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Dot Net Fundamentals Test Answers (updated)

In this test answer posts you will find Upwork Dot Net Fundamentals Test Answers of General Programming category, please press Ctrl + F to find your desired answers of the test questions.

1. Which of the following are included in a Static assembly?
 Answers: • Modules or • Type metadata or • MSIL code

 2. Which of the following are the main goals behind ADO .NET?
 Answers: • To provide seamless support for XML or • To provide an expandable and scalable data access architecture for the revolutionary n-tier programming model or • To extend the current capabilities of ADO

 3. Application domains are created by:
 Answers: • Windows shell or • ASP.Net or • IE

 4. Which of the following are correct about delegates?
 Answers: • A delegate is an object that refers to a subroutine, function or other method or • A delegate variable acts as a pointer to a subroutine or function or • Delegate variables are sometimes called type-safe function pointers

 5. Which of the following protocols can be used for .Net Remoting?
 Answers: • TCP or All of the above

 6. Which of the following is correct for value and reference types in .NET?
 Answers: • Value types directly contain their data or • Reference types store a reference to the value's memory address

 7. Which of these are runtime hosts in .Net Framework?
 Answers: • IE or • ASP.NET

 8. Which of the following run In-Process?
 Answers: • EXE file or • DLL file

 9. A manifest includes the following data about the assembly
 Answers: • File list or • Referenced assemblies

 10. The Process of automatic memory management involves the following tasks:
 Answers: • Allocating memory or • Implementing finalizers

 11. A standard Windows PE file is divided into a number of sections. Which of the following are not valid native image sections?
 Answers: • .textdata or • .rpdata

 12. Which of the following statements is true?
 Answers: • You can access managed data from managed code or • Managed code can access both managed and unmanaged data

 13. Which of the following methods are used to stop a thread?
 Answers: • Thread.Interrupt() or • Thread.Abort()

 14. ___________ class grants the permission to manipulate files located in the code assemblies, to code assemblies that match the membership condition.
 Answers: • FileCodeGroup

 15. Which of the following statements is correct with regard to .NET framework managed web pages?
 Answers: • All of the above

 16. Which of the following protocols can be used for ASP.Net Web Services?
 Answers: • HTTP

 17. When are AssemblyHash values used?
 Answers: • They are used throughout the common language runtime to detect a change in assembly contents

 18. In.NET generics, the type parameter:
 Answers: • Cannot be constrained in container classes

 19. How many classes can a single .NET DLL contain?
 Answers: • Unlimited

 20. Where is the Shared assembly generally stored?
 Answers: • Global assembly cache

 21. Which of the following is not correct with regard to shared assembly?
 Answers: • It must get registered with the machine registry

 22. Which Portable Executable (PE) file does not contain the assembly manifest?
 Answers: • Module

 23. In .NET framework, what are the options available for packaging?
 Answers: • All of the above

 24. Which of the following are public methods of System.Object?
 Answers: • All of the above

 25. Which of the following helps expose COM components to the .NET framework?
 Answers: • CCW

 26. Which of the following tools can be used to get the metadata information about the assembly and view IL code?
 Answers: • lldasm.exe

 27. Which of the following tools assists Assembly Signing?
 Answers: • SN.exe

 28. In which file can you define the "Process Model" attribute?
 Answers: • Machine.config

 29. C# has a keyword called int. Which .NET type does this map to?
 Answers: • System.Int32

 30. Which of the options is being referred to in the following statement:

 "All incoming requests are processed by a single server object"
 Answers: • Singleton

 31. A user application-domain can be created:
 Answers: • By using a static method "CreateDomain"

 32. The global assembly cache:
 Answers: • Can store two dll files with the same name, but different version

 33. What does Managed Data refer to?
 Answers: • The data allocated and de-allocated by CLR GC

 34. Which tool can you use to register managed types with the Windows registry?
 Answers: • Regasm.exe

 35. Which of the following files is used to implement application and session level events?
 Answers: • Global.asax

 36. Which of these classes are used for loading an assembly into an application domain?
 Answers: • System.AppDomain

 37. Which of the following tools can be used to modify and grant permissions to code groups?
 Answers: • CASPol.exe

 38. Which of the following does not use metadata?
 Answers: • CTS

 39. Which of the following functionalities does System.Diagnostics class provide?
 Answers: • Trace

 40. An application can have any number of modules and files. Which of the following is used to link them together into a single assembly?
 Answers: • al.exe

 41. What is the command "caspol -lg" used for?
 Answers: • To see the code groups defined on your system

 42. Which of the following is a must for a private assembly?
 Answers: • Unique name

 43. Code Manager is a the part of:
 Answers: • CLR

 44. Why doesn't .Net runtime offer deterministic destruction?
 Answers: • Due to garbage collection algorithm

 45. Consider the following two statements and choose the most appropriate option:

 Statement 1: Value types are allocated on a stack
 Statement 2: Reference types are allocated on a managed CLR Heap
 Answers: • Both statements 1 and 2 are true

 46. Which of the following is used to notify all waiting threads of a change in the object's state?
 Answers: • The system.Threading.Monitor.PulseAll method

 47. Which of the following manages the code during execution?
 Answers: • JIT

 48. Which type of parameter is passed in subroutines by default?
 Answers: • ByRef

 49. Which of the following is not a member of the Exception class?
 Answers: • StackTraceID

 50. Which transport protocol is used to call a Web Service?
 Answers: • HTTP

 51. How many application domains can exist inside a Win32 process?
 Answers: • Any number

 52. Which of the following helps Assemblies become self describing?:
 Answers: • Manifest

 53. How will you use the thread pool?
 Answers: • By passing an instance of WaitCallback delegate to the ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem() method

 54. The runtime is started automatically by ______________ when the .exe is run.
 Answers: • mscoree.dll

 55. Because .NET treats all languages as equal, a class written in C# should be equivalent to a class written in VB.NET, and an interface defined in Managed C++ should be exactly the same as one that is specified in Managed COBOL. Languages must agree on the meanings of these concepts before they can integrate with one another.

 Which of the following provides the specifications for this?
 Answers: • CLI

 56. .Net assembly stores both data and IL code. A tool is available along with the .NET framework to view within the PE. Which of the following is that tool?
 Answers: • ildasm.exe

 57. Which of the following services are provided by CLR?
 Answers: • All of the above

 58. Which of these files is used for debugging an application?
 Answers: • Any of these can be used

 59. Compilers of CLS compliant language generate:
 Answers: • MSIL code and Metadata

 60. Which of these is used to allow managed code to interoperate with unmanaged code?
 Answers: • COM Marshaler

 61. Which of the following statements is correct.
 (a)A Try block must include Catch or Finally sections.
 (b)Using an empty Finally section is illegal.
 Answers: • Only (a) is true

 62. The _________________ methods are primarily meant for COM Interoperability use.
 Answers: • System.AppDomain.CreateComInstanceFrom

 63. How does CLR allow multiple applications to be run in a single process?
 Answers: • By loading them in separate application domains

 64. _____________ helped overcome the DLL conflict (faced by the versions prior to .NET).
 Answers: • All of the above

 65. __________ is used to generate the assembly from modules.
 Answers: • al.exe

 66. Which of the following is used as a Serializer for the web services?
 Answers: • XmlSerializer

 67. The IL to native code compilation is done by:
 Answers: • JIT

 68. ____ is a subset of the CTS.
 Answers: • cLS

 69. Which of the following is valid and is included in the type definition?
 Answers: • All of the above

 70. Which of the following statements is correct?
 Answers: • For in-process communication between contexts within a single application domain, Proxies are used as an interception mechanism.

 71. Which of the following are used in combination to create the identity of an assembly?
 Answers: • All of the above

 72. Which of these Assemblies is used for doing Localization?
 Answers: • Satellite

 73. Which of the following is not a feature of .NET 2.0?
 Answers: • Multiple Inheritance

 74. ___________ namespace is not defined in the base class library.
 Answers: • System.CodeDom

 75. Since .NET assemblies contain IL code, your proprietary algorithms can be seen by anyone. Which of the following tools protects your intellectual properties?
 Answers: • Obfuscator

 76. For MSIL code to be executed in PE file, it is necessary to have:
 Answers: • Assembly manifest

 77. __________ assembly can be used to deploy language-specific resources for an application.
 Answers: • Satellite

 78. Which of the following can you use to resolve assemblies, types, and resources?
 Answers: • System.AppDomain.CreateDomain

 79. .NET components are accessed from COM via a?
 Answers: • CCW

 80. How will you prevent concurrent access to your data?
 Answers: • By using System.Threading.Monitor.Enter/Exit methods

 81. Which of the following is correct for CTS?
 Answers: • All of the above

 82. Delay signing allows a shared assembly to be signed with:
 Answers: • Private key at a later stage

 83. What happens when enough memory is not available to be allocated to an object?
 Answers: • OutOfMemory exception is thrown

 84. You can create the remote application domain using:
 Answers: • AppDomain.CreateDomain

 85. Which base class do all web forms inherit from?
 Answers: • System.Web.UI.Page

 86. Where is the application domain created?
 Answers: • Inside a Process

 87. Microsoft .NET supports value types for performance reasons, but everything in .NET is ultimately an object. Value types are allocated on the stack by default, but they can always be converted into a heap-based, reference-type object.
 What is this conversion called?
 Answers: • Boxing

 88. A hashtable is serialized by using:
 Answers: • SoapFormatter

 89. The .NET framework comes with a few CLR hosts. Which of the following is a CLR host?
 Answers: • All of the above

 90. Which of the following code is not 'managed' by default in .NET framework?
 Answers: • C++

 91. .NET provides a distributed process framework. Which of the following technologies are used for similar function?
 Answers: • Remote Procedure Calls

 92. Which of the following is used to do garbage collection?
 Answers: • gc.Collect

 93. How many bits does the int datatype use in .NET?
 Answers: • 32 bits

 94. Which of the following tools can be used to configure assemblies located in the GAC?
 Answers: • Mscorcfg.msc

 95. You assigned the version number - to your assembly.

 The four digits stand for:
 Answers: • Major version, Minor Version, Built, and Revision

 96. Which of the following is not correct about parameter arrays?
 Answers: • All parameter lists are declared as ByVal

 97. Which of the following is incorrect about Structures?
 Answers: • Structures can implement inheritance

 98. Which of the following is not a valid inheritance_mode?
 Answers: • MustOverridable

 99. In .NET framework, Reflection is used to:
 Answers: • Get metadata of the modules/assemblies

 100. Xcopy method is not sufficient for deployment:
 Answers: • When application relies on shared assemblies

 101. Dot Net Framework consists of :
 Answers: • Common language runtime and set of class libraries

 102. Which of the following statements is not correct with regard to .NET assemblies?
 Answers: • Dynamic assemblies are automatically saved to disk before execution

 103. Which of the following statements is correct with regard to Windows process memory allocation?
 Answers: • Each process (instance of an application) gets its own RAM and prevents the OS from crashing when the process crashes

 104. The code written to target common language runtime services is called :
 Answers: • Managed Code

 105. Which of the following should you use to serialize instances of a class?
 Answers: • It depends on the situtaion

 106. What are the core components of .NET framework data provider model?
 Answers: • DataAdapter , DataReader, Connection, and Command

 107. Which of the following can not be used with files?
 Answers: • FileInput

 108. ____________ class defines the set of information that constitutes input to security policy decisions in System.Security.Policy namespace.
 Answers: • Evidence

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