
 Answers: • Isotropic vision