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ERP Test Answers (new)

ERP stands for Enterprise resources Program from General Management. Here you will find most recent upwork test questions and answers of ERP Test for Upwork General Management category.

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1. Who should be the ultimate owner of the ERP system in an organization?
 Answers: • The information technology department

 2. How does the ERP system know which general ledger accounts to credit and debit based on the type of entry made into the system?
 Answers: • All possibilities for entry are mapped to specific codes during the implementation phase.

 3. How long does it take to implement a mid-tier ERP system on an average?
 Answers: • Several months

 4. How can a company receive help in choosing between several systems without detailed knowledge of them?
 Answers: • By utilizing the services of the ERP consultants who also act as third-party resellers and can help companies choose between several options

 5. How do switching costs affect a company once an ERP system is implemented?
 Answers: • Once employees learn one ERP system, they can use any ERP system; so switching costs are low.

 6. Why is ERP software typically more expensive as compared with individual software products?
 Answers: • The support feature of the software is more than what is offered by individual software vendors.

 7. How do end users of the ERP software learn how to navigate and utilize the software?
 Answers: • All of the above