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Knowledge of Corel Draw X5 Test Answers

This is test is Upwork's Graphic Designing category test, all Graphics Designer familiar with this software. There is a lot Designers working with Corel Draw in Upwork. This test answers will be a good helping hand for them to answers the questions of Knowledge of Corel Draw X5 test.

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1. Color management system in CorelDRAW has four methods of interpreting out-of-gamut colors.
 Answers: • Yes

 2. The _____________ tool is an excellent tool that lets you lighten, darken, or make color adjustments to your bitmap images in CorelDRAW. You can view the adjustments in the preview window and use the ____________ feature to experiment with different settings until you are satisfied with the results.
 Answers: • Edit bitmap; Select form Desktop

 3. _______________tool lets you create smooth curves with fewer nodes than curves drawn by any freehand tool.
 Answers: • Bezier

 4. Contour tool helps apply special effects to text characters or objects in order to make them stand out from the background or from other objects.
 Answers: • True

 5. ______________________tool removes overlapping segments in the objects.
 Answers: • Crop Tool