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Internet Content Creator - Cover Letter sample

Please Read the Important Note before preparing a cover letter for the job you are applying. 

Important Note: Your cover letter depends on the job description of the job you are applying for, this is just a sample, don't just copy and paste them. This is just an example and idea about your cover letter, read this cover letter carefully and make your own one. 

Here you will find a cover letter sample for "Internet Content Creator" for Upwork. It will help you to get the related job.

Internet Content Creator - Cover Letter Format:


It's Michele. I am passionate articles writer and do many outside activities like, swimming, hiking, climbing, jumping, camping and so on.

My permanent clients often ask me to write something about my journeys and trips.

I lead blogs about sports and health eating.
My small stories full of jokes and useful facts: how to produce fire on desert island, how to make picture of rare animal, how climb on a big tree, how ride a horse and so on.

In additional, I can produce video with high quality.

I confident with many CMS and office applications. I know to create attractive photo gallery, how add attractive titles and headers, I know what people who likes outdoor activities like.

I am looking for long-term job, because I like to be fully involved into writing.

Next two weeks I will be available only 10hr/w and then if you hire me - I can work 40h/w.

My rate is pretty cool for such type of work - $8/hr or $4/article.

Let me know if you are interested in my service. I can send demo article to you on any topic you choose to prove my words. It will be free of charge.

Looking forward, thank you so much!!!