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Joomla Test Answers (updated)

1. Which of the following items will be checked in when you use the "Global Check-in" function?
Answers: • Banner or • Content or • Contact or • Modules or • Menu

2. In the User Manager, who can publish an article?
Answers: • The Publisher or • The Manager or • The Administrator

3. In the User Manager, which of the following groups can be assigned to a new user registration?
Answers: • Author or • Editor or • Publisher

4. Which of the following values are not required for a banner item?
Answers: • Client or • Click URL

5. There are 21 different standard parameter types supported in the Joomla Framework for all extension types (templates, components, modules and plugins). Which of the following parameter types are not supported in the Joomla Framework?
Answers: • checkbox or • image

6. Which of the following mailers does Joomla support? (Select all that apply.)
Answers: • SMTP or • Sendmail program

7. In the User Manager, which of the following options can be applied for individual users?
Answers: • Front-end Language or • Templates

8. In the User Manager, what's the step of registration after 'submit user information'?
Answers: • Wait for the system's approval

9. True or False:

Joomla does not provide the capability to include a podcast.
Answers: • False

10. What is a Module?
Answers: • A Module is a mini-application that renders the main body of the page.

11. How will you make Joomla 1.0x extensions work with Joomla 1.5?
Answers: • Joomla 1.0x extensions cannot work with Joomla 1.5 by default

12. Which option will you choose to set the site metadata for the installed website?
Answers: • Global Configuration

13. Which of the following functions is used to list a folder in a format suitable for tree display?
Answers: • JFolder::listFolderTree

14. What can you not do with the Media Manager?
Answers: • Create folders

15. How do you load "layout_layout1" layout in layout.php file?
Answers: • $this->loadTemplate('layout1');

16. What is the purpose of the "registerTask" function in JController?
Answers: • To register (map) a task to a method in the class

17. To which of the following does the path constant link the XML-RPC Web service folder?

18. How do you define a filename.css file in your component to load into the head tag by Joomla?
Answers: • $doc =& JFactory::getDocument(); $doc->addStyleSheet($url);

19. How can you access the User Manager?
Answers: • In the Control Panel page of Administration -> Click on the "User Manager" icon

20. Which of the following functions is used to build a button for a media manager tools popup?
Answers: • JToolBarHelper::media_manager( '/' )

21. Which parameter is passed to a url to show module positions?
Answers: • tp=1

22. Which Joomla file provides the central logic of the template, including any module and component display?
Answers: • Index.php

23. Which file is required to turn on the SEO mode with rewrite URL?
Answers: • .htaccess

24. In the User Manager, how can a user get back their password if they forget it?
Answers: • By using the "Forgot your password?" function.

25. How do you control the layout of print pages?
Answers: • Control the output of component.php

26. True or False:

Joomla provides an abstracted method called getEscaped() that returns the escaped string regardless of the target database.
Answers: • True

27. In the Content Manager, Joomla! uses a 3-tier organization level for articles. It is:
Answers: • Section -> Category -> Article

28. What types of extensions does Joomla include?
Answers: • Component, Module, Template, Language, Plugin

29. What user authentication methods does Joomla 1.5 support?
Answers: • Gmail, LDAP

30. In the Media Manager, how can you set the "Maximum size" option?
Answers: • Set configuration via Global Configuration > Media

31. True or false: Like components and modules, plugin language files are automatically loaded when a plugin is loaded.
Answers: • False

32. What kinds of default menus are available in the example data?
Answers: • Top Menu, Main Menu and User menu

33. Which of the following files has to be renamed to .htaccess in order to enable mod_rewrite?
Answers: • htaccess.txt

34. How will you create a contact page?
Answers: • Create a contact item in the Contacts component. Create a menu item pointing to the contact item.

35. While installing Joomla, at the FTP Configuration step, what is the FTP layer for?
Answers: • For managing the file system in the Administration panel

36. What does the following code section do?

$user =& JFactory::getUser();
if ($user->authorize('com_content', 'edit', 'content', 'all'))
//Display notice
} else {
//Display notice
Answers: • Check user's permission to edit all articles.

37. What is the method "getModule" in the class "JModuleHelper" used for?
Answers: • To get the module by name. It returns an object with information about the module.

38. What will happen if you delete a menu?
Answers: • The menu will be marked as deleted and you can delete/restore it from the "Trash Manager".

39. What is the purpose of the Newsfeeds component?
Answers: • To get news from other news providers

40. Which of the given database systems is supported by Joomla?
Answers: • MySQL

41. What is implemented in the PHP file of a plugin?
Answers: • Extends class JPlugin and overrides the appropriate function with the event.

42. Given below is the structure of view articles in the com_content component:


To override the layout for the articles view in a template, what is the correct folder structure?
Answers: • /templates /[template] /html /com_content /articles default.php form.php

43. With the "Mass Mail" tool, which of the following number of recipients can be selected?
Answers: • Multiple groups

44. In the User Manager, what are the Public Back-end User groups?
Answers: • Manager, Administrator, and Super Administrator

45. From which package are the classes (i.e JSite, JAdministrator and JInstallation) which make up the Joomla CMS application extended?
Answers: • Installer

46. In the Article Manager, what is an article managed by?
Answers: • Section ID

47. In Joomla, does the Back-End session stay alive even though it is set to expire?
Answers: • Yes

48. Which of the following is not true about the FrontPage Manager?
Answers: • Content cannot be selected from the FrontPage from all the contents.

49. The type "Model" of MVC pattern implemented for Joomla often ______________.
Answers: • ...provides methods for managing and manipulating data.

50. What is the file format supported by Joomla 1.5 to create language definitions?
Answers: • .ini

51. What is true of the "Community Builder" extension?
Answers: • It is an environment for producing and maintaining online communities on Joomla driven sites.

52. What does the menu parameter type do?
Answers: • It provides a drop down list of the available menus from your Joomla site.

53. What happens if the Main Menu is deleted?
Answers: • Your site will not function as it has a default menu item.

54. How will you insert a module into an article?
Answers: • Create a new module -> Assign the module with a new position -> open an article and declare with the html code {loadposition newposition}

55. How will you create a poll and display it on Frontpage?
Answers: • Create a poll item in the component Poll. Create a menu item pointing to that poll.

56. Which is incorrect about MD5 hash values with regard to their usage in Joomla?
Answers: • Each password in Joomla is stored as an MD5 hash value.

57. Does Joomla allow you to create your own routing mechanism?
Answers: • Yes

58. We have a module named "mod_module1" which has the structure:







How do you overwrite the output of a standard Joomla module?
Answers: • Overwrite the module layout in the file [template]/html/mod_module1/tmpl/default.php.

59. In the User Manager, what is the difference between the Author and the Editor groups?
Answers: • The Author group allows a user to edit their own content. The Editor can edit any content.

60. Which option will you select to find unpublished articles?
Answers: • Article manager

61. Which of the following files does the "/includes" directory contain?
Answers: • All of these

62. What is the way to register an event in Joomla?
Answers: • $mainframe->registerEvent( $event, $handler);

63. How do you create an upload button and view a popup screen with width 550 and height 400?
Answers: • $alt = "Upload"; $bar=& JToolBar::getInstance('toolbar'); $bar->appendButton('Popup', 'upload', $alt, 'index.php', 550, 400);

64. Does Joomla provide custom parameter types in the XML file?
Answers: • Yes

65. Is a cache module supported by Joomla or not?
Answers: • Yes

66. What is the method "isEnabled" in the class "JModuleHelper" used for?
Answers: • To check if a module is enabled

67. How many levels can each menu have?
Answers: • 2 levels

68. How can you access the media manager?
Answers: • Control Panel --> Click on "Media Manager" icon

69. Which user events occur with plug-ins that are installed for the front end of the system?
Answers: • Authentication events

70. You should not use the die() function to debug because _______________.
Answers: • it prevents the Joomla framework from finalizing certain tasks like database connection and session store.

71. What is the main function of the media manager?
Answers: • Uploading/Deleting files and creating new sub folders

72. What will happen when a Joomla! extension is uninstalled?
Answers: • Joomla! will remove all the files/folders inside the extension folder.

73. What is not true of the module Login?
Answers: • Shows the Login form for the users to login

74. Which is the correct solution to return 'First 1, second 2, third 3' string, using Jtext class?
Answers: • In .php file:Jtext::sprintf('KEY_STRING',1,2,3); In language file (.ini): KEY_STRING=First %d, second %d, third %d

75. Why does Joomla use templateDetails.xml files?
Answers: • All of these.

76. In the User Manager, which Public Back-end User group(s) can access "Global configuration"?
Answers: • Super Administrator

77. What is the output format of the documentation created using PHPDocumentor?
Answers: • All of these.

78. $editor =& JFactory::getEditor();

echo $editor->display('content', $this->content, '550', '400', '60', '20', false);

How do you get the content from the editor (containing line breaks and paragraphs)
Answers: • $content = JRequest::getVar('content', '', 'post', 'string', JREQUEST_ALLOWRAW);

79. How do you add custom html code to head section?
Answers: • $doc =& JFactory::getDocument(); $doc->addCustomTag( ' <script type="text/javascript">alert(123);</script>' );

80. Which of the following commands is used to copy a Joomla file?
Answers: • JFile::copy($src, $dest)

81. The plugin that searches content articles uses the function plgSearchContent() to handle the onSearch event.

This is how the function is registered:

$mainframe->registerEvent('onSearch', 'plgSearchContent');

Is it correct?
Answers: • True

82. What does the result of the ContentBuildRoute method return?
Answers: • An array of segments where each segment is separated by a '/' which is combined to create the actual link (the items in the array should not contain '/' character).

83. Which database types does Joomla support?
Answers: • MySQL

84. How do you load plugins in a component?
Answers: • JPluginHelper::importPlugin('content');

85. What is the role of the template metadata file in the system?
Answers: • It contains the basic authorship information.

86. Which extension can you use to build a shopping cart using Joomla?
Answers: • VirtueMart

87. Which of the following PHP directives is important to Joomla execution in order to define an alternate compression library if the standard library is not available?
Answers: • extension_dir

88. Which of the following is a system event?
Answers: • OnAfterInitialise

89. In the Media Manager, what happens if you delete a media item?
Answers: • The media file will be deleted.

90. The Joomla System SEF plugin inherits JPlugin and overrides the onAfterRender() function. In this function, what does JResponse::getBody() command do?
Answers: • It retrieves the body of the response that will be sent to the browser. The body of the response is then searched for links containing "/index.php..." and replaces them with a correct SEF url by calling JRoute::_(url).

91. What is module chrome used for?
Answers: • Module chrome allows template designers to have a certain amount of control over the way the output from a Module is displayed in their template.

92. Which of the following are valid methods for installing a Joomla extension?
Answers: • Install from the Directory

93. True or False:

Joomla is written in Perl.
Answers: • False

94. Which of the following Joomla component or module is not installed by default?
Answers: • Community builder

95. Which menu type(s) is/are used to place a graphic or other separator between menu options?
Answers: • Separator

96. Which of the following actions will make a custom component work with Joomfish 2.0 (that is, which makes it possible to translate a custom component using Joomfish)?
Answers: • Create the Content Element XML file for Joomfish for the custom extension and place it to administrator/components/com_joomfish/contentelements.

97. Which of the following information the "Who's Online" module cannot show?
Answers: • The most active members

98. In Joomla, which file stores information on the database connection (database name, username...)?
Answers: • configuration.php

99. How will you restore a trashed menu item?
Answers: • Go to "Menus->Menu Trash", select the menu item and click "Restore"

100. In the User Manager, what are the Public Front-end user groups?
Answers: • Registered, Author, Editor, and Publisher

101. Which articles can the frontpage view display?
Answers: • Articles from any section and category

102. What is the root object that Joomla framework has inherited?
Answers: • JObject

103. In the Content Manager, is there any relationship between the 3-tier organization level for articles and the structure of the menus on your site?
Answers: • No. Your site can have any menu level.

104. Which extension can be used to build a download system using Joomla?
Answers: • Docman

105. There is a method in the application called _______,

which triggers events in the global event dispatcher, notifying the relevant listeners.

It is a pass-through method for the JEventDispatcher ____ method.
Answers: • triggerEvent()/trigger()

106. Which creational pattern is used by Joomla classes, particularly for database access?
Answers: • Abstract Factory Pattern

107. Which of the following commands is used to get a model in the controller.php file of a component?
Answers: • $model = $this->getModel('register')

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