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Ecommerce Test Answers (new)

This test is for Ecommerce expert, when you will include this in your Upwork profile they will definitely ask you to pass this test.

In this blog post you will get most recent Upwork test answers of Ecommerce Test for Internet Concepts category, press Ctrl + F to find your desired answers of the test questions.


1. What does SWIFT stand for?
 Answers: • Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

 2. A page made specifically to rank well in search engines for particular keywords is called?.
 Answers: • Doorway page

 3. By what form of identity can you send funds to someone using Paypal?
 Answers: • Email id

 4. By what name are companies that help websites find advertisers, commonly referred to?
 Answers: • Ecommerce facilitators

 5. A recruiting firm that uses the online testing services of a skills testing website is an example of _______?
 Answers: • B2C

 6. A __________ is a record of a user's activity on the Internet, including every Web site and every page of every Web site visited.
 Answers: • Clickstream

 7. How are Electronic Checks authenticated?
 Answers: • None of the above.

 8. What does SET stand for?
 Answers: • Secure Electronic Transaction.

 9. Which of the following options describes a hardware or software that acts as a mediator between two distinct protocols and helps in the transfer of information between diverse systems.
 Answers: • Interchanger

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