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Game Programming Concepts Test Answers (new)

This is General Programming category test of Upwork and this test answers will help you to get a Game programming job. In this post, you will find most recent Upwork Game Programing Concepts test questions and answers.

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1. What is true regarding DirectX and OpenGL?
 Answers: • DirectX is a collection of API for games programming. or • OpenGL is an open standard. or • OpenGL is multi-platform.
 2. Shadow volumes use per-pixel lighting.
 Answers: • True
 3. What does dereferencing mean in C?
 Answers: • Accessing a pointer's value
 4. What is the Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi algorithm used for?
 Answers: • Collision detection
 5. What is a data structure?
 Answers: • None of the above
 6. What are the differences between anisotropic filtering and trilinear filtering?
 Answers: • Trilinear gives a better quality than Antisotropic filtering
 7. What is the result of a dot product?
 Answers: • A scalar
 8. A UDP client sends a packet to a server on port 80. The server responds using port 50'234 as source port. What will the result be?
 Answers: • The response packet might be blocked by state-full firewalls.
 9. In a networked game, the client can be coded in C while the server is coded in Ruby.
 Answers: • True
 10. How many 3 dimension vectors are needed to position and orient an object in space?
 Answers: • 2
 11. What is 3D audio?
 Answers: • 3D audio is a special effect that makes sound like in a specific place.
 12. How much memory will an 8 bit per channel RGBA texture of 256x256 pixels take?
 Answers: • 2Mbytes
 13. What is a cross product?
 Answers: • The product of two vectors
 14. A texture is composed of fragments.
 Answers: • True
 15. What is a bones system?
 Answers: • A skeletal animation
 16. What does bump mapping do?
 Answers: • It adds a relief effect to a texture
 17. What does the following statement describe?
 It renders the scene from the light point of view, in a depth texture; then it renders the scene again from the camera point of view using the depth texture to determine if a pixel is in shadow or not.
 Answers: • Shadow mapping
 18. What are shadow volumes?
 Answers: • Shadow volumes are a technique used in 3D computer graphics to add shadows to a rendered scene.
 19. What are pbuffers?
 Answers: • Pixel buffer objects
 20. The UDP is an acknowledged protocol.
 Answers: • False
 21. How many layers are there in the OSI model?
 Answers: • 7
 22. The fundamental idea behind particles is that they are immune to physics laws (collisions, ...).
 Answers: • False
 23. A particle engine can be done using either vertices or fragments.
 Answers: • True